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Tacos, margaritas and death metal – CANCELED!

Tacos, margaritas and death metal – CANCELED!

UPDATE: Mexico tour canceled!
Read more here!

Hi, it’s Nomat Ibant from Demilich Corn Flour Center, nice to shake hands with you again! Figuratively, of course, in these times of coronavirus and you masturbating wildly and still not washing your hands properly.

Demilich will head tomorrow towards the west to play three gigs in Mexico. The dates are:
– Saturday, Mar 14: México aka Mexico City – Total Death over Mexico lll
– Friday, Mar 20: Cancún – w/ Necros Christos, etc.
– Saturday, Mar 21: Mérida– w/ Necros Christos, etc.

Yes, we have got the whole band together. Antti was found and seems to be okay, although he’s blabbing about losing history or future or something. We cannot comprehend him completely, but we did a test drive and he’s perfectly good for growling too pushy, playing the guitar mostly correctly, and throwing awful jokes in the middle of the songs.

The other guys feel fine and dandy, too, although they are damn hungry and thirsty due to the usual confinement between gigs. Gnawing the bars is bad for your teeth, boys!

Nomat Ibant, divorced but hot

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Demilich update, Q1/2020

Demilich update, Q1/2020


In this update:
Demilich in America –> Nope. Let’s do it in 2021
No extra dates coming
Euro tour? Other shows?
New material ready and in the works
The Nespithe shirt competition and other merchandise
The Black Dahlia Murder parody logo patch

Notable updates and comments on the content:
2020-03-21: NORTH AMERICA TOUR POSTPONED TO SPRING 2021! 2020-03-07: Added Pittsburgh FB event link 2020-03-12: MEXICO TOUR CANCELED! 2020-03-07: Worcester SOLD OUT! 2020-03-05: Added Providence info. 2020-03-04: The new song info getting attention in media: Metal Injection, Kaaoszine 2020-03-04: Attention: Worcester selling out quickly. 14 tickets left now! 2020-03-03: Added Portland info and fixed Mexico City date. 2020-03-02: Added Detroit FB event link. 2020-02-29: Added most Facebook event and ticket sales links. 2020-02-29: Initial post.


Demilich will be touring Mexico in March, and USA+Canada in May. All the info we have until today can be found in this update. If you want to get more news when we have it, there are two ways to get it: (this page) : This is the only page we will update frequently. And we promise to do it immediately when we have the info. : A mailing list for everyone who forgets to read this page. We will send the updates until the tour is over, and after that you won’t get any email through it

-> Nope. Let’s do it in 2021. As SARS-COV-2 decided to cancel everything, we’ll do the tour in 2021. More about it here: . And this page won’t be updated anymore. Good night, folks.

For preserving the history, and to see what we all missed, here are the dates and locations for both tours. Tickets are already in sale for most of the shows, so be quick! We will update the page above with links to show events in Facebook, and where to get the tickets. That will be done today already!

[FB] = Facebook event page, [tix] = ticket sales

Mar 14, Sat – Mexico City – Total Death over Mexico lll – Foro San Rafael [FB] [tix]
Mar 20, Fri – Cancún – El Buque [FB] [tix]
Mar 21, Sat – Mérida [FB] [tix]

MAY IN NORTH AMERICA – CANCELED! More info to follow.
May 16, Sat – Los Angeles, CA – The Hi Hat [FB + tix]
May 17, Sun – Oakland, CA – Elbo Room [FB + tix]
May 18, Mon – Seattle, WA – Highline Bar [FB + tix]
May 19, Tue – Portland, OR – Dante’s [FB] [tix]
May 20, Wed – Baltimore, MD – Ottobar
May 21, Thu – Pittsburgh, PA – Pyre Press [FB] [tix?]
May 22, Fri – Detroit, MI – Trumbullplex [FB] [tix?]
May 23, Sat – Chicago, IL – Avondale Music Hall [FB] [tix]
May 24, Sun – Baltimore, MD – Maryland Deathfest XVIII – Rams Head Live [FB] [tix]
May 25, Mon – Philadelphia, PA – Boot & Saddle [FB] [tix]
May 24, Tue – Providence, RI – Dusk [FB] [tix]
May 27, Wed – Worcester, MA – Ralph’s Rock Diner [FB] – SOLD OUT!!!
May 28, Thu – New York, NY – Saint Vitus Bar [FB + tix]
May 29, Fri – Montreal, QC – Earslaughter Vol. 5 – Foufounes Electriques [FB] [tix]


A note to everyone asking for extra dates for the tours: Unfortunately this is all we had time for. Antti could tour months, and would love to, but he just can’t get other guys to do more than this due to their responsibilities at home and work. So, no extra dates coming. We promise we will do our everything to get us tour the whole Northern America before we put Demilich to sleep.


We are currently trying to arrange a two week tour in Europe in late autumn. More about that when things start clearing up. Also, we have some other shows already booked, but we cannot talk about them, yet. You’ll hear about it when it’s time, so don’t worry.


Demilich has 2.1 new songs structurally done. We have to come up with lyrics, solos and some little things, but those are basically ready. Next, we will create 1.9 songs more, and then we’re ready to record them all. So, you won’t be getting a full-length, but it’s not going to be an EP, either. Neither overly long songs filling the album length. Something possibly better. We’ll tell you more when it’s time, hopefully this year!


We had the Nespithe shirt competition running many years ago, but nothing happened after that. I already know the winner, and we’re currently working on the designs, so please give us a short while more! There will also be a huge amount of new designs and products coming! The plan is to reveal all of this before Mexico, or then quickly after that.


The Black Dahlia Murder printed hilarious parody patches reminiscing the bands that they love, and Demilich got to be one of those. They are still available at , so grab yours if you’re a lover of both bands.


#Mexico #USA #Canada #tour #NewSong #Nespithe #TheBlackDahliaMurder #parody #patch #NespitheShirtCompetition

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This is Nomat Ibant from Demilich Press And Rehab Center, nice to meet you. Well, we’re not really meeting anyone here, but you know what I mean. Antti is too busy preparing for this weekend’s shows in the UK, so he didn’t have time to spread his intelligence this time. He sent you a short but insightful message through us, though. Here it is:

“Come on guys.”

We here at the Center consider that an invitation to Demilich’s gigs, which are:

Today, Friday 14 February, Leeds:

Tomorrow, Saturday 15 February, London:

And yes, the band is coming to play three shows in Mexico between March 13 and 21. More about those when Antti’s reha… busyness is over.

All the best to you, our most respected clients and followers.

#Leeds #London #Mexico