The Guilty, aka members of the band

Current line-up

Mikko Virnes

© Sam Jamsen 2017

A founding member of the band that eventually became Demilich. Known as a master of jazzy Latino rhythms. Loves speeding on both bicycles and drumsticks.

Function: Drums

Active: 1990-

Gear: Some kind of drums

Antti Boman

© Sam Jamsen 2017

The man that violently took over the lead of the band that eventually became Demilich. Known as a master of not knowing about guitar scales or other people’s riffs.

Function: Guitar and so called vocals

Active: 1990-

Guitars: Jackson, Gibson
Amplification: Marshall, THD
Pedals: Boss, DigiTech, Empress, Korg, Malekko, Vertex, Xotic
Strings: D’Addario
Picks: Dunlop
Uses too many other brands of gear in his other projects.

Aki Hytönen

© Sam Jamsen 2019

The innocent child that was abducted from the band that later became Barathrum. Known for chattering and love of IPA. Not.

Function: Guitar

Active: 1991-

Guitars: ESP
Amplification: Marshall
Pedals: Boss, DigiTech

Jarkko Luomajoki

© Sam Jamsen 2017

The wise old man of the band. Mostly shows the latter quality. Known for, well, being a goddamn awesome bassist!

Active: 2014-

Function: Bass

Bass guitars: Ibanez?
Amplification: Ampeg
Pedals: ProCo


© Oliver Stein

The irresponsible youngster of the band. Mostly shows the former quality. Known for playing all the shows Mikko cannot attend to, and for his love of tequila and scuba diving. Simultaneously.

Active: 2014-

Function: Live drums

Gear: Yamaha Recording Custom Drums, Axis pedals, Sabian Cymbals, Roland and Foot Blaster electronics

Past members

Jussi Teräsvirta

© Tuomas Tammi 1991

The original bassist of the band that was to become Demilich. Played on all demos until The Echo.

Active: 1990-1992

Function: Bass

Ville Koistinen

© Tuomas Tammi 1992

The second bassist of Demilich. One fourth of the legendary Nespithe line-up. Almost joined in the band when re-uniting, but then didn’t. Maybe a wise choice.

Active: 1992-1993

Function: Bass


© Toni Salminen 2005

The black & death metal kiddo who was the driving force for the second coming of Demilich. Known for hating live shows and traveling, which lead to him giving up on this beautiful and very profitable career.

Active: 2005-2006

Function: Third guitar


© Markus Laakso 2010

The other catalyst for the second coming of Demilich. Decided to leave after… well, that’s a long story, we’ll tell it some day. We still miss his humor and jokes, but, fortunately, we get to see him frequently due to sharing the same rehearsal place. And bands. And work. And bed.

Active: 2005-2010

Function: Bass