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Mexico tour canceled!

Mexico tour canceled!


We, the members of Demilich, are unbelievably sorry to say that we have had to stay home and cancel the Mexico tour. We were supposed to leave yesterday, and woke up to the news that president trump had banned all airline travel from Europe.

We traveled by train all the way to Helsinki airport, just in case things would be sorted out. We found out we could have, possibly but not definitely, been able to get to Mexico, but unfortunately nobody could guarantee us any kind of return back home. The airline company has canceled all flights that fly through the USA, and they could not route us through any other location. The risk would have been on us only.

We are now living in the middle of a pandemic and people making political decisions based on bullying. We suspect the pandemic/decisions will get even worse until it all starts clearing out before summer, hopefully well before that. But that doesn’t help this case.

Lo sentimos. We will try to make this up to you people some day soon.

Sincerely and very sad,

Antti Boman & Demilich

#NoDemilich #NoMexico #NoMexicoCity #NoMerida #NoCancun #NoDeathMetal #NoOSDM #NoFinnishDeathMetal #NoOSFDM #NoFinnishMusic #NoFun

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