The old An Entity Demilich message board

The old An Entity Demilich message board

This is the archive of the messages that were originally at Unfortunately some glitch sometime somewhere has caused some of the messages to be truncated, mostly from the first umlaut (like ä or ö). You may enjoy those parts as pieces of strange art.

FAQ | 2005-03-16 14:51

When you refer to “I”, who are you talking about? And who are “we”?

“I” = Antti

“We” = the whole band, or Antti/band and other people working together

2005-03-18 18:02


Itse suosin Omo Sensitive

Cynical, 2005-03-18 22:55

Out of curiosity, what is the status on the other project that you had two one-minute mp3 samples of back on the old “whosoever” page?

Postponed to the near future. I’ve concentrated on Demilich for months now, and after all’s done, I’m back to the other project(s).

2005-03-19 04:50


Assept rulaa.

HUGO, 2005-03-19 20:39

Hey, it’s nice to see that this great band on the one other ways is still alive! I would like to send a great HAIL to the person who started this! Thanx!!!

I think you have to blame the people of Xtreem Music and Morbid Thoughts. I cannot take the credit, they had to persuade me a lot.

Merciless Death, 2005-03-20 18:07

Those shirts look pretty badass guys. Will you be able to ship to the USA? I’m interested in the second design.

Half of the shirts will be shipped straight from the USA, to keep the prices as low as possible. I’m not sure about the second design, though. I’ll let people know when it’s time to know.

Ville, 2005-03-20 20:50


Viimeisin versio l

2005-03-22 06:50

I’m wondering as to what guitar and bass tunings you used on The Uncontrollable Regret of the Rotting Flesh and The Putrefying Road in the Nineteenth Extremity.

Regular tune with E string down to A, and the other strings accordingly.

Members | Irving, 2005-03-23 22:59

Hi, I’m Irving from Monterrey, I would like to know which kind of guitars did you used in Nespithe?

I used and still use Charvel and Aki used (and still uses) Ibanez. I’ll tell about the models later.

Floyd Rose stinks with “A” tune.

UPDATE: I have no idea how to identify my Charvel. OTOH, who would like to identify a Charvel, anyway.

tom, 2005-03-24 04:32

i hope i have a large tshirt reserved for me cuz you love me right? biodemi biodemi biodemi…..a great ending to a new beginning….<3

Tom, you’re like a second girlfriend to me. Big tits and all.

Anyway, I haven’t reserved any, as otherwise I would have to reserve them all, but I’ll try to get one to you for sure. Dear.

me again, 2005-03-24 04:38

oh good , so there’s a 0.1% chance that youll stick together, make it to the states and tour with us…ok good i can get my hopes up..along with everyone else…

I’ll try to arrange a gig for us in the States, but that requires work and dollars. Naturally I’d love to do it with as many good/familiar/apropriate bands as possible. We’ll see.

davedevour, 2005-03-24 13:47

antii when the shirts??
i need please

Just a couple of days more. The shirts are printed in the USA, but half of them will be sold from Finland, so we’ll first come up how to split the sales.

davedevour, 2005-03-24 13:57

damn bro
u can tsend me one to spain??
u sold all at finland guys?
i have 2 copies from nesphite necropolis recs in cd and a repulse cd version, im a sick fan from the gods DEMILICH!!

Cheers. I will be able to send to Spain, so you’ll just have to be quick then. I think you’re on the mailing list, so act when I send the info on how to order.

davedevour, 2005-03-24 14:13

yeah bro
i mthink im in your list and if u printed others models of shirt i will buy because i need all your fucking shit!!
please antii, sign my book and check my site
only death the only way!!
davedevour from goregurgler zine
Ps. do u have MSN? EMAIL ME YOUR MSN if u have one, please.

I’m not a chatty person. I rather enjoy short notes, preferably with a hint of sarcasm in.

Shirts | Josef Sch, 2005-03-24 18:09

Hi and hello. I must say im alittle dissapointed that both shirts had backprint… I had preffered just the frontprint of the “first” shirt… but i guess they are already printed and my opinion changes nothing, ah shit im so damn insignificant.

Anyway, a bowl of nectarish whory secretion for some seriously great music. I think i’ll just remain in pieces in nothingness for now, good luck

Dear Mr. Insignificant,

I’ve been discussing about printing some shirts just the way you just explained, so don’t lose your hope yet.

EDIT: I will print a small amount of shirts with front print only soon.

Rorvorurk & Cacophonihil, 2005-03-24 22:56

Hello Antii and those in DEMILICH, we are admirers of horrid, bizarre, chaotic and obscure music with an artistic twist, Demilich is definitly a favourite of ours and has been a big influence through the years and in our own work, we would much appreciate it if you had a listen to our material and shared your thoughts about it, (noting that we would be more than happy to send a free copy of our official disc if you are interesred) which is something to the degree of Horror/Chaos-Noise/Soundscapes done with guitar and vocals

mp3′: available at

If you ever do decide to play a show in the u.s (even though we are from canada) we would definitely show up regardless to the location (please do not play in texas for the rednecks! haha) we’ll continue to support Demilich however we can for its gripping otherwordly visions and excellent musicianship, thanks and we will be wanting a copy of the new cd/lp!, stay true

Guts, 2005-03-25 08:50

Demilich…the constant in my life. Always amazing, and always around! Man, cheers to you guy! Truly amazing music, great people! And I like your whole old-school attitude, keep it dark, cult but yet fun!

Im ALL over shirts and Vinyl! Hellyeah! Any chance Nespithe will ever be on Vinyl????

Cheers guys!


Thanks. About the vinyls, Nespithe is owned by Necropolis, so if those sharks come up with an idea to rip us off even more, they’ll release it on vinyl. Then again, I may do it myself some day, just to piss them off.

FAQ | Lord ZOMBEAST, 2005-03-25 13:11

Hail, will you make any video availables to download in your website?

Yes I will. I have one on VHS, and I’ll try to transfer it to a binary format soon. I have no other gig videos, so in case you know people that have them, let me know.

FAQ | Tim Sheehan, 2005-03-26 10:42

When do we get some Demilich tablature?!

I have some ready, but not complete songs, yet. I will publish them when I have proper ones, hopefully soon.

(EDIT: The first one available on the downloads page)

Roudari, 2005-03-28 00:26

…Roudari t

Roudarin paikka on viel

Elvin Scott, 2005-03-28 11:42

In the unfortunate event that my powers of deduction linger, floundering in the realm of utter stupidity and my email to you trails off into a misdirected oblivion I have resorted to “les message publique” in order to voice my plea, as pathetic as it may be in it desperateness, as to When, Where and How must I go about obtaining a shirt…scourge me…dangle me over a gaping precipice…stew my guts…distribute my flesh to a harem of gorgons…guzzle my lymph and ichor from my skull…Dance a gay jig in my skin…all this simply to be adorned in your merch<

Erik, 2005-03-28 18:40

Do you have any plans for touring through Europe?

We have no plans on anything. The gigs will mainly be here in Finland, but if somebody, or a group of people, has the interest to get us there, it can be anywhere. Basically, this means some money for the traveling.

We won’t be “touring” anywhere, as we’re doing this just for fun, and there’s no real need to raise the name. What we want to do is to do a few gigs and let people who haven’t seen us see us.

Lizz, 2005-03-29 01:15

Hey just wanted to say the site looked great. And I want a t-shirt damnit! So when are they coming out again 😉 (j/k)

Liz, my favorite bottle stuffing! Thanks for the comment, and I have to kill you for asking about the shirts. Or then I’ll simply tell you when they are out.

Uncle Retard

Yep, I will reply to your email, too.

Hector, 2005-03-29 04:14

Congratulations for Nespithe.
Very nice album! 🙂

suicidal tendons, 2005-03-29 05:15

this is a really fukkin cool site!! i’m gonna toil away an hour or two just checkin out the tunes and reading the info. brutal music !! hell yeah !!! im gonna go punch someone in the face!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

in noise we pus-suicidal tendons of the sunken

Rather than punching somebody in the face, take over my plan of creating the device that instantly kills us all. Please.

Leo, 2005-03-30 06:25

Is anyone currently carrying these tshirts for sale in the US? I saw someone posted a for sale thread on the Fullmoon message board? This person is selling the shirts for $15 postage paid in the US. I’m a little leary since I don’t have any idea who this person is. Are the shirts even available yet? They look killer, btw.

This person is an American friend of mine, who actually did all the work and printed the shirts. So, go ahead! In case it’s that “demilichshirts” address you’re talking about.

pulce, 2005-03-30 16:42

boys, i really dig your brootal death metal style!!!
where can i find your records?
i’m a fastcore/grindcore/deathmetal freak and i’d like to see you live here in italy!
what about?
write soon!!!

The records are found around, but I don’t sell them. I will sell some of the new ones when they are out, though.

In case you are or somebody else is interested in arranging a gig in Italy, we’re willing to do it (if the flights are paid)!

davedevour, 2005-04-01 01:15

when i know your paypal addy for send the money for a demilich shirt??i sent a email

Email sent already.

Elvin, 2005-04-01 04:31

Is “antti Herodotus boman threat blacgmailing anecdotes decomposition” the address to use for PayPal? AARRrgghhhhhgrrlll…

Hah, no. Check out the “Merch” section, it has the information and a link to a form that helps you with the mission.

OTOH, you had already reserved your shirts, so no worries.

matt, 2005-04-01 04:54

antti, you say you’re participating in some other projects…what are they? how/when can i hear them?
stay metal \m/

I have two projects (apart from Demilich) going on.

The other one is a prog rock (metallish) project, which different to Demilich also because of the way we compose the songs.

The other one is a solo project (metal) that aims to a full-length album or then nothing at all.

I removed the clips from the net, I’ll either put them back or give new ones. Or then nothing happens.

Ed, 2005-04-01 23:29

Antii i would like to identify your charvel guitar.
– Ed

Ylside, 2005-04-02 01:30

A new version of the website, cool.
Now You have a fan from Morocco.
Nespithe is a very good album.I really wanted to congratulate all of you band members .
Hope to see the video soon.
Antti your growls rules. hehe ;D

Good continuation for the band…lol.

Thanks. The video will be out when the shirt hassle is over. Well, the first shirt hassle, as there will be another one.

Denis, 2005-04-02 12:07

Hello from Ukraine!
Best recards to the most original death-metal band
on a Earth!

fernando le, 2005-04-03 01:02

Hi i

Abysmal Lord, 2005-04-03 17:13

Hail fuckers!!

Keep continuing to support Demilich!! The day is getting closer to unleashing it’s rebirth!!

roorybacky, 2005-04-03 22:32

i’m from czech..

Adam, 2005-04-04 08:17

how’s the spider these years?

The Bastard died years ago, and I had sold the other ones. I’m thinking of getting new ones, though.

Mika, 2005-04-05 20:27

Ei j

Goatse oli ilke

Guts, 2005-04-06 10:13

In case you guys wanna see an original add from way back then for the Demilich shirt, check out and go to News.

BTW, I got mine 3 days ago, it is AMAZING!
Cannot wait for batch Nr 2 with the other design!

Cheers all


Yes, I have those flyers, too. The monster in front is slightly smaller, and it has red in it. The red parts sucked, though.

Good to hear that the shirt looks good, as I haven’t even seen them yet.

Voytek, 2005-04-06 19:10

Greetings from Poland! I’ve heard demilich not so long ago and i am very impressed! You must be psychos to do so fuckin’ great music! See Ya!!!

Some people claim I’m peculiar, but basically we all are pretty normal. Except for Corpse. That man should be held in captivity.

Matt, 2005-04-09 02:06

I sent payment for a shirt a few days ago and I haven’t received any sort of confirmation yet…

Where did you send it to? demilichshirts at g.mail? The US sales person (who reads that mailbox) has been busy with both the shirt matters and his other projects, I’m sure you’ll get a response soon.

Alex, 2005-04-10 06:16

Hello broS! alex from Inherited Suffering Records here! Can you trade 1 shirt maybe?
let me know please!

Unfortunately the shirts got ordered, so I cannot trade. I might be able to do it with the next batch, though.

Albert, 2005-04-11 12:59

greetings. can’t you have a gig in Stockholm? it’d be really cool…

If somebody wants pays for the trip, we’ll play there. I’d love to do it.

FAQ | Ryan Power, 2005-04-12 02:39

You kick ass man! hehe, the praising will stop there:P
I hope this hasnt already been asked because I can’t seem to find it through the questions…. How do you pull of those vocals? what type of techniques did you practice and how can I get lower and more ballsy death metal vocals, or is it a secret?:P
I know this may be too hard to explain so I understand anyways, Im out rock on!

Thanks, for both praising and and stopping it rapidly.

About the vocals. It’s not a secret, but “they” may have to kill you if I tell you. So, here we go: I didn’t practice or decide to do it that way, it just happened. I think I didn’t understand how grownling should have been done, and chose a completely different technique, which seems to be more natural to me, though.

I tilt my head a bit downwards (ie. jaw towards the chest), open up my throat as if I was vomiting, and force the sound out of the stomach, or at least it feels so. Obviously I blow the air from the lungs via the lower throat.

Then again, do what’s natural to you. That leads to the best sound you’ll get out of your body.

Mariusz Krystew, 2005-04-18 14:14

Alright, you gonna do these two releases and quit… well, you say you wanted to close the band in a honorable way… and that’s ok. But, what if your last(?) album become big commercial success? What if people (old fans and new fans) demand more, I know you might be NOT interested anymore in extreme stuff but how many bands we know that play extreme, but let’s say listen to not extreme stuff, and yes they play death metal for money, fame and… fans:) You can continue to play what ever you want pop, techno, punk… who cares. Continue with Demilich for us, the fans that would die to hear more and more from their fave band.

Okay, I’ll dissect this one.

“But, what if your last(?) album become big commercial success?”

Well, we all know it won’t be. The releases will mainly be old material, aimed at the fans that want them as official CD/vinyl releases. And even if it was new material only, our style is not for the masses.

“What if people (old fans and new fans) demand more, I know you might be NOT interested anymore in extreme stuff”

You went wrong there. I haven’t said I’m not interested in extreme material. I’m basically saying that Demilich will be ended and the “spirit” continues with a new name. The aim is to make similar stuff but with less restrictions. And less burden of history.

“and yes they play death metal for money, fame and… fans:)”

Only the last one applies to me, as I’m not interested in fame or money. Also, I do this for myself, and hopefully for the other band members.

“You can continue to play what ever you want pop, techno, punk… who cares.”

The two other projects of mine will be far from mainstream music, although different from Demilich. The Demilich continuation, OTOH, will be a lot like its predecessor.

And who knows what happens. I always leave that 0.01 per cent to be on the safe side when changing my mind.

Thanks for the comment.

Albert, 2005-04-19 01:31

hello again. what happened to the lyrics? they used to be at this site, am i just being stupid not finding them? ;P

If something’s not found, kill the designer. This time, though, the lyrics simply aren’t there, as I’ve forgotten to put them in. Will be done some day soon.

EDIT: The lyrics are available now.

Mariusz Krystew, 2005-04-19 17:47

Alright thanx for your honest answer. I must apologise becouse I didn’t realize you will continue your left hand path with another… euqaly to Demilich sounding bands… at least with the same extreme feeling. I think you will be the last band from that old forgotten death metal generation from Finland to release an album. Xysma, Disgrace, Funebre, Ripikoulu, Demigod (They do exist in some strange incarnation, not worthy at all) or Belial to name a few are dead for the masses. My hope was that you will be the last one that will manage to kick ass:) Ok, you can do that under the new monicker as well:) But you always will be connected to Demilich fame at least for myself:)

No need for apologies.

