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The Reykjavíkssons

The Reykjavíkssons

I, Antti Gunnarsson, and the rest of Demilich are so glad to finally play in Iceland tonight! The organizer almost made a horrible mistake by booking us a flat in the same block where the local BrewDog bar resides, but fortunately for everyone, we won’t have time to get wasted today. We’ll most probably be hanging at the bar on Saturday, wandering drunk, cold and aimless on Vatnajökull on Sunday, and floating dead in Silfra fissure on Monday. BrewDog, you may use our bodies for bottle wrappings of a very limited End of History edition.

Before that, tough, lots of cool Demilich merchandise, including T-shirts, long-sleeves, patches, vinyls and CDs, will be present for your shopping obsession tonight, possibly even tomorrow. After that, there may not be time or reality anymore. I heard it from a very confidential source inside my head.

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