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The “I told you to join” clip of Demilich live show from Symbolic Open Air 2019

We streamed the whole Demilich live show from Symbolic Open Air 2019, including 35 minutes of backstage action before and after the show.

With very questionable audio and video quality.

This and all future specialities and experiments are for our mailing list members only!

So join now at !!!

#MailingList #exclusive #live #stream #SymbolicOpenAir #Czech #Czechia #Benediction

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The wrap-up of Demilich’s year 2018½, part 1/3

Summer – Hellfest & Chaos Descends

I had wanted to play at Hellfest for so many years, and got to do it on July 2018. A massive festival with lots of people watching every show, even if they didn’t know your music before. Many of them seemed to have heard us, though! Great setting, facilities, and the best catering I’ve ever got to witness! I loved every minute of the weekend, even though I did it completely sober, and having fun while sober is just pretending. Hmmm. I’m baffled now. Did I just pretend? Anyway, thanks to Hellfest for the invitation and Fred & Lorene of Garmonbozia for making it happen!

Cons: Lots of unsold special shirts (available as tank tops here)

Pros: Everything else, including not having a hangover afterwards

In July, we headed to a different kind of setting at Chaos Descends in Germany. A beautiful valley with smaller stages. Not as glamorous as Hellfest, but even more fun! I sipped in my Hellfest share of alcohol here, fortunately mostly after the show. Thank you very much Franz and Chaos Descends organization, and all the people that had to bear my blabbing!

Cons: Drinking too much and being an idiot from the end of the show to getting back home. 20 hours too late.

Pros: A good story for the guys to remind me of regularly. Makes me remember my new mantra. “Control.”

#year2018½ #Hellfest #ChaosDescends #soberlife #waytoodrunklife #control

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The dopest mailing list in the hood

You may think I’m crazy, but believe me, it’s all real. The wormhole I went through some time ago told me that you should really really really wanna zig-a-zig-ah! Uh, I mean, you should really really really join our new mailing list. That’s the place where we inform people first on not only new merchandise, but also competitions, freebies, rarities, and everything that is already gone when you spot it here in Instagram!

We are almost ready to send the first email, and that will include some rarities and other goodies in it. So, head at and add your email address there. We don’t spam a lot, everything we send is relevant to your life. Told the wormhole. Love you, you puffy little being! No, not you! I meant the wormhole! Argh!!!

P.S.: Did you know that classic Spice Girls’ line actually refers to “shit and cigars”?

#merchandise #wormhole #AsACloseFriend #SpiceGirls #ZigAZigAh #ShitAndCigars

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Demilich Deathfest XVIII

We played the first time in Maryland Deathfest (MDF) in 2006. After nine years of getting closer to death, we did it again in 2015. And now, after mere five years, we’ll be back there in 2020!

With my careful calculations and usage of AI, I came to the conclusion that we’ll play there the next time in 2021, then have a set for each day of the festival in 2022, and after that, the whole happening will be renamed DDF. In 2024, Baltimore MD will be known as Demilich DH, and in 2025 we’ll be The President of The United States of Demilich. And that’s just a start. Don’t worry, though, we will be gentle owners of the world, albeit a bit merciless.


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The summer tour with just a couple of cancelations!

It’s the beginning of the summer, and as usual, summer starts a new year for bands. So, it’s time to wrap up the year 2018½ for Demilich! I’ll post our experiences from the last 12 months next, but before that, here’s the list of shows for our summer tour 2019!!! See you all around Europe in coming months, apart from the few ones that got canceled!

The Extensive and Exhaustive Demilich Summer Festival Tour 2019:

CANCELED! 06-20 Copenhell, Copenhagen, Denmark
CANCELED! 06-21 Hellfest, Clisson, France
CANCELED! 06-22 Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel, Belgium
CANCELED! 06-28 Tuska Open Air, Helsinki, Finland
CANCELED! 06-29 Full Force, Ferropolis, Germany
CANCELED! 07-05 Resurrection Fest, Viviero, Spain
CANCELED! 07-06 Obscene Extreme, Trutnov, Czech Republic
CANCELED! 07-13 Masters of Rock, Plzeň, Czech Republic
CANCELED! 07-19 Dynamo Metal Fest, Eindhoven, Netherlands

OK! 07-20 Symbolic Open Air, Kolín, Czech Republic

CANCELED! 07-27 Metaldays, Tolmin, Slovenia
CANCELED! 08-03 Wacken Open Air, Wacken, Germany
CANCELED! 08-09 Brutal Assault, Jaroměř, Czech Republic
CANCELED! 08-10 Party.San Open Air, Obermehler, Germany
CANCELED! 08-11 Bloodstock Open Air, Derbyshire, UK
CANCELED! 08-16 Summer Breeze, Dinkelsbühl, Germany
CANCELED! 08-17 Frantic Fest, Francavilla al Mare, Italy