Well, our new album(s) will be similar to Funebre and Disgrace releases on Xtreem, so we’re just being trendy. Hopefully the new song will make you drool for more, though, even if it won’t affect the existence of Demilich in the future.

And you will always have Nespithe.

Ylside, 2005-04-21 22:28

it’s the moroccan fan again 🙂
I just want to ask , many considers Demilich as Progressive Death metal.
What do you think of that ? What do you classify yourself ? just death metal ?
Personally I would say Progressive melodic death metal… But anyway, those are only tags.

I don’t care about classifications, but sometimes they are needed for explaining the type of music to other people. I like the word “progressive”. I’m not sure if we’re death metal at all. Then again, the first demo was definitely more death metal and less progressive.

Your definition sounds fine.

Matt Fitzgerald, 2005-04-25 05:49


When will your tour Australia? 🙂 Just kidding! Hmm, I’ll have to pay you another visit soon. BTW – for those asking about the vocals, Antti sounds like that when he’s not behind a microphone and amp… (I don’t mean his normal voice, but the growl thingo!), although I only managed to catch a few bars, I can assure you of its authenticity, I think the rest of it got lost in a sub-zero snow blizzard!

Shine on,

We have a tour in Australia already arranged for the early autumn! Yeah, sure…

Thanks for the confirmation on the vocals. Some people will hear them again within two weeks.

Matt rocks.

Glitterbust, 2005-04-28 15:54

GodDAMN those are some beautiful designs. PLEASE let me know if you ever print up any others. And yes, I wish I was in Finland to hear you guys play.

I’ll pass on your cheers to the one that drew the images.

We’ll most probably have gigs around (Finland, EU, possibly the USA) in the summer and the autumn. After that, as I’ve said, the plan is to end it all.

Anupam Roy, 2005-04-28 22:03


I cant believe I discovered Nespithe after so long! Very eager to hear what you chaps will come up with next!


Anupam Roy, 2005-04-30 01:22

Wow i’ve been wanting someone to explain how to do growls without permanently harming my throat and at the same time not having them end up as sounding like pathetic weak whispered segments! Thank you for sharing this gospel! 😉

I know very little of demilich history, and generally a band’s history matters 0% to me – but your music speaks volumes! My band(that is me and the other guitarist!) are very influenced by your style as it seems very open and experimental yet retaining that dark brutal feel at times!

Uh, review unintentional whatsoever! Oh yeah and praise is definately earned! \m/

Billy Strahan, 2005-05-01 02:24

I am from the the north west of britain and was handed an album by a friend. I must say it is the best death metal/prog death. i have heard lately. I am looking to organise at gig at my home town with The Misfits If your interseted.

We’re willing to do some gigs around, so sure, just send me email and tell me about your plans.

andrea, 2005-05-02 07:37

well definitly i

Guts, 2005-05-02 21:48

We just played with Infinitum Obscure and Hirax in Tijuana, Mexico last weekend.
I wore my Demilich shirt with pride!

Again, all of you, go and get one! There are still some left! The quality is amazing! I actually got two! One to wear, one to “collect”!!



Members | Irving, 2005-05-04 08:23

Hails, it’s me again, what happened with Ville Kostinien?

We murdered him.

When we started talking about the real re-union, in 2002, Ville was briefly in but then decided to drop out, as he lives in another city. He’s also married now, and still lives in that other city.

So, I lied. We did’t murder him. We merely keep him in a garage and molest him now and then.

DaveDevour, 2005-05-05 00:23

today at last i get my DEMILICH shirt, its fucking awesome, when u made more of another design??
definitly i need one !!

I haven’t printed the shirts, yet, but I’ll do it soon. I’ll send information to the mailing list (found on Merch section) when they are pre-orderable.

Putrid aka Pozi, 2005-05-05 14:19

Eilinen keikka kuulosti niin hyv


Drew/Conformity from SLSK, 2005-05-09 21:19

Hey, it’s me, Drew from Minnesota. I forgot what the hell your SLSK name is, as well as any other contact information I may have of yours. Shoot me an email, or message me on the soulseek on “Conformity”

I’ll message you if I get back there. I mainly try to avoid it, as I got so fed up with most people there. Not you, I mean the demanding idiots.

Drew, 2005-05-11 04:41

Eh, I was just going to ask if you wanted to do a review for Hopefully devoid of the same stupid boring questions you get constantly.

No, but an _interview_ would be okay. (Insert a smiley here)

Sam, 2005-05-15 04:05

Hi Antti
i wrote you an email telling you to check out the song i wrote and dedicated inspired by you. The band is Excoriated and the song is Phased. find it on soundclick if you want, the email has a direct link. I want you to hear what you inspired!

Looking forward to the demo cd!!!!!!

FAQ | Self, 2005-05-19 12:53

Why the haircut?

(This question was asked in a couple of forums)

Our army is a compulsory visit, and it takes away the hair. I always hated the phase when my hair was longish but not long enough, so I never got that far in growing it back.

It’s definitely not about getting women. Actually, long hair’s better for chasing the kind of women I’d chase.

Erarber, 2005-05-19 23:34

Fuck yes, you guys really know how to make Death Metal. Easily one of the ten best death albums on my book (92′ album). Fucking amazing, still after 12 years I’m very impressed.

FAQ | Kevin, 2005-05-26 06:27

How exactly is the word “Demilich” supposed to be pronouced when spoken?

“Demi” should be easy, but “lich” gets pronounced like German “ich” or English “bitch”. I just lick.

Isn’t it wonderful to have choices?

FAQ | Cynical, 2005-05-27 07:24

Will the song “The Faces Right Below the Skin of the Earth” be put on the website for download, or will one have to go to soulseek/DC to download it?

Eventually all the new recordings will be published here, but first we must promote the idea of buying the CD/LP because the labels need to get their investments back. Naturally the songs will be in P2P networks immediately, so it’s only about what we officially recommend.

Mika, 2005-05-27 20:17

Hieman my

Ensi kerralla tosiaankin kokopitk

Albert, 2005-05-30 01:20

hey, when are the lyrics coming up ;s ;P

Soon, I hope. In the meantime, go ask Mr. Google about them. He knows.

tom, 2005-06-05 07:37

hello lovey dovey…i wanted to show you something ive been working on alate…
its called hills west and it is whats become of me….hugs <3

Demilich, 2005-06-12 14:07

When will be on sale the new disks?

In the future, as they haven’t been for sale in the past.

I suspect our “summer 2005” schedule will be revised a bit.

FAQ | Aephidon, 2005-06-13 12:16

Hello Antti, where does the name “Demilich” come from? From some RPG (AD&D, etc.)? What does it actually mean?

Demilich was drawn from D&D, even if I was never into RPG. I had a friend that played them a lot, and when I was browsing his books for good images, I found the name and it sounded good for a band. The previous name had been “Deformity”, and I didn’t like it.

More information about lich and demilich:

bobby, 2005-06-16 04:12

for those looking for lyrics, most can be found at Encyclopaedia Metallum —–> go to

I’ll add them to our pages later.

Kevin P, 2005-06-18 19:06


Do ou still keep in touch with DAVE WITTE?

I remember he was big on demilich back when he was in Human Remains.

We send email to each other in bursts, about once a year. He’s busy, I’m just bad with email.

And Human Remains is great.

Gabriel P., 2005-06-21 12:33

Wow, I been expected a release of Demilich for so long… And I cannot wait for the new t-shirts. Cheers from Argentina \m/

Cheers. The new shirts will be out soon. I hope.

Matt Fitzgerald, 2005-06-29 08:58

You lazy sod; you didn’t do the army did you?! (In response to why you cut your hair). If I remember correctly your job consisted of morphing my digitized head into a drunken yobbo! In between ja, ja, ja and ja whilst my sandwhich was being made in downtown Kuopio – damn; I wish I can come and visit again soon. Jenni stopped returning my calls years ago! So sweet 🙁

Shine on,


Ulrich, 2005-07-04 14:17

What a surprise!
I thought Demilich would remain dead and buried… I am really glad you deceided to resurface!

I am waiting for the new releases and wish you all the best!

Greetings from Germany!


I still have to remind that we’re not going to do this for long. We’ll record the three songs and do a couple of gigs, and that’s it. And I mean it. Time for something else, even if it’s similar stuff.

Thanks anyway!

Josh, 2005-07-05 09:38

Hey, you guys are awesome. I’m lovin’ the vocals, Antti. 😀 Anyways, I was actually wondering if you guys would be doing any shows here in the U.S., because i’d love to see you guys if you came to New York City or something.

The plan is to do a show or two in the States late this year. I don’t know if it’s possible money-wise, but we’ll see when I start arranging it in a couple of months. NY is a good choice, geographically.

Members | Julien, 2005-07-12 03:27


What sort of guitar/amp do you typically use? And thanks for creating the masterpiece “Nespithe”


I played and still play a Charvel, model 475, Japanese, “desert crackle”. I still use the same Yamaha amp that produces damn bad sounds. The new rehearsal place seems to fit for it well, though.

Ricard G.G., 2005-07-12 21:17

Demilich r00lz!!!!!!!!!!

David Littell, 2005-07-13 02:25

I make custom Spiked Straps. Moser has expressed an interest in selling these straps
on their site. They are the perfect compliment to all their models. The straps are
very high Quality and will last forever. They won’t fade stretch or absorb liquid
or odors.
I custom design and hand build these straps myself. I’ll send some pics. I can either
build one identical to the pics, or I can custom design one just for you. There
are lots of different styles of spikes to choose from.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Rock on!!!


I love pictures, especially the ones that show girlfriends in bikinis. Straps are cool, too. Let them flow.

Dave/Stench of Necropsy/Cult Distribution, 2005-07-19 00:50

Greetings, Demilich! You guys put out some of the best old school Death Metal ever! Nice to see you resurfaced. And with that I wish you good luck.

I also want to take the opportunity to give the address to my band website and distribution website.
My band:

It would be nice to get at least a dubbed copy of your other stuff (apart from the CD, of course) but I don’t know whether I will ever get those in my hands. The mp3’s at least gave me the opportunity to listen to them, but I personally dislike mp3’s as they are compressed files. But that’s just my opinion, of course.

Good luck with your future project/s!

If you don’t like the idea of the quality loss, download the FLAC files. They decompress back to the original, CD quality versions. More about:

ogrothus, 2005-07-20 23:15

How much the t- shirt cost??
and……How much the transport cost if i live in poland??

The previous batch of shirts cost 15 euros each, including p&p, so in case the printing costs aren’t too high, that will be the price for the shirts in the future, too.

Albert, 2005-07-22 00:54

hailz, will there be an age limit at the gig in Turku the 30th of September? ;s

18 seems to be the limit (unfortunately), due to the fact they sell alcohol there (fortunately).

Galecknesh, 2005-07-22 18:01

Where can I find the lyrics to these most glorious, sonorous epics?

If only other old bands would put up websites like this. I might finally hear more of the music I love. Being born in 1989 in England is not a good idea if you want to have any chance of getting really awesome, ‘underground’ cds.

Can’t wait for the new project, I hope you steer clear of mainstream-anisation and retardation (I’m sure you will though, as only a truly kingly band has the will to be complete and then stab itself through the heart).

Try googling for Demilich lyrics. I will reveal the shit here on our pages, too. It’s just that I renewed the site and I haven’t linked them again.

1989? And you like us? There seems to be hope in youth. Unless you fall into thinking I’d ever do anything mainstream.

Sancler Melo, 2005-07-23 23:26

hail antii boman

infernal greetings

Here is Sancler a fucking Demilichs worshipper
from Brazil, and i know any demilich’s work
and i need to feel more from Demilich and the death metal bands from finland.

also send to you my works of pude Death metal and others bands from brazil to you know.

the works of Demilich i know is

– Somewhere Inside the Bowels of Endlessness
– The Echo
– The Four Instructive Tales
– Nespithe

i like to adquire any more

send me the prices and forms

A great fucking hail to all of demilich

of your friend

Sancler Melo

Rua Arias de Almeida, 2991

Nothing costs these days. You can get everything from our pages, either now or later.

Then again, if you want something special, I’ll come to your daughter’s birthday party for $2000. I can make frog-like sounds and all.

And seriously, thanks for loving our band in Brazil, the country with all those beautiful butts that we don’t see here. I’m so damn jealous. Give us a single tan line and we’d be happy.

(EDIT: I need to get rid of this habit of replying when drunk)

j, 2005-07-26 15:46

hi antti,

do you remember I sent you an interview, me and a friend asked you 22 questions, for a french webzine.

see ya

I remember and I will always remember every single interview I get. So, I’ll respond, and I’m pretty sorry about not replying in time. OTOH, you’ll get a lot better answers due to the wait.

G, 2005-07-27 00:36

Now that the first batch of shirts is sold out, is the 2nd run with the new “old” design still going to happen?

In aniticipation,


I don’t know. I have the urge to print it as a long sleeve shirt with “I suck dick” on the sleeves. Just to make sure you really love the band if you wear it.

Seriously… well, seriously.

I’ll try to find a way for you to get the design as a T or a long sleeve. With or without ISD.

(EDIT: This message is another reason why I should get rid of the habit of replying when drunk)

Jonathan Santos, 2005-07-27 20:42

I am a HUGE fan of your musical masterpieces! You truly are my favorite band. The complexity and rhythmic intensity of your music is almost psychadelic where I get lost in my own consciousness only to find myself in a different but mellow state of mind. I lift weights everyday and while I do that I listen your music! I am actually able to meditate listening to you!
Anyways, I wanted to know if you planned on touring the US, specifically Los Angeles, CA. PLEASE COME? That would be the greatest! I really want to hear you live. I can’t imagine… Keep Death Metal Alive!!!!
Thank you. I look forward to hear from you.


I’ll start arranging those couple of gigs soon. We don’t have much money to spend on it, so whether it happens or not depends on how much we can collect money for it, wherever it comes from.

I hate money. Unfortunately I’m too lazy to hike there.

Antonio Ba, 2005-07-29 19:19

One Underground Legend Is Called Demilich So Simple Like It, Keep your music away of the Shit

Demilich won’t be stained. If we end up creating crap, even for a while, tell us to stop.

Christina Boyd, 2005-08-02 20:03

Come to the U.S. and devastate our ears!!!

That’s the plan, but we’ll have to be quick. I will end the band relatively soon.

Nick Hebert, 2005-08-06 05:14


You guys have some seriously heavy shit, that just makes my dad want to kill me. I cant wait intill your up coming album. I was born in 1990 and I am a pretty big fan of death metal. I have a band and I was wondering if you could give me any advice when playing gigs and sticking to your roots?

Nick Hebert/Canada

It’s hard to tell what’s right for you, but the best things tend to come out if you don’t pretend to be something/someone else. Draw influences, but do it all your way. If you don’t succeed, you’ve tried, at least.

mika r, 2005-08-06 17:13

Moi! T

Kiitti huikista.

Painatan lis

Albums | mark, 2005-08-10 12:11

Ive been trying to get copies of your demos for a while now, do you know of a good source?, thanks

If you mean real, original copies, I have no idea, and I have none left except for my personal copies. If you mean mere music, head to Down section.

FAQ | Ravi, 2005-08-16 16:20

Alright, I am confused. This site runs as if you guys haven’t split up, I went through a couple of message board posts and you said that you’re heading to the US for a tour or something.

But… but… what about Australia?


I can understand why you’re confused.

We’re practicing old songs and making one new song. We’ll also throw some gigs this fall/winter. I just don’t want people to thing we’re back for real, as that’s not what it is. The band will break up, either in late winter or late spring. It’s something that will happen for sure. After that, we’ll restart with a new name and a new direction, but Demilich will be buried. So, I don’t think it’s worthwhile to think we’re “active”, as we’re merely rehearsing for a crash.

