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Demilich Euro tour 2018 merch info

Demilich Euro tour 2018 merch info – TL;DR version:

– Tour poster with dates – T-shirts and long-sleeves – the latter with and without sleeve prints. Nasty!
– Classic Adversary – T-shirts and long-sleeves – the latter with and without sleeve prints. Classic!
– The Logo of all logos – T-shirts in horribly colored shirts, but also as black and white, which are not colors at all. Then again, neither is pink, for example. Very confusing.
– Vive l’Adversaire! – Tank-tops – all of them with Antti’s hand-written signature! Comes possibly with a free banana.
– The Logo embracing Classic Adversary – Hooded sweatshirts with and without zippers – both with and without sleeve prints.
– Patches – Huge embroidered logo, large printed Adversary, and small embroidered logo.
– Chris Moyen’s Hang-around Toddlers – Ladyfit T-shirts only.
– Also available: Tour posters, stickers, some misprinted backpatches, and a couple of 20th Adversary of Emptiness 2CD’s.
– All that’s left after the tour will be available in the Interweb Sales Systems!

Demilich Euro tour 2018 merch info – The long, detailed, even wittering version:

– .

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Some more quick(ish) updates from Demilich HQ

Some more quick(ish) updates from Demilich HQ:

1. The winner of deform-the-Hellfest-shirts-that-did-not-sell-for-some-damn-reason competition has been chosen, and he/she/it will get the original shirt and the modified version! The shirts will transform from T’s to tank-tops, and all of them will get my signature in the bottom. They will be available on the Euro tour – possibly with free bananas – and the leftovers will be sold in The Great And Omniscient Internet afterwards. See the winner and the magnificent ideaficationalization prozession at !!!

2. Extremely Rotten Prod will release an official Nespithe cassette at KTDF this week! Get yours there or at . The Svart Records vinyls will be available in a month.

3. Apart from the patches that I’ll hopefully get before KTDF – more of those when they arrive – there will also be officially approved ones from Rotten-Zombies Productions (left) and Pull The Plug Patches (right). Right! And left.

4. Remember the earlier bad memories of the word “very”, and head now at Musick Cadas for the very limited Demilich shirts, like The Four Instructive Tales themed beauty! Of a book that vomits demons.

5. Boobies. But whose? The first one who recognizes them will be proclaimed as Demilich Perv Of The Month, September 2018.

The Nespithe shirts? Forgotten again? NO!!! Closer than you think they ever would be!!! In your face,!!!!

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OMG I’m in such a hurry!

OMG I’m in such a hurry! What did I have to get done? Oh, the Hellfest shirt competition, I have to do choose the winner now. What else? Kill-Town Death Fest is approaching, and I had to mention about the compilation cassette. Don’t have time for it, sorry Daniel! God, this pressure is killing me. Um, yes, Winterwolf update, music recorded, vocals not ready, and gig coming here in Kuopio. That can be handled later. Christ, help me. Oh, the Musick Cadas special The Four Instructive Tales themed shirts! Those are so beautiful! Gotta move on, stop staring at them. Nespithe shirts, yeah, have to reply to the email from the designer. And those upcoming Nespithe themed special shirts. Cannot concentrate on them, yet. Ah, the US Tour shirts! They are available now at Hells Headbangers! Thank you, Jesus, nice catch! And the European tour merchandise – the tour shirt, Classic Adversary, logo shirts in about eight colours, patches, even the big embroidered logo… what else? Jesus, where are you now? Satan, can you help me out? Ah, thanks, dear Beelzebub, I know I can always rely on you, love! Yes, the Grotesco shirt by Robert and sold by Dark Descent! And the pins done by Maggot Stomp and Metal Illness, gotta talk about those later. What else? Josh and the hoodie, yes. Later. Like the Indonesian patches. I can’t handle the pressure. Did I forget to take my meds last night? I wonder what will happen if I try to pull thi…

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Antti’s bucket list

Antti’s bucket list:

☑ Get the culture pages of our local newspaper look like a zine

Today’s Savon Sanomat has a great three page article about Demilich. Thanks Veera, Mikko, and the photographer whose name I forgot but who loved the mess we call “the rehearsal place”!

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Nespithe shirt designer wanted

Before choosing the winner of the Hellfest shirt tuning competition, I desperately need somebody to:
– Turn a high resolution cover of Nespithe to 1-3 shirt designs.
– Do it for a reasonable price.
– Do it very f**king quickly.

If you are such a person, or know somebody, please tell me about it. I’d need the designs within 24 hours or so.

The winners of the Nespithe shirt _idea_ competition will be announced this week. They may or may not be those in the picture attached. The moment the world has awaited for 18 months is now very close! The tension rises. This is the reason why you haven’t been able to live your life fully. The reason your spouse left you. The reason you are alcoholic and addicted to crack cocaine. And fart porn. The reason trees have started bending towards Kuopio, Finland. The reason… – Shut up, idiot, and get back to working.

Antti Boman, the CEO of Where the *uc* Has My Time Gone, PLC