OK! 08-24 Helsinki Death Fest, Helsinki, Finland

#summer2019 #tour mostly #canceled #SymbolicOpenAir #Helsinki #Deathfest #HelsinkiDeathFest

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The Reykjavíkssons

I, Antti Gunnarsson, and the rest of Demilich are so glad to finally play in Iceland tonight! The organizer almost made a horrible mistake by booking us a flat in the same block where the local BrewDog bar resides, but fortunately for everyone, we won’t have time to get wasted today. We’ll most probably be hanging at the bar on Saturday, wandering drunk, cold and aimless on Vatnajökull on Sunday, and floating dead in Silfra fissure on Monday. BrewDog, you may use our bodies for bottle wrappings of a very limited End of History edition.

Before that, tough, lots of cool Demilich merchandise, including T-shirts, long-sleeves, patches, vinyls and CDs, will be present for your shopping obsession tonight, possibly even tomorrow. After that, there may not be time or reality anymore. I heard it from a very confidential source inside my head.

#Iceland #Reykjavik #Metalfest #BrewDog #EndOfHistory

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Time-space-timing in-on-to Portugal

For you, it’s been a long, long time since I posted the last time. For me, it was a mere blink of an eye. Wormholes are cool. I will later tell about all of the peculiar things that happened to me in that microsecond. Now, though, we’re ready to start Aki’s Volvo’s engine and use more traditional ways of time-space travel to get to Portugal for a great festival at Barroselas, near Porto!

We’ll bring in a mind-blowjobing 45 minute set of music, and some great shirts in plentiful colors, vinyls in some colors, and CDs + patches in what was left from the palette. Black, white and silver, which is not a color. But let’s not get into that conversation.

We’ll be personally selling our shit before the show and 30 minutes after it, for an hour or two. Don’t do a time warp during the critical minutes, as you’ll miss the possibility to get “The Coolest Merchandise On Earth 2019” competition winning coolest merchandise on Earth, and meet and talk with us! You can also just buy stuff and ask us not to converse.

So, see you tomorrow! Thanks to the SWR graphics artist (André Coelho?) and ESO Supernova for letting me use their work for the beautiful montage shown here. No permissions asked, but the wormhole told me it’s A-okay to do it.

#SWRFest #wormhole

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Growl Grammys

Femmagaala, the “shadow Grammy Awards Ceremony” of Finland, has always had their peculiar categories that change yearly. This year’s categories consist of such gems as “skinny jeans you don’t fit in anymore -femma”, “button pressing -femma” (for DJ’s), and so on. Demilich has been nominated in the “growl femma” category along with some more current artists of the genre.

If you cannot get into the mainstream awards, wait for decades for the alternative ones to come up with a category that suits you! Here I am, fingers crossed!

#Femmagaala #Femma #Awards #Ceremony #Lahti #Shadow #Grammy #Grammys #SkinnyJeans #ButtonPress #Growl

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Helsinki show tomorrow! Shopaholics beware!

“What is this bloody mess I’m looking at?” It’s the professionally designed merchandise advertisement for the Demilich and Winterwolf gig tomorrow (Saturday) in Helsinki! Behold it in awe, or die in excruciating pain!

Demilich will be – personally – selling shirts (even in colors that have no names, yet), vinyls, patches, pins, vinyls, cassettes and vinyls at the venue.

The rarities we blabbed about earlier include Musick Cadas Nespithe and TFIToD T-shirts and long-sleeves, “A Rare Minion” leftover T-shirts and girlies, Nespithe gold LPs (sold out elsewhere), numbered Vanishing test press 2LP’s with Antti’s signature, and much, much more! Ok, not much more, but those. We may have beanies and pins, though. Currently rare, as nobody has them.

Winterwolf will be selling, also personally, new Brujo and Natas shirts along with “Cycle of the Werewolf” CDs. The advertising agency forgot to add the CD cover in the image you’re drooling on now, even though I called them a dozen times about it. Unreliable and expensive bastards.

Come to shop like crazy, or die. In excruciating pain. Which will happen to all of us, anyway. Oh, and if you buy a ticket to the fair, you’ll get to see the two bands play in the background. Just perfect music for shopping, and jogging! If you like that shit.

#Winterwolf #KuudesLinja #Helsinki #Brujo #Natas #professional #advertising #agency #shopping or #excruciating #pain while #jogging