We’d definitely love to have gigs in Australia, but as we’re just a band without a label or other promotional instances, the arrangements for the gigs must come from your side. And nobody has asked us to play there, yet. Any idea who could arrange such a monster?

I’d love to drink Foster’s while your Sun is giving me a good start for a melanoma.

Ravi, 2005-08-16 17:59

Fosters won’t do mate, they’re the shittest Aussie beer. No Aussie in Australia drinks Fosters. Any person who does drink Fosters in Australia is automatically assumed a foreigner, haha.

Try Coopers ( or Hahn, among others.

Aside from that, I do have some mild connections with some organisers in my city of Adelaide (aptly known as South Australia’s capital, the wine capital of Australia and get load of this… “The City of Churches”). Australia has an annual Ozzfest(*wheeze*)-like event called “Metal for the Brain”, I think you ought to check up on that. I am sure you can Google it up as I am struggling to write this message without any typos (yeah once again, hic! BEER!).

Love your stuff, and all the best with your future endeavours. You came and you went away. You were like the other Cynic, except very underrated. Will keep you posted once my band releases a demo, haha (…more self-promotion, oh goodie).

(EDIT: I just had three Foster’s. It was crap. Either it has changed over years, or I’ve had something wrong with the taste. I admit my defeat.)

My aussie friend once tried making me accept his fact that Foster’s is shit, but I didn’t buy it, and I won’t. Also, my experiences with Cooper’s are only based on those nasty homebrew yeast experiments which I made when I was a poor student (as opposed to a poor entrepreneur of nowadays). I’ll give it a new try, though.

Thanks for the tips on the possible organizers, I’ll check them out. Still, it’s pretty obvious that taking five people there is very expensive, so most probably we will never play there. Trying doesn’t cost much, though.

Also, thanks for the last comments, and I’m not really bothered about self promotion here (if it’s linked to lots of praise on our band.)

Brandon Peters, 2005-08-19 20:48

When are more shirts going to be printed? I would like a shirt.

I’ll just have to make a call, so it will happen pretty soon now.

Giga, 2005-08-22 02:10

Demilich fuckin’ owns!!!

I just wanna let you guys know I’m gonna download all of your work and make sure people of Serbia know about Demilich and just how fuckin’ great it is!


Albums | 2005-08-23 05:11

I was just wondering where I can pick up a an official copy of your “Nespithe” album? My local music store doesn’t seem to have any copies of it. So I was wondering if you can direct me to any sites that might have copies of the album. Or if you have any copies of “Nespithe” that are new and still in the plastic wrapping (I won’t accept used/second-hand copies).

I have two copies of the original pressing of Nespithe, as Necropolice was so generous that they gave us a total of 10 copies (no other royalties), and one of those is still wrapped, but I want to keep it myself. Otherwise, I have no idea. If the newest pressing is okay for you, it should be found somewhere fairly easily.

For me, the only real pressing is the download section of this site, though.

tim sheehan, 2005-08-27 03:57

what guitar equipment did demilich use during the nespithe album?

I don’t remember about the other guys, but mine has already been explained in the (Un)Worthy section.

Michele/Nuclear Abominations rag., 2005-08-30 14:42

My offer to print the longsleeve shirts is still valid, I hope you didnt forget about it! My last email was sent several weeks ago, I hope things are better now… my full support to one of the best and most original Death Metal bands of all time!

FAQ | Germ Cell, 2005-09-04 05:09

Request: How about a nice, big high resolution picture of the Demilich’s written logo for the image section? Pretty please…

You can find one now in the image section in downloads.

L, 2005-09-05 05:03

Just read on the messages that you guys are gonna bury Demilich and star with a new band and i have a few questions:
Will the line-up change?
Will you still playing death metal?

I think that’s it, i would also like to know when the new band start, i live far away from Finland (Brazil) so it would be nice if you guys keep me upadted.
Thanks for the atention.

The line-up will most probably be exactly the same.
The style will be very much like Demilich, although sds may start composing the songs with me, which naturally affects the style.
If all comes out well, I will make sure you’ll hear about it, too, whether you live near or not.

Future | Adam Conrad, 2005-09-08 00:39

Demilich + Maryland = The Pinnacle of my existence on earth

Nice to hear. Still, before you all start selling your houses to get there, remember that all of this is plan-only until we actually have the tickets for the flights on our hands. Hopefully all will come out good.

Ralf / Mystical Music Fanzine / Germany, 2005-09-08 22:49


hey when do you finally reprint your Shirts? Do you make some new for the upcoming shows with DEMIGOD – if yes please inform me and also about the design!!!
Great that you still have the guts to kick some ass with times SUOMI FINLAND PERKELE DEATH METAL…

Horn’s up and feel free to check our zine:


I’d print shirts but I’m completely out of cash. I don’t know if I get them printed before the gig. If somebody wants to step in and finance the printing (naturally I’d give everything back + a free shirt), let me know.

Brandon Peters, 2005-09-09 15:46

If I were a millionare I would send money over to Antti for some shirt and a tour, but I am just a poor college kid….. sorry everyone…..

Nobody’s obliged to pay for the printing, so nobody needs to be sorry. Eventually, in a month or so, I will get the money for printing them.

Germ Cell, 2005-09-11 10:50

You already know that you’re going to sell out of the shirts anyway, so why not start collecting the payments now to speed up the inevitable? We’re already used to how slow you tend to operate anyway so not many people would care if you hang on to the cash for an extended period of time before we reveive the shirts anyway…

I don’t know where to print the shirts, so I don’t know how much it will cost, so I cannot decide about the price, yet. 15 euros (incl. p&p) should be on a safe side, though.

Legion, 2005-09-11 11:42


First off, I apologize for not reading through every page to find out whether or not my question was already posted…as far as the shirts are concerned, will there be longsleeves made eventually? I realize what you are saying when you talk of a “cash” shortage.


The long sleeves will be made, eventually.

Robin, 2005-09-13 20:04

Hope to see you guys down in Maryland with Engorged, Machetazo, Frightmare and Municipal Waste! MDF is shaping up to be a dream of a concert.

Irving, 2005-09-14 03:34

Hail, since we consider you to be a very likeable and reasonable people, we cordially ask you to join the #metal room at


Nobody talked to me when I was there. Obviously because I didn’t start talking, either.

William, 2005-09-14 22:19

We are Brazilian Death Metal band called Imperial Devastation! I would like to know more about you, how is the scene there in Filand?
How are the tour?


William & Imperial Devastation

The scene of Finland was a scene in 90’s. Nowadays, it’s merely bands.

We’ll have a gig or two in the States, but otherwise, we won’t do many gigs. It’s a time to die.

Random person who really should goto sleep…, 2005-09-16 11:36

I found your website on a whim, cause someone mentioned your name on a message board, and it was 4:00 and the drunks outside on the ground level still haven’t shut up!

Yeah, this is some awsome stuff you have!
I know you said someplace on the website that fans can’t dictate what you do, but all I have to say is keep going!

We’ll keep going, but with a different name. The band will cease to exist in the first half of 2006. Thanks anyway!

Eric, 2005-09-16 19:36

Hi guys!!! Really glad to hear from you again!!!!!! Please tell me, is your new LP out yet? Thanks!! Take care , ERIC

The LP will be out at the beginning of 2006.

Jose Hernandez, 2005-09-17 03:07

Hey guys I saw your recent news it sts
you guys are playing some u.s. shows I was wondering were and when you guys may play these
shows CAL. I hope. please give us more info if
poss. thank you very much big fan

Currently the tour includes one stop, which is Baltimore. Nothing else has been confirmed, but we’ll try to have a gig or two in TX and/or CA. If you have people that want to start arranging the details, let me know. Thanks.

chase, 2005-09-17 07:27

nice site!! would you like to exchange links?? my url is !

Makoto from Japan, 2005-09-19 05:06

I was really surprised when I found Demilich on Maryland death fest page! Your Nespithe album have been the one of my most favorite album over 10 years! Teally great bizarre and ultra heavy death metal only Demilich can play!!!

I’ll go to Maryland Death Fest with my friends’ band Butcher ABC. So I’m very looking forward to seeing your show!

We will so outdrink you there! Hopefully after the show, though.

Lord Ogre, 2005-09-20 20:11

Dear Mr. Moose:

Please be so kind at to send a barrage of words to moi. I got my artist dude in wait to start dishing out concepts for shirts, hello…this thing on? helllllooooooooooooooo…

Once again, and hopefully not forever, I promise I will mail you back soon!

Future | Txfan, 2005-09-29 04:05

Demilich rules, I heard rumours you will be here in Houston with Averse Sefira no less??? Am I dreaming? Let me know, man. That would be the show of the year! Thanks for Nespithe, it’s brilliant.

You’re dreaming, but the dream may come true. At this very moment there are diligent people working on getting us gigs around the USA. It’s all very close to happening.

L, 2005-10-03 19:52

Thank you for the sick music kalakukot!

Thanks. And for the ones lacking the ability to comprehend Finnish: He’s talking about fish cocks.

nanoman, 2005-10-04 14:27


Have you done something for the new band already or is Demilich consuming all of your time right now?

2 more questions – were you playing live often in 1990 – 1993 and what foreign countries did you visit in your tours.

I’ll start composing for the new band in November, and we’ll start practicing as that band in January or later. Demilich takes most of my time now, as it’s still not finished.

We didn’t play live that much in 90’s, and we only played one gig abroad – in Eskilstuna, Sweden. That was our last gig. We didn’t have and still don’t have the popularity in Finland, or outside the USA in general.

antonio caldera, 2005-10-04 18:39

que chingona esta la musica de demilich felicidades

Nekrofil, 2005-10-04 22:35

Is it possible to download your stuff over bittorrent? I don’t see any seeders.

The status page tells there are two seeders, and now I launched the third one. Let me know if you still cannot download.

Nekrofil, 2005-10-05 01:13

Now I see seeders , but downloading ain’t starting. 2 hours have passed and it still didn’t start. I checked my connection and software , so problem is probably with your upload.

Shit. The status page ( shows that people have managed to download it many times. I give up. I’ll get back to misunderstanding Spanish messages.

buzbo, 2005-10-05 20:14

You sign off as “agb”, the g stands for…?

That’s a dedication to my still living father.

Virulent Kalle, 2005-10-07 12:46

Kunnon setin veditte Turussa Antti! vokaalit olivat tosin hieman hiljaisella, mutta eip

Tack. Vokaalini tuntuu olevan vaikea nostaa pintaan, mataluudesta ja ehk

Virulent Kalle, 2005-10-08 14:17

haha kaipa t

basdorf, 2005-10-13 02:02

Has anyone got any Obscure Infinity or Crypt Of Kerebos recordings, if you have I would like copies.

I have some CoK stuff on cassettes. A very underrated band, in my opinion.

Cheimison, 2005-10-13 14:13

Hey, might we get some more albums? This stuff is awesome, but I can only listen to Nespithe so many times.

You’ll only get one new song and two songs that are previously unreleased. That’s all. No new albums. Demilich will be history in June 2006.

rizla, 2005-10-13 18:48

Cathedral on friday with Grand Magus, Entombed saturday (underworld)..

2005-10-27 19:53

Ei muuten sattumalta olis mit

Katsotaan. En en

Marc – DEPRESSION / SUFFER PROD., 2005-10-28 04:18

HELL-o Antti + DEMILICH!!!

It seems we cannot take time off of work for bigger tours, but it’s possible to have an extended weekend and do 2-3 shows if the cities aren’t too far away. Germany would be a good place to play, as it’s relatively close to any place in Europe. Let me know about the clubs and I’ll try to get something done!

Demilich, 2005-11-05 09:07

Demilich is my loved group on length of the whole lifes. I from russia and should like to have all that to pertain to my loved command. For me big happiness that leave the new creations Demilich. As possible their buy?


The demo based albums will come out in January or so. After that, we won’t release anything. Still, if you like us, I think you will like the band that we’ll continue doing things with. Thanks for the comment.

S.R. Prozak, 2005-11-08 07:11

Demilich is a treasure of the death metal underground, and a band that should be hailed by all who like complex and artistic heavy music.

That’s our small tribute. To really make it like Demilich, it should have been written in a hybrid between Chinese and Urdu with Norwegian proper nouns.


Dave, 2005-11-09 16:21

Wow. Weird seeing Demilich back playing again. I got into the band through tape trading circles in the early 90’s. That demo ‘The Four Instructive Tales…’ totally blew me away (still does) with it’s heavyness & brutality. Great stuff.

To the person who wants Obscure Infinity stuff. I have an original demo i can tape you & photocopy the cover if you want. Email me & let me know!

Hope to pick up some Demilich stuff soon. All the best.

Cheers. Tape trading was lots of fun back then. Fortunately we still have to rely on our physical bodies, as we cannot send them to play gigs via electricity.

rollgage, 2005-11-11 22:47

The quality of the bands back then puts most current bands to shame. Crypt Of Kerberos deserved alot more attention, as did most.

rollgage, 2005-11-11 22:59

Has anyone seen the rubbishnes of vinyl nowdays,
terrible. Just got Lucifers Children (electric wizard) of Rise Above, the vinyl is scratched when i recieved it and is crap quality with no depth to the sound,

tom biolich, 2005-11-12 00:48

marraskuu……….i wish we were playing a show together tonight… and drinking some…<3

Agreed. Most probably we’ll be able to do it in May, though.

opaque, 2005-11-12 02:21

Does your singer use a voicebox to g that low? Just wondering.

No effect were used to make the vocals sound lower or heavier. It’s all about the technique.

victor, 2005-11-14 23:49

Im hoping to go see you at the “Maryland Death Fest on May 2006”. I’m originally from Los Angeles…would be nice to see you here in l.a

Everything’s possible, and something like that is being arranged at the moment. We’ll see what will happen.

Nick Hebert, 2005-11-16 00:25

You guys got such an awesome tone, is that a Marshall JCM 800 I see you playing in those pics? And do you use any distortion or effect pedals?

Yes, Aki (right channel on Nespithe) uses a JCM 800. I’m using a shitty Yamaha amp. I’ve never even cared to check out its model.

My distortion pedal was Tokai Metaldriver, and I guess Aki’s was a Boss. Nothign fancy, but our tones were really different, and I want to maintain it in the future (whatever it holds).

rollgage, 2005-11-18 23:13

would anyone who has Demigod Slumber of sullen eyes be able to provide me with a copy..

Ben Anderson, 2005-11-22 21:32

You guys are the most amazing death metal band I’ve ever heard.

You should REALLY stay together and show the world how it’s done!


We’ll most probably stay together, but it won’t be under the name of Demilich anymore. I have lots of good reasons for that.

james, 2005-11-22 22:52

hello anti, i was wondering what you do these days, seeing as death metal doesn’t really make any money.

also, i thought you might be interested to know that the pathetic neo-nazi “infester” (whose comments you deleted, i believe) must go on to make his worthless opinions known to the public. of course it’s not the same as piercing his clitoris while screaming anti-[insert minority group] slogans, but it’s a good place to start, no?

I’ve been doing computer stuff as an entrepreneur, and currently I’m half of it and half of a record store employee. I seem to love the latter a lot more.

james 2, 2005-11-24 20:23

I think Boman has died, ill take over the vocal duties. Im better than him anyway.

Sorry, you won’t get rid of me that easily.

fred, 2005-11-26 22:21

Demilich mention: “They take the convoluted grind of their oft-name-dropped namesakes DEMILICH (themselves a band worth discovering, for all you young whippersnappers who think metal began in 1998) and expand it into uncharted, limitless terrain.”


james, 2005-11-28 21:27

whoa, how about a demilich tribute band composed entirely of people named james? i call lead guitar.

