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Hellfest 2022 announcement, the Demilich way

Hellfest 2022 announcement, the Demilich way

I cannot even understand the utter joy Lars Ulrich must be feeling now. He will be able to play together the same day with mighty Demilich, possibly (how should I know?) one of his favorite bands! He’s, for sure, already preparing the chats with us backstage on Sunday 26, July 2022, when Hellfest‘s two weekend spanning 15th anniversary edition has it’s culmination! Naturally he cannot share the same stage with us, but that won’t slow him down.

I’m mostly interested in getting some of the previous visit’s special Demilich shirts sold. Pretty please.

Jokes aside, I cannot wait to get to play live on one of the greatest happenings ever, for the second time! Thanks again to Hellfest, Garmonbozia and Killtown Bookings for making this happen.

I’ll also get to meet many friends that I’ve missed so much! And ignore them when the introvert side hits me bad every hour or so. I’ll be hiding in the bushes if you need me.

Demilich photo © Sam Jamsen, and ruined by yours truly. Lars photo stolen from a web page that had stolen it from somewhere that I cannot track back to. Sorry for the theft.

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