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Some more quick(ish) updates from Demilich HQ

Some more quick(ish) updates from Demilich HQ

Some more quick(ish) updates from Demilich HQ:

1. The winner of deform-the-Hellfest-shirts-that-did-not-sell-for-some-damn-reason competition has been chosen, and he/she/it will get the original shirt and the modified version! The shirts will transform from T’s to tank-tops, and all of them will get my signature in the bottom. They will be available on the Euro tour – possibly with free bananas – and the leftovers will be sold in The Great And Omniscient Internet afterwards. See the winner and the magnificent ideaficationalization prozession at !!!

2. Extremely Rotten Prod will release an official Nespithe cassette at KTDF this week! Get yours there or at . The Svart Records vinyls will be available in a month.

3. Apart from the patches that I’ll hopefully get before KTDF – more of those when they arrive – there will also be officially approved ones from Rotten-Zombies Productions (left) and Pull The Plug Patches (right). Right! And left.

4. Remember the earlier bad memories of the word “very”, and head now at Musick Cadas for the very limited Demilich shirts, like The Four Instructive Tales themed beauty! Of a book that vomits demons.

5. Boobies. But whose? The first one who recognizes them will be proclaimed as Demilich Perv Of The Month, September 2018.

The Nespithe shirts? Forgotten again? NO!!! Closer than you think they ever would be!!! In your face,!!!!

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