James Boman here, volunteering for drums.

james 3, 2005-11-29 19:01

Ill take drums

Sasse Nyman, 2005-11-29 21:26

Any gigs in Kuopio? Ever? Never saw you guys playing in the early 90

Hi, dear Mr. Nyman! We’ll play the last gig ever in Kuopio, and that’ll happen in the next summer, right after the U.S. gig(s). Also, I’ll release some videos here on the web pages later, when I have time and interest for it.

I’m guilty of missing your last gig in Kuopio, so we’re even now.

Dave Rotten [XTREEM MUSIC], 2005-11-30 13:32

Hey Antti,

I was wondering what happened with the idea of doing the DEMILICH demos on CD!! I hope you’ve not skipped that idea yet, hehe!! Let me know how is it going…

I’ve just released two CULT re-issues: REVENANT & MORPHEUS DESCENDS and next to come is the DEMIGOD album + demo next month!! I’ll also do the DEMILICH demos!!


Dave Rotten

All’s going as planned, although, as you all know, a bit delayed.

james 3,, 2005-12-01 13:09

thanks for the offer boman, ill keep it in mind.
ive got one of those one man band kits for you, take the band in a whole new direction.

timothy sheehan, 2005-12-02 05:12


i have made a demilich myspace group at:

also…i have posted some demilich tablature on my webpage at:

can you alert the people?

Jason, 2005-12-10 10:34

Bastards!! I dont know what to think. I loved Nespithe. I have posted on several forums that, Nespithe, is one of the top 4 most influencial death metal albums of all times.

Now I have spent a several collective hours of time, searching the internet trying to find out what happened to you guys. (I was very interested in what Mikko had going on, he fucking kicks ass, absolutely incredible drummer).

anyways I came across a website that had some of your posts saying Demilich might get together, you were going to print some t-shirts (which I want btw), and then Demilich will never be reformed.

And now here you are!!???? WTF??? I realize this is not “Demilich”, but you and Mikko are back together. I am stoked that you are writing again, but pissed because I have been left me hanging for so long.

Thanks for reading my post, I look forward to your new manifest


Thanks. You’re wrong about this not being Demilich, though, as it is. Not for long as you know. We had to die loud.

ilsa, 2005-12-17 01:37


you guys rock! oink oink!!
i cant wait till you are here!!!

Me neither! I’ll abduct your sister, but I haven’t decided what to do to you, yet. I’ll see if your mom has good ideas.

Raven, 2005-12-20 14:53

Fuckin’ “Harsh Ugly Undead Rotting Necromantic Dark Zombified Life-Drainer Death Metal”!!!! Really Great!!!!..:)))

SEP – Romania, 2005-12-21 00:22

You Kick Asses!!
I Know Nespithe for more then 10 years, but i’ve rediscover your band 2 years ago and i wrillie was surprise. This is the real music!
I hope you will not split the band again!!!

Cheers. Still, we will kill the band in June/July. It’s unavoidable. Fortunately for you, we’ll go on with another name, with similar style of music.

merry troll of good will, 2005-12-24 20:06

yeah!!, its christmas!!, I now get my underwear for the year, hope you all got plenty yourselves.

I got single malt whisky, two bottles. That’s my underwear, mate.

2005-12-27 11:33

Hi guys! Is it possible to get the bass tabs of “Nespithe”? Thank you for your answer! Keep crazy!

We will release them later on. Currently, I have only bass tabs for “The Echo” (song), but I haven’t double-checked them yet, so they are not downloadable. Just give us a… seven months.

Valery Poselsky (RUSSIA), 2005-12-29 08:55

Z, 2005-12-31 04:51

I didn’t hope for ur comeback, so even for a short one I’ m hugely glad! it would be great if u could do some dates in europe, belgium would be a nice choice for a show I think;) maybe u could change ur minds & come back for good? nevertheless thanxx a lot 4 everything u’ve done, your material has & will remain a constant source of strenght & inspiration.cant wait for the lp release! c u (hopefully),Z.

I’ll try to arrange some European dates, but it seems we may run out of time.

I’ve been constantly slapped about the idea of breaking up the band in June. It still holds. The only thing that could change it is that if the new song received lots of praise and love, a lot more than I could imagine.

happy troll of new year, 2006-01-01 02:35

happy hew year!!!!, yeah

wilhelm, 2006-01-04 17:47


“Nesphite” Cd is one killer death metal album…
glad to see you are back together… if only for a short time…

any u.s.a dates confirmed? perhaps a southern california show?

check out my web ‘zine at:

keep me posted of any news/updates on DEMILICH
and future projekts…

the slimy flying creatures reproduce in your brains!!!

in darkness,

wilhelm e

US dates will be confirmed soon, and it seems you’ll get a Southern California show, too. I’ll put out more info when all’s clear.

E. Neville Idsell, 2006-01-06 01:37

Hello, I am the CEO of the Coca-Cola corporation, and recently stumbled upon a few mp3s on your website, I listened and at first was shocked, then content as I realized the immeasurable amount of carbonated drinks one would have to drink in order to achieve Demilich’s level of burpage. Mr. Antti Boman, would you be interested in a business propsal? Much like Opeth has an official brand of jeans, I was hoping that Demilich could have an official soft drink. That soft drink in question is Sprite. You see, Sprite causes intense pressure, due to carbonation and this nifty sugar substitute called high fructose corn syrup, in the stomach and intestines of those who drink it, thus allowing children all over countries like England, Israel, and the United States to mimic your vocals while at Tae Kwon Dow (sp?) and Sunday School.

If you accept this proposal, please tell me of a place where I can drop off five hundred U.S. dollars and a Sprite in a brown paper bag every week in exchange for you to promote the Sprite soft drink at your next show.

The terms are this: One Antti Boman has to drink five sprites onstage his next show, and replace a word or two in a song with Sprite.

I look forward to your response. This is not just for the Coca-Cola Corporation, but children everywhere!

E. Neville Idsell
CEO of the Coca-Cola Corporation

“When Sprite drank the weight of that cola of the other company”

Btw, like Beckham and my heroine forever, Beyonce, I’m a Pepsi person. Fuck the children of the world.

james, 2006-01-07 01:31

any chance the new shirts will be printed with the next few years? i’ll buy one for me, and one for my grandmother for her birthday.

You and your grandmother will most probably get shirts in a month. Unless we run out of them too quickly when they are ready. Btw, there will be an US “tour” shirt when we get there. If you’re there.

james, 2006-01-10 05:12

if you play in new york, you bet your ass i’ll be there. perhaps you could play at my school? they might have to carry out a few emo kids in bodybags…

rollgage, 2006-01-12 10:44

Did Arcane get back to you…

No, as I forgot to get in touch with them. I guess I should have. I guess I still will. Thanks for reminding me.

Abysmal Lord, 2006-01-16 03:51

Seems like you forget your friends, Mr. Boman…

No, I don’t forget my friends, I just have too much to do which leads to postponing everything and all the time. Check out the message below, for example. I’ll get back to you asap.

Depravity, 2006-01-18 14:23

angry, 2006-01-30 13:28

were is this demigod reissue with the demos,
xtreem siesta more like

Demilich 2005 releases got swallowed by Finnish siesta.

angrier, 2006-02-01 02:45

its too cold there for siestas, i have heard of the (unsavory) saunas, but i wouldnt trust to siesta in one, unless i was very drunk.

Do you think we go to saunas when sober? Oh, come on.

Johan, 2006-02-01 03:13

Hi Antti & Co!

Did you record the stuff in december or?
Is it to late to send you the pictures from Eskilstuna? (I’m really sorry but I have forgot!)

I’m also wondering if you want to come over to Sweden for 2 gigs with Crypt Of Kerberos and my oldschool deathband Interment? Email me so we can make this happen, the swedes must see Demilich before you leave earth again!! 😉

Alright, take care & kippiis!!

Hi Johan. No, we haven’t recorded anything yet, but the date’s set already. We’ll go to studio in February 24-26, and the albums will be released as soon as possible after that. You can still send the pictures, dude!

I’ll email you about the gigs in a couple of days. People have grown to know what my two days usually mean, but I’ll still try to make it weeks, not years.


trollgage, 2006-02-01 15:24

do crypt of kerberos have a like to find out whats going on.

No idea. The band’s returning, though.

DEMILICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 2006-02-01 20:57


I got “Nespithe” back in ’94 and that is SUPERIOR Deathmetal. I wish you guys would come back full time! Your debut album is a fucking classick, I cant believe you guys are playing this Maryland fest! I thought Demilich was gone for good. Come to Texas!! If Demilich plays dallas Texas the whole fuckin club will be packed man we love Demilich down here!!!!!

RAPED EMBALMED BEAUTY SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks. We won’t come to Dallas, but if all goes as planned, we can be seen in Houston and Austin. And a couple of other places around the States. More info in a month. In the meantime, start saving for the gasoline that gets you to either of those cities.

Actumen, 2006-02-02 03:35

First I’d like to say that I really enjoy your music. Very unique, and fun to listen to.

I was just wondering how you (Antti) pull off those vocals? They’re very… Interesting, and any attempt I’ve made to emulate them fails miserably. I understand if you decide I’m unowrthy to know, though.

Second, if/when shirts are available, how much would they cost? I didn’t see a price anyplace…

Thanks. Unfortunately I’ve already given the secret out in this message board and some interviews, so try finding it and claim your worthiness that way.

The shirts will be printed soon. Thanks to Danielle, who kind of does everything I get done these days. Apart from the music itself. The shirts will cost around 15 euros, p&p included.

Wraith, 2006-02-03 10:25

Since you guys are splitting and reforming under a new name, what will the name be?

(Still unnamed)

endtime, 2006-02-04 02:15

getting popular now boman, you will have a video out next

Nope, we will just be out next.

PUREDEATH, 2006-02-06 18:28

One thing about Demilich that makes them such a unique band is the atonal dissonant guitar riffs. When I first heard Nespithe, the riffage is what struck a huge chord with me and has kept me hooked on the album after all these years. The production is very brutal and raw yet still clear and audible. When will the new Demilich CD be released? I am very anxious to hear that new song and any other demo material the band has. If Demiich reforms under a new name, I wish you guys all the best and will check out anything you guys release.

Cheers. The albums will be released this spring, as we’ll be recording the material for them in three weeks.

tom (biolich), 2006-02-08 03:35

i think “still unnamed” is a great band title…no really…honest

Dear friend, our bandtitlistic views may differ a bit, after all.

ylside, 2006-02-09 16:52

Hi, it’s the Dude from Morocco again.
It’s so easy to say that vocals aren’t processed. Well, we can’t check ! ( No insinuation here )

Whatever, you need 20 months for a video ? Like, I could not even find it in p2p programs.

Good mastication. bye. I really would like you al lto continue, but, you know, you will loose several kvlt points. Think about that fact. They will not bring you extra-money, but kvlt points will increase your overall kvltness, obviously.

B(oman)ye. (I made a joke)

About the vocals: You can live in the world where my vocals are processed. I have no need to keep on convincing anyone. I don’t care.

About the video: I don’t remember what video you’re talking about, but good that you can get it in p2p programs. I don’t care.

About kvltness: Do I really care?

I’m out of jokes and caring.

Erecshyrinol, 2006-02-09 17:54

No lyrics here.

ylside, 2006-02-09 19:42

oh that’s good then. Just a question, because I managed to get similar vox somehow, do you inhale air ?

I exhale only. The air is full of germs.

shadows, 2006-02-12 13:44

– 25 and no shirts

– 32 and no life.

br00tal, 2006-02-16 03:43


I was very bummed that I missed MDF this year, where you guys jsut happen to be playing.

Nespithe is undeniably extreme [in the greatest way].

If you happen to play out in San Francisco, California then hit me up.

It’d be some sick shit.

[[The old shirt design is sweet. Any chance of acquiring one?]

We may end up playing fairly close to SF.

And I think there’s no chance to get the old shirt design. Apart from 20 shirts with the front print only. Most of those will be freebies, though.

Down Under Lad Somewhere 60 degrees North, 2006-02-20 21:16

Hey Antti,

Will you be playing any gigs in Sweden or Finland anytime before or after your tour to the states, or at least before July when I go back to Australia. I missed the gig back in September because of exams, and I simply must see you guys live before I go home, or as Johan said, before Demilich leaves earth. I haven’t been on here for a while and if I had known, I would have gone to Eskilstuna.

Good luck with recording


If everything goes as planned, we will play the last gig here in Kuopio in June. And we may have a gig or two around Finland on April. Plus the Lpr gig in two weeks.

Luck is for those not talented. For us, that is.

Down Under Lad Somewhere 60 degrees North, 2006-02-20 21:22

I overlooked that you have a gig in Lappeenranta which I would love to go to, only I have a friggin Archaology exam in Uppsala that day, maybe the good people at Blue1 have a cheap flight for me that day; that way I might just make it in time!

Good luck with the journey. Currently we don’t have any major deals with Blue1, so I cannot help you out.

b3lph3g0r, 2006-02-22 07:00

one of my acquaintances was unfortunately denied his entitlement to pre-ordering a shirt…

in a nutshell…


I wouldn’t want to disgrace ur band by custom-making a retarded Impaled Northern Moonforest-looking rendition out of neccesity :p

I’ll start taking pre-orders, soon. And if you want to start up a great business, I’m willing to license the logo for hand painted shirts.

Arctic Sun, 2006-02-27 05:38

Have you decided whether or not you’ll employ the (in)famous vocal technique from Nespithe in post-Demilich recordings? Or, better yet, do you intend to do any vocals at all in future recordings after you guys finally hoist the name Demilich into the woodchipper?

I’m pretty sure I will be one of the singers in the future project. Whether it’s “lead” or “some” remains to be seen.

tom, 2006-03-15 04:30

we got the dates for the assuming youve been updated by someone?
let me know…

I’ve been updated, and there’s more about it in the forum. As you know by now.

L, 2006-03-16 23:57

I thought the band has died. A few days ago a dude sent me the banner for Maryland Death Metal Fest and saw Demilich in the cast. I was like ” what’s going on?”. You guys told me the band was about to come to an end, and that you would not release anything and were doing the last gigs. Now i see you guys are about to record some more material and are still hitting the stages. What i want to know is: are you guys really going to disband? That would be great if you guys didn’t do so. Another question: the new records will be available for download?
That’s it, sorry for bothering you guys with a message this big. Thanks.

We have recorded three songs for the upcoming CD and LP, which mostly consist of the old demos. We’ll do the US tour. But then, we’re gone, and we may come back with a new name and with a style variation. Or then we won’t.

The records will eventually be downloadable, if the labels allow it. I’ll have to respect their opinion here.

2006-03-21 14:35

“32 and no life.”

politics maybe? you could manage to commission the building of a mass human-only extermination device. that would surely please you. and me.

could you possibly manage a gig in germany(south-western, in heidelberg, specifically at the schwimmbad club ;))?

Mass-extremination is so 90’s.

We’ll come to play anywhere if somebody pays. We’re simply whores.

Manas, 2006-03-21 14:40

ah, also this: is the “v34ish6ng 0f emptiness” cd out yet? and if so, where can i get it?

The CD is not out, yet. It will be out eventually.

32 and cremated, 2006-03-21 18:48

life ends when you pass 30. The machine can take those whos hair is falling out, and growing more in strange places.
That would unfortunateley mean Boman and Demilich would be in line for termination, save us young virile types having to pay for thier cod liver oil capsules, bibs, etc.
Dont commission Bowman to bulid the machine, you would end up with a gas oven wih the door open. Most he can manage with helping the other band members with their blood transfusions..thats what happens when you drink 3 bottles of single malt whiskey a day.

I caress my single malt whiskeys and enjoy them little by little.

