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Shipping problems in the planet known as COVID-19 – No more!

Shipping problems in the planet known as COVID-19 – No more!

Update 2021-04-30: Almost all of the world open! Hooray, motherfuckers! Shipments may have delays, but we’re basically able to send them everywhere! We still send the autographed flyers along with orders, for a limited time!

We have a problem with postal connections in Finland at the moment. For some reason, most probably due to SARS-Cov-2 messing with all kind of transportation around the world, we cannot send anything from Finland to most of the countries outside Europe, or even to some in Europe.

The Post told me the situation changes daily, so if you’re not in a hurry, just place your order and we’ll send it immediately when cargo services are back to normal.

As a thank-you to all who order during these rough times, Antti will slip an autographed flyer in every order, independent of your location! The flyer will be included in back-orders, too. The signature is uniquely themed for these viral times only, so there will be no such things available when this is over.

Please see the current situation for your country on this Finnish Post’s web page: -> “Effects of the coronavirus on items sent abroad from Finland”. If it’s in Finnish, please try again in a couple of hours for the translation to appear.

Thank you, Mr Corona. You have such clever ways to make things complicated. Looking forward to your next move.

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