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Marching to Demilichfield

Marching to Demilichfield

2020-09-03: Some updates on shipment arrivals at the end of this posting.

Well hello! It’s Nomat Ibant from Submarine Corps of Demilich, nice to throw a sterile air fist bump with you again! Via the Internet, of course. Even safer.

Antti went underground on March, after the disappointments with Mr Coward Nintee cancelling basically every plan he had for this year. Yesterday, he called me and mumbled something about being back online soon, with “a proper story about [his] feelings and this [bleeping] [bleep] called life.”

In the meantime, as I want to keep on being the very active Demilich PR manager that I have always been, I decided to let you know a tale on how postal services work in The Blessed Year Ov 2020.

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