Dani, 2006-03-22 02:19

Nah, he could manage a great one, it would just take 10 years to get it 😉

inverted, 2006-03-22 18:57

End up with a hammer an a plastic sheet.

yob, 2006-03-24 20:30

Please, you must come to the midwest! I’m sure you wont come to Minnesota, but I’m willing to drive to Chicago.

Our schedule and the fact that we’ll be travelling with vans couldn’t allow us to do a gig in Chigago this time. And there won’t be a next time. Try New York or MA.

troll, 2006-03-27 07:48

It seems to me that Demilich discriminates against trolls. There are no trolls in the band. I have not seen a single image of a troll among the Finns pictured enjoying and/or within the Demilich product. A quick search of the annual report reveals the presence of no trolls. Furthermore, this website is clearly not designed with troll access in mind. Are these accusations of discrimination true?

Totally true. Sue me there.

Nick Hebert, 2006-03-28 04:29

Good luck on the tour dates in the states. It is also kinda sad to hear that your breaking up again.

But what I was really wondering if, you every heard about the sounds of hell. It was a story I just heard about that there was a dig in Finland. They said that when trying to check for plate techtonics that they heard voices instead.

I hear voices all the time.

Mark, 2006-03-31 13:27

Hawaii’s a total underground venue to play!! You should come out here on vaction.

Vacation or play? Please, decide.

ilsa, 2006-04-12 04:56

Hey unkll you will be here in a mounth i’ll try not to let lizz kill you.

Ilsa, it’s great to know you’ll be the angel that will save me from the wrath of Lizz.

the16th6toothson/Adam, 2006-04-14 14:10

i promise to not offend with an odor at Maryland, and then i shall *perhaps* aquire what i desire. …that spot away from the others where i can fully enjoy DEMILICH as only i possibly can!

I’ve planned on making you the E string of my guitar. Now, that’s a great spot.

br00tal, 2006-04-20 02:50

Me again, here to bother you about T-shirt designs, once more.

I know you said there would be no chance of attaining an original design of the front/back print shirts.

However, I didn’t know if you’d be interested in releasing the design itself for personal distro printing.

The man over at [Hangar 19] may be inclined to print up a batch for his customers if I inquire.

Get back to me.


Thanks for the tip, but the shirt designs won’t be given out. It’s simply about protecting the rareness of them. And about me being an asshole.

b3lph3g0r, 2006-04-25 21:53

hi again,

i’ve just found out that i’ll probably defile Baltimore with my presence at your gig, and if i don’t get a shirt, i’ll throw random bloody body parts at you.

can you make the names of the 400 shirt applicants public, so i can hunt them down, one by one, until there’s only a hundred left?

can i pay more for one? how about an auction?

i’d offer other commodities, but i’ve already sold a kidney for a copy of nespithe.

Random bloody parts is good for your skin.

Sorry, I won’t publish the names of the 597 applicants. You always have the option to travel around the world and find those who got a shirt. And there are ways to get shirts from them.

It was me who got your kidney. Hasn’t really worked as well as I hoped.

br00tal, 2006-05-08 17:39

haha well played.

I didn’t get it.

retribution against protozoa, 2006-05-15 00:50

Hey Antti,

Dont know if you even check your email so, I’d figure I’d check in here. Pat and JP from Hellwitch are going to the Austin show and very likely I’ll be there too with them. Hope work doesnt interfere. In any case, get back to me if there is a chance.
Bring some suntan lotion, Texas sun doesnt tend to caress Fin hide too lightly.

Hi dude,

I check my email daily, and I seem to reply to it once a year. I’ll get back to you before we leave. Great to see you in Austin!


retribution against protozoa, 2006-05-15 00:53

Hey Antti,

Dont know if you even check your email so, I’d

By the way, Davao City in the Philippines has a bad reputation in the traders circle. Dont spend any money in postage.

Anupam Roy, 2006-05-17 10:10


Dont know whether this has been asked already, but any clue as to when PayPal paid shirts will be shipped out?

All shirts should be shipped out now.

Dani, 2006-05-17 14:56

All of the paid shirts have been shipped as of today (May 17th)


Right on brother! …sister, I mean.

2006-05-18 04:41

I know its too late but I wanted to ask why the US tour did not include at least one show in the south-east. Was it because their was not enough demand or what. Since the closet show is in Batimore which is way to far to travel even though I would easily give organs and limbs to see Demilich.

We traveled 16,000 miles and didn’t complain. Much. The schedule was tight, that’s why we had to skip certain areas.


Actumen, 2006-05-19 06:00

Normally I wouldn’t pester you about this, but I just wanna make sure I don’t miss out on that sweet shirt I ordered.

When I ordered my shirt, I had to order via my father’s email because I don’t have a credit card… I just wanted to double check, I’ll still get my shirt, right? I was hoping you weren’t screening e-mail adresses due to the “Do not send this link around.” rule.

Also, when will my father be billed for the shirt/when will they be mailed? I looked around, but didn’t see any dates.

Thanks a lot!

Actumen, 2006-05-19 06:06

Ur, that was a message I sent to Antti about a week ago… But apparently it was too late. I was never billed for my t-shirt, even though they’ve been sent out now.

Does this mean that I’m just down on my luck, that I’ll have to fight for a leftover t-shirt (Which is impossible since I’ll be out of town most likely), or will I get a chance to get the unpayed for t-shirt?

If you reserved it from the page I gave, one should have been reserved for you. I’ll check it out.

Henri, 2006-05-20 22:27

Hmm… mulle ei tullu kyll

Paska homma. Ilmeisesti s

Actumen, 2006-05-21 03:36

My father checked his paypal again, and it says that no one ever billed him for the shirt. (I entered my father’s email instead of my own this time)

Kevin, 2006-05-29 06:19

I wish you guys would do a bit more touring before splitting up….

I’m missing MD Deathfest and…its really frustrating if you split up after I can’t go to my only chance ever so see you play 🙁

The last chance will be here in Kuopio, Finland, on July 22. After that you won’t be seeing us. Hopefully the new band works for you all, though.


fernando, 2006-05-30 04:38

saludos a los chicos de Demilich excelente death metal from Suomi.

Rob, 2006-05-30 07:27

Antti and Demilich,

Infinite thanks are in order for your euphoric [and quite surreal] destruction of my eardrums at MDF IV. I’m honored to have had a chance to witness such spectacles.

Also, thank you for taking the time out to speak with me and listen to my nonsequitous ramblings and stories of how Demilich has affected my life and the way I percieve this music.

I’m looking forward to hearing these new recordings you spoke of, and wish you guys the best of luck with all future endeavors.

I never could find your merchandise table. I asked around, and no one seemed to know where it was. Are there going to be shirts still available here in the next few weeks? And if so, would it be possible to also include with payment the booklet for Nespithe for a few signatures?

In any case, thank you, and good luck.

Cheers. There may be a couple of shirts left for sale, get in touch if you’re interested. Unfortunately I don’t collect the payments, but if you send me the booklet, we can sign it and send it back to you.


Livio, 2006-06-03 21:52

Hey there

First, a long time i was thinking that your Band split up. A few weeks ago i found this site. So, good to know that this was not the truth about quiting with the band, hehe. Hope the new record comes soon.

But now i write you because i have a little Problem with your new Merch. Fact is, me and a friend (called J

Get in touch with me if you still have a problem with this one.

Abysmal Lord, 2006-06-04 23:15

Demilich is still on tour in the US and wont be back to Finland for at least another 2.5 weeks. You’ll have to wait until then probably or a little bit more

2006-06-04 23:18

Here are some photos of Demilich live in Austin, Texas.

Wrath, 2006-06-08 07:46

Greetings- here’s some photos of the Tx shows: (video too)

and the review:
(IQs of 120 and over are required to read it)

Wrath, 2006-06-13 00:41

Houston photos (and a lot of them) are here:


Wrath, 2006-06-13 00:45

…or just go to and look at the “concert photos” section!

aadf306, 2006-06-16 23:24

You were excellent at the LA show. If only the set had been longer…

Fortunately you weren’t in Allston.

Dani, 2006-06-20 06:42

This was easily the “most funnest” 3 weeks ever! I’m so gonna miss you guys!!
but not ’till after I sleep 😉

I’m still tired.

2006-06-22 00:36

Hey, hey ANT-ee, ANT-ee!

(just thought you’d miss that since you got home).

I still hear it in my head frequently. I suppose it will haunt me forever.

Anal Christ, 2006-06-22 05:00

The Demilich shows in Texas reminded me of why I believe in underground metal and have for many years. Our physical bodies are mere containers; experience of the spirit is art, philosophy, war and apparently Finnish technical death metal.

2006-06-22 05:51

A few more photos (Austin/Houston):

Thanks to Antti and the rest of the band for the great times. It was worth the journey 1000 times over; I hope you felt the same way.

The trip was great, and I miss the stage already. Thanks to everyone, especially Dani, for making it happen.

DeeEmm1, 2006-06-27 08:02

Hey guys, you guys were awesome here in LA. I loved every single minute of it. You guys’ set reminded me why I listen to metal and you guys’ music every day.

I still haven’t gotten that cheap camera developed though, but I’ll post those pics soon!

Also, cheers for recognizing me in my shirt Dani 😛

Haven’t seen the pics. Any news about them?

louis, 2006-06-28 16:28

moin leute!
ich muss echt mal sagen ….ihr seit der hamma….
ich h

Deinonychius, 2006-07-01 13:33

Paras suomalainen death metal -b

Kiitoksia. Eip

2006-07-03 15:02

Do you have any future plans on coming to Canada? It kind of makes me jealous that certain parts of North America (such as the US) get all the best reunion shows and us Canadians are seldomly included. I know you probably think you don’t have much of a fanbase here. But trust me, you guys have made a name for yourselves here. Well, in Toronto anyways. Cheers from the Great White North.

Unfortunately, I’ve made the decision to end the band, so we won’t be touring Canada, ever. Hopefully our continuation band (still unnamed) gets there some day. We’ll play Demilich covers if it happens.

Nick, 2006-07-05 22:05

Yeah im from saskatchewan, Canada and I am a fan as well.

Albert, 2006-07-06 15:59

how big is this Henry’s Pub place, considering you can’t buy tickets? (i tried visiting their website but it was all in finnish heh) me and a few friends are thinking about coming all the way from Stockholm and it would be a shame if we can’t get in because the place is full when we arrive, lol ;S

Henry’s pub can take in something like 250 people. If you come there after the bigger part of it opens up (at 9 PM), you won’t have troubles fitting in. I suppose you won’t have problems after that, either, but still, if you come in early enough, you’ll get in for sure. People tend to come there five minutes before the showtime, which is always 10 PM.

Anupam Roy, 2006-07-06 20:04

ARGH! My shirt has still not arrived!

Damned postal service!

Sit back, relax, and cross your fingers, it may take longer to get there.

Peter, 2006-07-06 20:43


is there any news regarding the “v34ish6ng 0f emptiness” CD or the “em9t2ness of van2s1ing” LP ?
Especially about a possible release date ?

Best Regards,

No news, yet, but they will be released eventually.

Anupam Roy, 2006-07-07 06:09

Sweet! I am obviously hoping, that but doesnt help the frustration! Thanks anyway!

One of the shirts got to Finland yesterday, so as I said, no worries. Yet.

AIDS patient, 2006-07-10 00:27

I tried to get into Finland for the last show and they told me I couldn’t come into the country because I’m a fag. So I asked them to help Demilich do a show in England, where anti-fag discrimination is a thing of the distant past… so far gone it can’t even sneak you up and prod you in the behind.

It wasn’t my unkle I felt up my ass last night?

Fafyrinol, 2006-07-11 23:51

On se ik

Kiitokset, ja pahoittelut ik

tomppa, 2006-07-12 04:51

nice to fuckin write back something at all you fake ass bitch..good break up. who wants to listen to you anyway?

Tom, you son of a bitch!

Ali_Pali, 2006-07-13 23:49

Varmaan parasta death metallia mit

Tack. P

Legioonalainen, 2006-07-22 18:36

Saasta kun ei ik

Aina voi v

LOL AIDS LOL, 2006-07-23 14:57

Onnellinen olen ett

Kiitoksia osallistumisesta. Kohta tullaan esiin uusilla jutuilla.

Roger, 2006-07-24 12:20

Thanks to Antti and all others for the amazing gig at Henry`s, it will be one of those things I`ll someday tell my grandkids rokking back and forth in my chair. Seriously it was well worth the short but intense trip, my only regret is that I missed out on eating kalakukko at the legendary Kuopion tori. Well maybe I`ll manage it on my next visit wich will happen someday for sure. Cant`t wait to hear what your mind produces in the future, take care man.

Cheers, old man! Was a pleasure hanging around with you again.

Dani, 2006-07-25 17:46


I still have a few shirts left to sell.
Anyone interested in getting a shirt should email me at

Paypal or IBAN is accepted.
Shirts are 17.00usd in the states, and 21.00usd in Europe and other places to cover shipping.

Of the shirts printed in MAY, there is:
1 Small, and 3 Medium shirts left. The image is on the merch page here.

Of the shirts made for the US Tour, there is:
10 Small, 10 Large, 3 XL
The design on the front is the combination of the logo and monster, with the spine on the back. (no image on the merch page, but email me if you want a pic)

There are also a few left of a *special promo shirt given out by the band, that is one sided only, with the logo and monster in the front.
Of these, I have : 2 Medium, 3 Large, 4 XL

Because of the very small amount of shirts left, these will be sold to the people who PAID FIRST . I can’t wait for weeks to get a Money Order that never comes.
Also, unless you ask for / pay extra for a faster shipping method, ALL the shirts will be shipped economy, The post office says allow about 6 weeks(most were quicker) to Europe and other continents. Everyone who posted earlier about late shirts, has them now. Patience! 🙂

Last chance to get these. NO more will be printed.

This is not a scam, just to let you all know.


NRWDM – Jens, 2006-08-20 13:55

I got a Demilich shirt some years ago . Here are the pics . When was it printed and is it the first Demilich shirt ever ???

It’s one of the shirts Necropolis printed in 1993, so it’s from the first batch of Demilich shirts ever. Notice the fucked up backside.

9474n45, 2006-08-26 01:46

saludos bastardos, que chido que estan tocando otra ves, chida banda, saludos desde M

Gracias y cojones como melones.

Abysmal Lord, 2006-08-28 22:50

Venom live in San Francisco 27 Aug 2006


only about 8 pics. The crowd only went like about 200 people, there were a lot of them upfront. No merch avail, they are putting out to go to the band’s site and buy it there. The US tour is only 10 dates.

set list (by memory)

Black Metal
Welcome To Hell
At War with Satan/Resurrection
Countess Bathory
In Nomine Sathanas
Metal Black
7 Gates of Hell
Witching Hour

plus one or 2 more I forgot.

ylside, 2006-08-30 13:03

I don’t know if you check your email recently, anyway, there’s a mail from me, please read it. and sorry for the stupid grammar mistakes, was in a hurry.

Replied. And I love mistakes.

tom, 2006-09-02 21:21
type in biolich and see some videos with demilich in them..

Or rather, don’t.

ylside, 2006-09-05 16:08

Uninspired questions, isn’t it ? Anyway I just thought notifying you in case you forgot or something.

Patience, please.

Abysmal Lord, 2006-09-20 05:19

recent interview I conducted with Doyle Bright (ex Rigor Mortis vocalist in the “Freaks” ep and “Rigor Mortis vs the Earth”.

trollgage, 2006-09-23 16:04
Money for old rope..

$52 only?

purveyor of bad jokes, 2006-10-08 16:00

Where do fish go on holiday?

To Disney Land. I read about it somewhere.

