Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the guitar tuning you use?

We use standard A tuning (low-A D G C E A), and have used it throughout the history. The demos seem to have it a bit lower, as, IIRC, I used a pitch pipe only occasionally, and we just tuned the guitars together to be in same tune.

New album, please?

Possibly. We’re currently composing new songs, but whether they come out individually in the net, or on split 7″/10″ with selected bands, or on an EPor a full-length, that remains to be seen. Something’s happening, though, finally!

Questions Nobody Ever Asked

Why does “Uncontrollable Regret of the Rotting Flesh” have plural “they stimulate you” when telling about singular “face”?

In Finnish “face” is “kasvot”, which is the plural form of “kasvo”. We Finns have many faces, never just one. So, it was a not-so-very-rare mistake with my English. Like the whole “regret of”, which made the name more interesting that it was intended to be.

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