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OMG I’m in such a hurry!

OMG I'm in such a hurry!

OMG I’m in such a hurry! What did I have to get done? Oh, the Hellfest shirt competition, I have to do choose the winner now. What else? Kill-Town Death Fest is approaching, and I had to mention about the compilation cassette. Don’t have time for it, sorry Daniel! God, this pressure is killing me. Um, yes, Winterwolf update, music recorded, vocals not ready, and gig coming here in Kuopio. That can be handled later. Christ, help me. Oh, the Musick Cadas special The Four Instructive Tales themed shirts! Those are so beautiful! Gotta move on, stop staring at them. Nespithe shirts, yeah, have to reply to the email from the designer. And those upcoming Nespithe themed special shirts. Cannot concentrate on them, yet. Ah, the US Tour shirts! They are available now at Hells Headbangers! Thank you, Jesus, nice catch! And the European tour merchandise – the tour shirt, Classic Adversary, logo shirts in about eight colours, patches, even the big embroidered logo… what else? Jesus, where are you now? Satan, can you help me out? Ah, thanks, dear Beelzebub, I know I can always rely on you, love! Yes, the Grotesco shirt by Robert and sold by Dark Descent! And the pins done by Maggot Stomp and Metal Illness, gotta talk about those later. What else? Josh and the hoodie, yes. Later. Like the Indonesian patches. I can’t handle the pressure. Did I forget to take my meds last night? I wonder what will happen if I try to pull thi…

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