2006-10-15 23:27

I was wondering if your Nespithe album is still officially in print? If so, can it be found easily or are only select distros/stores carrying it? Or is it out of print and only bootlegs of the album are being printed?

It’s not in print, but some places may have it in their stock. Just keep on looking for it.

Akshat, 2006-10-31 11:12

got my tee today..looks killer n thanx

So, the shirts still keep arriving.

Anupam Roy, 2006-11-01 06:44


My friend in India, in the same city just recieved his tee which he’d ordered in August, and I’ve yet to recieve mine!!!! I ordered in May! Please let me know what to do, it’s very irritating waiting for so long for a t-shirt!


Sorry to hear. Please ask the forum, as I didn’t send them at all.

concerned party, 2006-11-01 17:46

Mr Boman is still recovering In Hospital after the arduous tour of the states.
I heard they are still searching for a liver, I dont hold out much hope of Finnish healthcare finding a suitable replacement.

I chose a different kind of method. I’m currently trying to drink so much that the liver atrophy kind of reverses itself. I’ve read somewhere that it might work, but I just can’t remember where, or what, or with whom, or when.

miguel, 2006-11-06 22:04


Quattro stagioni. No, that was Italian.

kuopio oldschool type (drunk), 2006-11-14 04:52


Damn you drunken Finnish bastards. Fortunately I’m not one of you.

SkumBag, 2006-11-26 01:47

Can I buy NESPITHE somewhere ?? Does somebody know? I want this freakin CD if theres any possibilty!

I have no idea, but I checked out at the work and it’s out of print. Some places may have a few copies left, just dunno who.

IT, 2006-11-29 17:56

Is there more t-shirts coming aroud? Or nothing more?

I think there will be. Add your email to the shirt list on the Merch page.

trollgage, 2006-11-30 05:56

$52 only?

Thats right, you cheap bastards.

Messiah Paratroops, they were very underrated, in my expert opinion.
The only great band to come out of Kuopio…ever.

Parasite Hilton, 2006-12-01 15:27

So, what’s up with the new project(s)? Any news, line-ups, rehearsals, demos? Anything?
(yes, I lack patience:))

New project 1: All Demilich members, nothing has happened, yet.

New Project 2: Three Demilich members + drummer of Deathchain: About three songs done, a live gig (with a couple of Demilich covers) to come in Q1 2006 or so. No demos, and won’t publish the rehearsal tapes now.

Thanks for lacking the patience.

mark, 2006-12-03 08:22

Have studio recordings been finished for the upcoming lp-cd release?
If so, when will xtreem music be pulling their thumbs out of their arses and pressing it.

Studio’s done ages ago, and something should happen soon. It’s only our (read: my) fault that nothing has happened, so Xtreem may still enjoy their thumbs in their asses, with no guilt.

Finnish Sickness, 2006-12-04 21:53

DEMILICH You guys are fucking Gods. I have always loved the Nespithe CD and I think to this day it is the greatest Scandanavian Deathmetal album ever. I would like to buy your Best of CD with the bonus unreleased material but I cannot find it anywhere. I hope you guys press some more CDs!


Cheers. The only CDs we’re able to press are the upcoming compilations. Apart from that, the license holders do whatever they want to, and I’m really not interested in their deeds.

Ulrich, 2006-12-05 19:31

today my replacement shirt arrived – the initial one got stolen by some postal bastard.
Different design and a bit tight but I am glad enough. 😉

Have fun rehearsing!

Great to hear it worked out eventually. Still one more victim to be rescued.

Im with stupid, 2006-12-17 16:54

People who give you no time, are not worth giving time to.

Agreed. So what are you still doing here?

Glibert V., 2006-12-23 16:42

Dear! deather

+HEROIN+, 2007-01-02 16:51


I have to say we didn’t. You should have seen the gigs at Houston and New York. Still, nice to hear it worked out there, too!

2007-01-29 15:09

In the future I see, you wake up in the morning, pour yourself a shot of whisky, check your emails, compile your FreeBSD base system, and go outside into the wilderness around you to kill something to eat for breakfast.

Way too far-fetched. I use Linux.

trollgage, 2007-02-04 03:12

Where the hell is my Robbie cd??, bastard.
Still, you deserve credit for fixing things.
Did you listen to my xysma item before it got to me?, seemed like it had been handled by some unhygienic person.

Unfortunately we ran out of Robbie CDs temporarily, and for good. And no, I didn’t listen to the Xysma CD, I masturbated on it.

HEikkiS, 2007-02-14 15:03


Ei vaan kiitos sulle.

Hussein Sherazi, 2007-02-15 23:01

Antti, you used to post (seldomly) on the Raging Metal board ( Wish you still would. Sounds cliched, but you have many fans there. Wish you all the best with your future pursuits. I’m listening to The Echo as we speak.

I don’t really wander around the forums anymore. I check them occasionally, though, you may be able to see me there in the future.

trollgage, 2007-02-18 19:30

I didnt realise you found men from Turku so attractive, Janitor mabye if you were drunk enough.

Well, I have a single your associates sent me (for some unknown reason) by Matti ja Teppo from Turku,
I can send you that if you start to miss my xysma cd.
Damn suitable for you me thinks..good thing about it is that you have an excellent record to add to your collection, plus a backup for those lonely nights.
Just let me know when you want it.

Janitor, what a tight ass he has. Umm! Matti & Teppo is just the right kind of music for you.

FAQ | 2007-02-26 15:32

Technically, when a band signs a contract with a label, everything they record is copyrighted by the label and thus they’re the rightful owners of it. So how have you managed to avoid getting sued by Necropolis all these years? Also, how many reissues of “Nespithe” are there?

I know. I’ve never claimed these are legal files on my site. Then again, the deal that we signed obliged them to pay us money from the profits, and we haven’t received any, so I consider the deal broken.

I don’t know about the reissues. I suspect there are two, the 96 version and the Century Media version released two-thousand-something.

2007-03-05 19:17

Do you consider the Century Media reissue of “Nespithe” to be official or a bootleg?

All the versions are official, whether I like it or not.

Roman, 2007-03-30 08:25

Hello! Thanks for your music, it’s really unique and for laying it out finally in .flac format. Though i have one little thing to ask you about: could you please lay out somewhere md5 checksums of .flac files? I ask because internet i have is very unstable and generally shitty and i am way too paranoid about downloading unarchived files 😉 Thanks

I’ll try to remember to put them online.

juhnus, 2007-03-31 03:44

Tervehdys, onko paitoja saatavilla tai tuleeko niit

Muutama paita saattaisi olla tarjolla, ja tarkoitus on tehd

englantilainen mies, 2007-04-01 16:09

Ill sell you mine, its an American size large.
Which means pro wrestler size.

Pro hamburger wrestler

2007-04-02 10:26

‘Welcome to Kuopio’

Yeah, that’s how we pass our time round here.

FAQ | Cynthia Katherina Pedroza, 2007-05-05 04:49

Unofficial Demilich Myspace being run by United States resident. There needs to be An Official Demilich Myspace sight. Message from Los Angeles California. is enough for me. Of course the other one sucks, as people think they are talking to us, but then again, it’s not a huge problem. MySpace stinks, anyway.

2007-05-07 21:56

Thats what happens when you get a hard on in the sauna.

Ever tried waking in the sauna?

2007-05-19 13:25

I stole this guitar from a drunk foreigner last year after a gig, cant remember his name… some Humpa dude..
Anyway, check it out!

kristus oma kulta, 2007-05-19 15:36

Terve Antti, whats the story with Messiah Paratroops? their material is impossible to come by, damn shame.

(Im still waiting for my record shop discount card btw, thought I would just remind you)

Messiah Paratroops used to practice right next to us in early 90’s. We also had gigs together. I still know the guys well, and if your obsession is to get their demos, let me know.

TrocK, 2007-05-28 11:26

Muistatko viel

Muistan kyll

misericord, 2007-06-21 12:13

I just discovered you guys today. What have I been missing!!!!! Demilich will be an unavoidable influence in my band minion for years to come. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

if interested….

support the strange metal

Thanks. I will check that out.

Ulrich, 2007-06-26 12:18

How is business going in the finnish woods?
Is it safe to say that the release of certain lps and cds has been delayed…? 😉

Cheers, hope to hold the legacy in my hands this year (or another – hah)!

I’m pretty sure this year will be the year you’ll hold them. If you’re able to get the LP, of course.

Henu, 2007-07-03 22:35

Paitoja olis mukava saada.. onko tietoo millon olis saatavilla seuraavan kerran? Kun on t

Paitoja painetaan viimeist

shasta, 2007-07-18 19:45

where are v34ish6ng 0f emptiness and em9t2ness of van2s1ing?

They’ll come out this year.

jman, 2007-07-20 22:09

You say “If you’re able to get the LP, of course.” How will that be sold? Exclusively on this site? And will the cd be in stores or an online only type thing? I just don’t want to be caught off guard, gotta have these

The CD will be easy to get, but I just haven’t decided about the way to sell the vinyl version. I’ll have to talk about it with the ones publishing it first.

Asse, 2007-08-01 19:08

I will start this message with an apology: I know you may have answered this previously and that it’s very dull to keep diggin’ in a boring past with rip-off record labels, but I really NEED to get these questions answered as I can only find contradictory information surfing different metal sites…

1. Did No Fashion Records ever release any copies of the record as stated on BNR Metal Pages and if so, is they considered to be first-pressing? BTW…what went wrong with the whole No Fashion-thing?

2. Is the Necropolis issue a stand-alone issue, or did they work together with Pavement which brings me to…

3. Is the Pavement/Necropolis an American license…

Hope you can spill some light over these mind-buckling queries…


No problem.

1. I don’t have any idea what No Fashion has to do with Nespithe. I suspect that’s a mistake originating from some book of Death Metal. I haven’t had any talks with No Fashion, ever, IIRC.

2. Necropolis was the label, Pavement the distributor.

3. That’s the original version. Repulse released the European version after 2-3 years, and Century media did the re-release some years ago. Three releases, and none seem to have made money as we’ve never got any.

2007-08-02 18:40

How long has the email list been up for the lp?, I (think) it was about 3 years ago when I put my name down.

You will be rich mr Boman, rich beyond your wildest dreams!! emos will be fighting over this release for decades to come!!
Ebay awaits the sale of the records, may the dumbest person with the biggest wallet win.

Three years may be just right. It may take another three, but I’ll try to make it closer to 0.5 years.

I have no idea how the release will make me rich. We’ll sell it for some reasonable amount of money, and the ones that will get the profit will be those who’ll sell their copy in eBay later. We’ll get a dime, but hell, that’s still more than we got from Nespithe.

2007-08-05 01:55

Is there a chinese or Indian restaurant in Kuopio?
I Just want a decent Curry or Singapore fried lice.

There are two Chinese restaurants, neither are decent, and one Thai, which is barely okay. I wouldn’t come here to get any good Oriental. Yeah, not even that one.

TJJ, 2007-08-08 05:40

What have you been up to lately? Musically and otherwise. Everything good?

Everything good indeed. I haven’t done much, though. Slowly going ahead with my prog shit and a one man thing, and a bit slower with my two DM bands, one with all Demilich members and one with some of them. I will let everyone know if something gets out.

2007-08-09 15:22

I will stick with the Matjes then.
(Just to make it clear, I am only interested in Oriental food, not the ‘other’ mr Boman was referring to)

Souvenirs. I was referring to souvenirs.

MYNAMEISNICK, 2007-08-14 23:13

Soooooo, are the Regurgitation of Blood and Rarities sections of the download page going to get some additions anytime soon? Gotta have IT ALL

I will first have to find the original master of Regurgitation of Blood. It sucks, though.

I just added two rehearsals to the Rarities section.

FAQ | Milton, 2007-08-16 02:32

Hey there, I have an mp3 version of a tape of Demilich called Rehearsals 1991-09-12, I noticed it’s not up on the site, if you guys would like me to send it to you to make it available on the site let me know. Cheers.

Thanks for the offer, but I already have it. I had it stored, but never had made it public. It’s downloadable now, along with the older rehearsal MP3.

FAQ | Nick the Slick, 2007-08-16 06:39

Got any live videos?

None. I taped over them when I tried to wipe out the history. If somebody has them, I’d love to see them. And then tape over them again.

dt, 2007-08-17 18:12

…and i have the “regurgitation of blood” in mp3-format, so write something here if you want to add it in the downloads, i’ll try to send it somehow.

I should have it on the tape somewhere, but just in case I cannot find it, could you send it to my email? Thanks.

Brian, 2007-08-17 19:33

oooh i would enjoy hearing that. ANTTI WHERE ARE YOU

I died.

FAQ | BRRRRI, 2007-08-17 19:54

Anyone have an XL Demilich shirt they’re willing to part with? Or Antti, got any extras lying around?

I will print more shirts when the compilation albums come out. Add your email address at the Merch section to get notified about it first. Well, as one of those 700 first ones.

skald, 2007-08-21 20:44

I love your music and your “tr00 undergroundness” (seriously !!)

just wanted to ask you

1. why didn’t you make/release more music after Nespithe? (don’t know much about the “vanishing” album)
2. What do you do for a living? (assumng there isn’t much financial gain from the band)
3. Do you/did you listen to jazz ?

1. I got fed up with the scene and music itself, even making any kind of music.

2. I work in a record store (Levykauppa

FAQ | 2007-08-25 04:24

Greetings Antti, I’m a huge fan. I’ve always loved your band but sadly I never got to see you guys live. I’m glad I found this place theres lots of cool stuff to keep all the old and new fans happy. Anyway just thought I’d let you know your music is still appreciated and even today still sounds as fresh and heavy as it did back then.

One more thing I’m curious about the new release. I’m just wondering if you put in your email address to the merch section are you automatically guaranteed a vinyl copy of the new demo collection??? Ill probably forget by the time it comes out so it would be nice to know if I can definitely get one, cheers dude, take it easy. Thanks.

Thanks for the cheers.

There are currently 850 emails on the list, and I suspect most of them would want the LP version. So, no, it won’t guarantee anything. When the release date is set, I will put out a web page where you can can place a pre-order. After a certain amount of time pre-ordering will stop, and the list will be randomly sorted. First 397 will get a chance to pay it, and the rest will be left waiting for unsold vinyls.

Whether it’s fair or not, we’ll have to do it some way, and this is the way.

2007-08-30 22:43

that seems like a good system antti. I keep forgetting whether or not i put my email on the list, so it’s probably on there a few times. Now when do you think this pre-order will be up, and when will a release date be set? Is there any progress going on with it or do you just know that its going to happen eventually/sooner than later?

You can add the email address as many times as you want to, it ignores the duplicates.

The pre-order will start when the LPs are in print. The release date will be set then, too. I’m trying this year, but we’ll see. we still don’t have the cover art ready, and a couple of other things are missing, mainly due to myself.

FAQ | 2007-09-02 01:44

How’s one supposed to go about solving the lyric-cryptograms in the booklet to Nespithe?

…Or are they just random blocks of letters?

This has been asked so many times, but I think I haven’t answered it here, so here goes:

Group the letters in three, starting from the end of the line, and reverse the order of those groups.

Unfortunately the guys at Necropolis made lots of mistakes typing them in, so it doesn’t work correctly everywhere.

The Last Exile, 2007-09-04 20:59

Demilich Rules!

I have to agree. Sorry about being an asshole.

tlusni A moD nar A, 2007-09-06 01:40

Nah, se on paska.

Naulan kantaan.

Brett, 2007-09-08 17:29

I just wanna say thank for helping me get into Technical Death Metal.

Demilich rules!

Don’t forget Atheist, Pestilence, Intronaut etc.

Lasse, Vaasa, 2007-09-08 22:55

Kaipa se kokoelma cd pit


TOMMYJO, 2007-09-13 02:28

Anyone want to sell me an XL shirt for $30?

We’ll print more late this year or so.

Kalakukko, 2007-09-15 15:18


Et kovin helpolla mist

2007-09-17 11:48

Tuliko s

Ei, vituiks meni. Seuraavaksi eBayhin tyyliin “Demilichin nokkamiehen panomaja, 20 euroa.”

phillyblunt, 2007-09-18 00:04

so knowing that the cd/lp’s are going to be a little delayed, is that going to delay shirts being printed up? Is it going to be one big blast of demilich to the face or…2 small ones.

I plan to release everything at the same time. Or if the CD/LP will be delayed, I’ll put out some teaser shirts.

skald, 2007-09-28 19:14

hi again

1. Ever thought about Satanic/fascist lyrics (like Impaled Nazarene or Beherit?)

2. I wanna know if there is any other band that sounds like demilich……….
any clue?

No, I’m not a fascist. I am a nationality ignorant fascist, meaning that I mostly dislike people and try to avoid them, apart from those who are either likeable or full of ideas, whether they are good or bad ones. Also, I’m not satanic, just a hardcore atheist.

I haven’t heard of another band that sounds like us. Some people claim they hear influences or similarities, but they’ve been wrong so far.

oldschooldeathblackrasher, 2007-09-30 09:12

tuo nesphite levy oli eBayssa myynniss

Viime aikoina ollut yli 50 taalaa, eli onnea ostaneelle.

Trollgage, 2007-10-01 03:38


Toivottavasti tajusit ostaa.

devilpope, 2007-10-03 15:33

I only just got introduced to you guys right now unfortunately but I’m impressed. Very inspirational music. Sad to see it ended.

Ending things is a good thing.

devilpope, 2007-10-03 15:58

Skald said “”””””””hi again

1. Ever thought about Satanic/fascist lyrics (like Impaled Nazarene or Beherit?)

2. I wanna know if there is any other band that sounds like demilich……….
any clue?”””””””””””””””

Why would they use fascist lyrics? The grind styled vocals rules.

Lasse, 2007-10-08 21:42


Katsotaan, viel

the spine, 2007-10-20 21:52

koskahan uusi paitaer


61777, 2007-11-05 02:42

any update on the new releases?

None, but there will be.

2007-11-05 20:23

On another of his benders, we wont hear from him for weeks

You’re right.

Sturmgeist89, 2007-11-08 04:49

I listened to demilich while shooting my school up, finnish bro.

That’s what the music was composed for, you know.

Jurica Gr&#269;evi&#263;, 2007-12-07 14:09

Hey man,
I’ve been listening to Demilich for years and have been enjoying it somewhat as much as Reek and Symphonies of Carcass and what’s the best it’s still insane and fresh every time I listen to it. Not to mention the feeling of demonic states of insanity caused by vices… so fucking real!
Well, I have some free time and willpower to catch your playing style down the demented scale myself as I am one of those which have the picture in my head of what the player is actually playing but I have this shitty tuning problem.
Please, specify the number of frets and strings dimension you use to get to ADGCEA tune and still have the clear sound. I’m using Ibanez RG270 that has the standard dimension fretboard(24frets), 1st string of 0.13 diameter. I guess that your guitars have extended neck size/fatter fretboard so that’s why you’re able to get clear ADGCEA tune.
Another technical thing I wanted to ask you is how you tune the bridge and neck.
Thanx for flac files, man, it really does sound alot better! Mine whole neighoburhood sends you a huge pile of “FUCK OFF&DIE” for that LOL 🙂
Psycho-salute from Croatia, stay drunk!

Thanks for the kind words. To be honest, I used normal 0.10 etc strings at the moment, and it was like playing spaghetti. If you play spaghetti for a year or so, you may get used to playing it plausibly, and that’s what we obviously achieved to do. It required and still requires a very light touch but still strong feeling.

The bridge and the neck were untouched, at least with the guitar of mine. It’s actually in the factory settings today, even.

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to redo what we did. And Aki may have cheated, if he was wise.

Joel, 2007-12-17 06:33

What have you created in me?!

Thanks for the unbelievable music!

PS: I’m no longer a WoWfag, don’t worry.

I’m in you, my child.

Brian, 2007-12-24 07:03

So first of all, update? Antti, where are you?

Second of all, to either Antti or the readers of this message thing…when discussing the album Nespithe, do you actually pronounce the word Nespithe or just refer to it as The Spine? And if you do call it Nespithe, how do you pronounce it? Nes-pie-th, Nes-pith. Which is correct, if any?

Thank you

I’m alive.

Nes-pith is the one I use, but I don’t care about the pronunciation.

gHlekrPqian, 2007-12-24 11:36

I just call it Nespithe, I mean that’s whats on the cover of the album.
And I just pronounce it Nes-pith-e, but I doubt there are any rules to pronouncing made up words. Except if Antti has a rule, which I doubt he has.

I basically pronounce it the Finnish way, which is wrong for most people.

2007-12-29 02:48

May the light of Jesus shine apon the sinning heathens of the northlands this new year. Hail Jesus.

He’s the Lard.

2008-01-09 19:38

He has risen from the dead, praise be to Kuopio’s intensive care unit stomach pump.

2008-01-17 18:07



FAQ | C.H.U.D., 2008-01-23 21:58

who are your favorite death metal bands and death metal vocalists? I’ve always thought of Demilich as one of the most unique death metal bands out there along with the TOTALLY unique vocal style, so I just had to ask the question…

…oh yeah, and hail Satan.

Satan loves us.

My faves are bands like Pestilence, Entombed (early), Atheist, Morbid Angel etc. I’ve always liked good, rough, natural sounding growls. Nothing pushed.

Cory, 2008-01-30 06:28

Hey! I’m a huge fan of the band(my favorite DM group ever actually) and you’re a huge influence on my own music. Saw you when you came to Houston actually, excellent show! I’ll never forget it.

I was wondering if you could check out my band, we just started recording for our first demo. I have the first song up now.

Thanks for your time!

Houston was good. I wish more people had appeared.

I always check out everything, when I feel I have time to.

Albums | Zilla, 2008-02-02 20:42

So here we are, in the 2nd month of the 2008th year. Any update on the long awaited releases?

No. Will be.

FAQ | George, 2008-02-14 11:59

Hey Antti,

What’s the meaning behind the lobster monster on the different Nespithe coverarts and the shirts? Is it an artist’s impression of a demilich?

Are you really only 33 years old, 17/18 when Nespithe was released? What inspired you to write the music you wrote? How did you feel about the death metal scene at the time and the black metal scene in Norway?

So many questions… ah, the mysteries of life!

As far as I remember, the monster was just an idea of the Chaos Graphics’ Turkka, and I though it looked good.

I am 33, soon 34, and we all were 18 when the album was recorded. I got my inspiration from movies, feelings, other bands, whatever affected me those days. I loved death metal, liked the scene (although started hating it in 93), and didn’t like black metal, whether scene or music wise, at all.

Questions help me remember.

2008-02-29 04:35

Why didn’t you choose Timmo Tolkki as your producer for Nespithe. We all know what an excellent job he did on Disgrace ‘Grey Misery’ and Funebre ‘Children Of The Scorn’.
Were you born in a savusauna?, just wondering with the voice and all.

Timo “Timmo” Tolkki was too busy leaking piss at the moment. That’s why we chose the second best option, the German teenager piss anal loverman.

I was born in the ass. The doctors still debate whether it’s a miracle or a weird co-incidence.

My voice is a god.

Albums | Lasse, Vaasa, 2008-03-04 21:25

Vihdoinki sain hommattua tuon Nespithe levyn… Mit

Menee viel

britown, 2008-03-08 08:00

do you have/could you put up the lyrics for the songs from the four instructve tales demo?

I will do it some day, I’ll just have to listen to some of the songs as only half of those have been written down.

2008-03-13 05:01

Uusi p

Ajankohtaista. T

sa, 2008-03-16 15:36

toivottavasti demo kokis tulee pian ja paitoja my

Tulee, mutta eri asia milloin. Toivon pikaista toimintakykyni palautumista.

2008-03-22 10:15

Tuhannet kiitokset Nespithest

Ritarit ovat palanneetkin, tosin en ole uskaltanut maistaa.

MANN, 2008-03-27 11:48

Onko Nespithe albumia saatavissa mist

Aika heikosti. Jos saat jostain, kerro niin kerron muillekin.

FAQ | pedro pais, 2008-03-27 22:56

Hey Antti,

I was hoping that you could help me with one thing, I

I only have two copies, one for listening and one for keeping in the wrappings. Unfortunately that’s all I have, and I cannot sell or give away either of those. The beer offer is stimulating but not enough.

The demo collections will be out some day, and the you’ll be able to hear our last song. Recorded over two years ago, but still valid and current.

R., 2008-03-28 12:47

Incredible, thanks for all these old rarities, and especially for it being in FLAC format!

flac is perfect is good.

Lasse, Vaasa, 2008-04-04 13:17

Nespithe levy

Sivuilla ei ainakaan ole tietoa, mutta jos jotain kiinnostaa, kyselk

FAQ | Kalle, 2008-04-09 17:13

Hey Antti,

Read in a response of yours a couple of months back that you didn’t like black metal as a scene or musical style. How do you feel about either today, particularly the latter?


I like some black metal nowadays, mostly stuff after 1993. Some of it may not be labeled as black metal, though, some of it can. The newer image (Darkthrone, for example) appeals to me more.

rifat, 2008-04-10 00:34


i have some poetry inspired by your musik:

did you enjoy it? it comes to you only in passing moments in between silence and time.

I loved it, now. It took four months and a drunken night for me to get it.

2008-04-10 00:38

i’m approaching you.

electron orbitals can only be measured by probability distributions i can only be here and the


FAQ | George, 2008-04-11 09:17

Hey Antti,

Will you ever write an autobiography or a book about the Demilich story and topics like what got you into the music, how the band got together, what the scene back then was like and weird stories? If not a book, a page on the site or a journal entry about it? Did you ever tour outside of Finland with Demilich before the first split-up?

All the best!

Not a book, but a short story would be nice. I’d like to write such a thing for myself before I forget about the stuff I still remember, and there’s not much. Fortunately I’ve kept all the zines and letters from those times, so some day, when I have the time (which means sudden richness of pension), I’ll start going through them.

We only had one gig outside Finland, and it was our last. It was in Eskilstuna, Sweden, and it was great.

Joe Garner, 2008-04-14 19:35

Recently downloaded the album.

Fucking awesome.

You guys ever gonna try and get it reprinted?


The album is owned by Necropolis Records (or whomever owns their stuff nowadays), so I cannot print the album. The way it’s gone, meaning zero profit for us, I wouldn’t even want it to be printed.

2008-04-20 01:27


I know the feeling.

BRITOWN, 2008-04-25 04:52

Hey Antti, in my neverending search for amazing finnish metal, i came across an ep by the band Depravity called Silence of the Centuries. I was just wondering what your thoughts were on this if you’ve heard it. It came out in 1993 i think

FAQ | Samuel, 2008-04-30 22:58

Hello! Nespithe is incredible, man. Really a masterpiece, probably my favorite album. Can you tell me what inspired the lyrics? Maybe just where the lyrics to “when the sun drank…” came from, and where the title of
“the sixteenth six-toothed son of…” came from? what does it mean?

thanks, and keep playing!

Thanks, much appreciated.

About the lyrics; I said it well (in my opinion) in an interview I cannot find right now. That’s why I’ll tell it in a worse way. I’ve mostly been inspired, lyric-wise, by my own thoughts and imagination. I came up with an idea, then the song name, and then the lyrics. I read sci-fi and horror those days, so I assume part of the ideas got from there. The rest of it was my imagination.

ba, 2008-05-01 00:36

when are you going to die or release a new project? are you depressed? do you drink beer often?

Demilich is dead. I’m going to die fairly soon, but first I have to get something done. I’m always depressed, been like that for 15 years. I drink beer three times a week. I don’t always get drunk when I drink my beer.

Kenneth Martin, 2008-05-21 10:59

You guys are outstanding. “Necroticism” era Carcass w/ I don’t know what. Truly phenomenal.

Thanks. Your description captured the idea I had of the band in 1991/92.

FAQ | Frank, 2008-05-22 15:06

Hey Cyuonut, you should be more active on the audioscrobbler/ cult-site.

I cannot even keep up with my email, and I basically hate all these social networking websites. I’m not very social. Once a month is good enough for me.

Drunken mastukator, 2008-05-22 19:32

Will you be staggering around the Kuopio wine festival this year?. If you cant make it I’ll grab you a Anna Abreu autograph to masturbate over at your leisure.

I will be crowd-surfing there for sure, my aim at Anna’s tiny crotch. Last time I accidentally hit Olli Lindholm’s cock, wasn’t as nice as it sounds.

2008-05-22 23:39


Hetkinen, mist

2008-05-25 17:08

Joo, en olekaan muistanut laittaa tuota sivuille n

FAQ | George, 2008-05-31 23:44

Hey Antti,

You ever feel nostalgic for the old days, man? What made you want to leave the metal scene (assuming you did), do you think you’ve “outgrown” metal? What bands did you like back when you played in Demilich? What was the songwriting process like, first lyrics/concept then riffs, or the other way around? How did you come up with your riffs, and were you deliberately going for that sound? Was the fact that most of your songs didn’t use verse/chorus/verse song structures intentional as well or did it just come out like that?

Killer stuff man, all the best to you.

Dear Ogre,

I feel nostalgic all the time.

I left the scene because I didn’t belong to it anymore. Or rather, I felt the scene moved away from me and I didn’t see it worth following. I never outgrew, I was just left alone.

I loved bands like Pestilence, Morbid Angel, Pestilence, Atheist, Pestilence, most of Carcass, Pestilence, Death, Pestilence, and occasionally I was into Pestilence, too.

I first created the riffs, sometimes separately, sometimes linked together. I arranged them while coming up with the rifs. Then, I came up with the concept of the song. Eventually I wrote the lyrics. Two of them were made while Aki played the solos for the album.

I know how to tune the guitar, and I know the barre. The rest of it just came to me. I’ve never felt like copying anything, so I haven’t learned any scales or basic theories of guitar playing. That’s why I cannot jam. What a pity.

Pop structure is great for pop music. Outside pop music, it’s just regression. I never wanted to sound predictable.



FAQ | John, 2008-06-09 08:41

Hey Antti. How much of the vocals where unprocessed in Nespithe? I read somewhere that there were some effects done on them in The Echo demo. Regardless, there’s not a better voice in death metal than yours.

100% percent of the vocals on Nespithe were processed with echo. Some parts had delay. No other effect were used. The first demo had a pitch shifter in one part, and I regret it so much that I will kill myself right after finishing this reply.

Thanks for the cheers, anyway.

2008-06-10 19:01

Antti, in your esteemed opinion, does headbanging cause brain damage?

Pretty hard to say. Most of those who bang their heads have already such a severe brain damage that it’s hard to tell if it’s post- or pre-banging.

Shirts | Joe Garner, 2008-06-12 21:34

I know it’s more expensive and doesn’t sell as well and some companies don’t even do it, but I’m just wondering if you were planning to make XXL shirts to go with the Demo compliation release?

Dear Joe,

I know the problem. I’ve gained, too. I will definitely print XXL shirts, even if it’s for us two only.

Your friend in weight,

Shirts | SiggE, 2008-06-18 13:16

Still killing. Why not to print a little larger set of shirts when it is its time? ok, I never have made 1000 or even 100 post packages myself but I’m R e a l l Y enthusiastica to have just one rather in smaller size. 😛

I will print shirts for all of those who have added their email address in the Merch section, although not all of them will get one. I am a sick fuck that loves to see people not get what they want if they are not quick enough. Be wise. Be quick. Be one of the rare.

Amanita, 2008-07-22 15:30

Demilich allways fuck the mainstream musick in the ass!

True music, never heard before!

Short, simple, and straight to the point. Cheers, man.

Vavrzyn, 2008-07-29 15:06

Demilich – fucking good band..
i was readed about you in polish 7Gates magazine..
hmm one year ago?..nevermind , yeasterday i found this page , then downloaded Nespithe album..great work , incredible vocals – something like Russian long-trailer truck fucked by my lawnmower!
Anyway , One of my best at this time!
what about my band?

See You In Hell!

Hell, that’s where I’m going to. I didn’t check your band, yet, but I may do it one day. In the meantime, I’ll simply enjoy the thought of the truck-lawnmover-copulation.

ibexmoon, 2008-08-12 23:02

hello….and so sorry that Demilich is dead…another (un)holy musical bible…sorry for my bad english…just a question or two…have you recorded some dvd ( i haven’t see you on stage) and what members do yet in music….you have an unique style, a matrice for this genre and more…thanks…thanks…for all

We don’t have any DVDs, but I’ll try to get some camcorder stuff released publicly some day. We’re still in music, but haven’t done anything noticeable lately.

Buddy Perkins, 2008-08-21 04:33

Are the rumors true? Are all those cryptic, non-english messages written here really just you talking to yourself? Oh how the mighty have fallen…

2008-08-21 15:20

There isn’t much else to do in Kuopio on a friday night.. apart from talk to oneself and get drunk.

2008-08-25 09:18

What is your opinion of Estonia? I heard that you guys practically speak the same language and the cultures are really similar. I’ve always considered Estonians to have more of a relation to Russians than Finns.

Estonia’s nice. I can understand lots of Estonian, and they can understand us, so the language is very close to the one of ours.

FAQ | k, 2008-08-26 04:22

i just ordered demilich-nespithe cd. its the reissue from century media
but its got a big fat typo on the spine. says “nesphite”
what is up with that?

No idea, I didn’t even know it was made until my friend saw it in stores.

brrrian, 2008-08-28 19:42

to the person right below me

holy shit i never noticed that

original on the bottom, rerelease on top. BLASPHEMY!!!!

funny how the error is on “THE SPINE” HA.HA

Well, that’s what you get when the greedy idiots do things in a hurry.

nim. Seuraskilla osasivat pojat kertoa, 2008-08-29 10:49

Nespithen sis

Jos Patakukkula on siin

roger, 2008-09-06 07:43

nice, thx for the free music…up there with Obituary and death….good stuff…

Amanita again, 2008-09-11 18:27

Truly amazing this is Demilich.

I am amazed why only one album. You are more creative than this.

First there is the guttural sub-bass monster vocal which is unique. I was searching the whole net and ripping the mp3s, but there is no vocals like this. It’s the modern way of the very ancient mongolian throath-singing.

Mad drum patterns, and circulating guitar riffs, chromatic fuckedupness, some alcohol driven repetative mindfuck there, which is unique, which is never heard before.

Depicting the lyrics: dimensional teleport which consume your body, until your mouth is the only part of your remnants. Ehh, truly amazing ideas! 42th dimensional stuff, what a great mindwork there.

And YOU guys don’t want to continue this fine shit!!!!! What a pity! It’s unfair in some point, because YOU ARE great (mindfucked) musicians.

Just plug in your guitars to the halfstack marshall, and let it a ride again! Place there some fucking tapedeck and press the record button on it. Then later upload it to the net, or find a fucking record label! You guys can make it, easily.

I’m wondering, why always the best talents on earth give up teh whole thing!


I didn’t have interest in doing more back then. Nowadays it’s different, but I don’t know if I get anything done. Hopefully the unnamed continuation of Demilich will produce something some day.

Misericord, 2008-09-14 01:04

But the typos make Nespithe that much more obscure….

Grave, 2008-10-29 23:59

Your voice makes me hard.

You’re not the only one.

7h1m0, 2008-11-03 22:10

I’d be awesome if you could post the lyrics for “And the Slimy Flying Creatures Reproduce in Your Brains” or maybe even that whole album 🙂

Brian, 2008-12-12 01:52

It’s the winter now, any news?

Nope. There will be.

FAQ | Indy, 2008-12-14 23:07

Hiya! Nespithe is just amazing, but what does “Demilich” mean exactly?

Greetz from Germany!

It was picked from my friend’s D&D book.

Mordekai, 2008-12-24 13:02

Merry Shitmas to Demilich!

I keep my hands crossed until I get that shirt in my hands!

I celebrated the birth of our Lard in Cambodia, and drank a lot. Usually I celebrate him/her by drinking a lot at home.

hjynks, 2008-12-27 07:05

dear annti,
just wanted to let you know that my girlfriend keeps insisting that we have anal sex to nespithe.
i keep declining and opting for softer music like the beatles or lady gaga.
she says im a panzie. its not that i don’t like your music, its just that i don’t want to feel like im fucking you when im in my old lady’s hole. you know..with your deep voice and all…

The only reason I made Nespithe was to provide people with music for anal sex. For being the first one who realized it, your girlfriend is now entitled to an anal sex session with me. Both ways. Unfortunately you cannot join in, that’s against the rules.

2009-01-06 03:37

Yeah, it would be like cthulhu guzzling your cock. Not a nice thought.

Dr perselainen, 2009-01-21 11:34

Use protection Boman, I dont want you getting AIDS and delaying the release date any further.

I’ve been lately wearing a body-sized condom, which has made getting anything done very hard.

Albums | BR, 2009-01-28 05:25

For the 397 LPs, since there are over 1000 emails added, will the first 397 people be chosen or will 397 randoms be chosen?

They will be randomly chosen.

martin luter king jr., 2009-01-30 01:50

I’m visiting Finland soon from the states. Where do I go to see Mr. Bowman? Are there just leaflets handed out on the street for guys like him, like in Vegas?

I’m the guy on his knees begging for money near a marketplace in every town.

2009-02-02 15:22

What is it that you burp out in the song “And the Slimy Flying Creatures Reproduce in Your Brains” after the solo? (2:28 – 2:40)

I burb out one of the rare moments of shame, i.e. vocals with an effect. I don’t remember half of the lyrics of the verse, but I will dig them out soon.

Jorma K, 2009-02-03 00:30

Kuultiin huhua (eritt

Nyt on Topi ja Jorma hieman ennakoineet. Kev

Uffe, 2009-02-05 21:46

Meinaatteko soittaa Winterwolfin kanssa mit

Ei meinattu, kun yritet

Shirts | Ryan, 2009-02-10 23:34

is there any possibility of getting embroidered patches made? that would be awesome.

I’ll see if it’s possible. Shouldn’t be a problem, though.

brian, 2009-02-15 04:47

Antti, on the inside cover of Nespithe, are you wearing a Human Remains shirt. If so, do you still have it/want to give it to me in exchange for my soul and/or money?

Yes, it’s a Human Remains shirt. I should have it somewhere, but I’m not willing to sell or give the old shirts away.

FAQ | Joe, 2009-02-17 23:54

Bonjour. I just found out about you guys and I love you guys’s work on Nespithe (especially the vocals, definatly stands out from the other tech death bands out there).

Anyway, not to be mean, but what the heck is a Demilich? and a Nespithe? What made you pick those names?


Demilich was originally found from a Dungeons & Dragons book. I didn’t play the games, but the name sounded good, and the character was evil enough. Yes, I was 16 years old. More at .

Nespithe, just like Erecshyrinol, can be decoded like this: Divide the words into groups of three letters, starting from the back. Reverse the order of the groups. Add spaces.

brian, 2009-02-18 01:35

maybe a FAQ section should be added to this site…

You’re absolutely right.

2009-02-18 09:02

Hey Antii,
Greetings from India! Nespithe is amazing, cheers!

stalkkerisi, 2009-02-19 16:49

On. En ole varsinaisesti ollut sit

Bb, 2009-02-20 23:41

Ordered my copy of the Nespithe LP. Is this any sign that the compilations will be released sooooooon?

Not a sign. May be a coincidence, though.

Aky, 2009-02-21 18:00

Suako artisti

Tietysti saapi, ja meili

Shirts | Arturo Gaitan, 2009-02-21 22:49

How can I get a shirt?

More will be printed when the compilation albums are out, and they should be out this year.

brian, 2009-02-23 20:01

just for every one to see…

Albums | oral fart, 2009-02-25 20:00

Hello Antti, I’m curious about the new vinyl version of Nespithe, have you got any idea of the pressing info? I’ve tried looking everywhere and all I can find is the same couple of lines that are on the XTREEM site. Have you got any more helpful info on it?


The pressing was 500 copies, and that could be all. I haven’t talked about represses, yet, but if any more will be done, it will be a smaller batch.

Happy oral-farting,

2009-03-03 10:06

Give us some new tabs to play with, please…

Some day, some day.

brian, 2009-03-04 17:30

according to xtreem’s website, they are damn near sold out of all of the Nespithe LPs. WOW

There’s a new pressing, which should be the last one. 1000 copies of it should be the maximum.

Members | 2009-03-05 16:59

Hi Antti. At first I’d like to congratulate you for (de)composing the sickest demos and full-length ever. The main matter that leads me to write into this board is the curiosity of what’s the man doing nowadays. Are you currently involved with any musical project? Would you like to? On the other hand, I think your lyrics were always something really morbidly appealing. Have you ever thought of writing a book with some of your bizarre stories? I’m pretty sure a lot of fans would gladly purchase it (at least I would).

Last but not least, sorry for my not-so-good English.

Thanks for giving lots of thoughts to process.

I am in several projects, most of which are stalled at the moment. The ones that have lately gone on are Winterwolf (old school Swedish/British/American DM, lots of fun) and Standard Whore (prog rock, still lots of fun). I also do live growls with Deathchain.

I have four projects that I hope to finish some day, from the Demilich continuation band to something very different but still me. Those who know me know that they won’t be done, ever, but fortunately I’m not one of those people.

I’d like to do music only and forget about all the other shit I have to do. The older I get the less I have guts to just decide to enjoy.

I’ve always fantasized about writing a book, as I was very good with writing short stories when back in school, but I suppose that’s something I don’t desire. I’d rather create great music and mix it up with a very dramatic story/idea. I don’t remember that much of the old times, but a biography that’s all made up wouldn’t be a bad idea. If mixed with music, of course.

2009-03-13 23:11

hey all you maniax, anyone else feel like the LP version of nespithe is slightly faster? or am I drunk?

My needle is broken so I cannot stuff more heroin in. Or see if the LP version is slightly faster.

2009-03-23 22:11



Irrelevant, 2009-03-29 19:21

You should pick up martial arts.

Am I in danger?

Cthulhu, 2009-04-01 16:01

Hey Antti,

Do you have a day job or night job? I assume death metal doesn’t make much money and I’m curious if you have a job of some sort.

We just got our first money from Nespithe sales, due to Xtreem sending us the newly printed LPs and me selling them to my friends, so it’s safe to say we haven’t made much money. I have a day job working as a programmer for a Finnish record store chain. It would be perfect to make a living with composing music, but that’s a faint dream.

Cthulhu, 2009-04-08 11:16

Hey Antti,

How did you choose the album picture for Nespithe?

Why did you name the album Nespithe? I know it means the spine, but is it symbolic for something or did you think it was a cool album title? Why not name it Hmacstothe or (dare I say it?) Risnorckchuthe?

To be honest, I don’t remember the idea behind using The Spine as the name of the album. There was one but I’ve forgotten it. So, it wasn’t picked up randomly. The Stomach didn’t just fit in, and your suggestion of using The Churck Snori is rather ridiculous.

The cover art was linked to the spine idea. I had a different kind of image in my head when I explained it to the painter, so it didn’t come out as I expected it to be. Still, I’m happy about the original cover art.

Cthulhu, 2009-04-23 16:24

It must be extremely hard working in the record store with all the groupies and fans trying to bask in your musical presence. I don’t know how you do it.

To do with my previous post, I apologise for Risnorckchuthe. I made a slight error with it. What I meant was isorrcknchuthe.

Fortunately I work at home now. My personal bodyguard gets to block them on the door downstairs.

Sorry, I just had to provoke you on the Churck Snori case.

2009-04-24 20:04

C++ and groupies?

PHP gets chicks wild.

Members | Andrew Shore, 2009-04-29 08:18

Hey I was wondering does the bassist (since you had 3 and I can`t figure out which one it was) on nespinthe use a 5 or a 6 string bass? and will you be releasing any bass tabs?

He used a normal 4 string bass. We just tuned low.

I will release all tabs some day, at least if I live to do it.

Cthulhu, 2009-04-30 06:31

Hey Antti,

What were the main musical influences you had in Demilich?

I apologise, I have done it wrong again. It is isorrcknchuthe. I am certain I have gotten it right this time.

No, you got it right the second time.

The main influences when Demilich was born were bands like Bolt Thrower, Pestilence, Entombed etc. Later I got more influence (whatsoever) from newer Pestilence, Atheist, Morbid Angel, Voivod and likes.

FAQ | Andrew Shore #2, 2009-05-02 23:29

Antti im trying to learn The Echo on bass! do i just follow your part or does the bass do somthing else? also why is it that you don’t want to realese any more tab? is it a personal thing (one that does not need to be reavealed) or is it that you dont have them ready?

I have nothing against releasing the tabs. I will try to, but that’s not in the top of my priority list, as it’s not really fun to do.

The bass in The Echo mostly follows the lines of rhythm guitars, although there are parts with bass-only lines. When I go ahead with tabbing, I will add the bass tabs to that song first.

FAQ | Cthulhu, 2009-05-03 06:12

Do you have a favourite song from Nespithe?

One of these, but I cannot decide which one:
– When the Sun Drank the Weight of Water
– The Sixteenth Six-Tooth Son of Fourteen Four-Regional Dimensions (Still Unnamed)
– The Echo (Replacement)
– The Planet that Once Used to Absorb Flesh in Order to Achieve Divinity and Immortality (Suffocated to the Flesh that it Desired…)

Cthulhu, 2009-05-03 08:41

Hey Antti,

Can you summarise a normal day in the life of Antti?

Yeah: Shit. It’s all up to me, but I don’t just fix it.

BRIAN, 2009-05-04 19:10

xtreem music is now selling a new cd re-release of Nespithe. Here’s the description

Ultimate re-issue of the ultra-mega-legendary album from ’93 by these finnish masters of ultra-guttural, technical and heavy Death Metal. Remastered for the very first time ever, comes with full coloured 12-pages booklet with improved layout design, exclusive interview and liner notes. Also includes their “Four Instructive Tales… of Decomposition” Demo ’91 as bonus. An essential timeless classic!!


Cory, 2009-05-08 07:59

“We only had one gig outside Finland, and it was our last. It was in Eskilstuna, Sweden, and it was great.”

Did I see an evil Demilich-clone band in Houston, then!? :O

Yes. We’re so damn lazy that we decided to split up and raise clones in 1993. Unfortunately they turned out to be lazy, too, and split up in 2006.

Boomer, 2009-05-08 19:54

Favourite Pestilence album? What did you think of Spheres?

Either Malleus Maleficarum or Testimony of the Ancients. I also love Consuming Impulse and even Spheres. I haven’t heard the new album, though.

2009-05-09 01:20


To the wall, man.

Cthulhu, 2009-05-17 06:16

Hey Antti,

what made you choose to play guitar and form a band?

My teacher forced me to play bass, and I fell in love with it. Without him I might have never touched a guitar. From the very beginning I wanted to do my own music, as I’m a kind of person that wants to create.

Marshall, 2009-05-17 07:59

Hey Antti. Do you like the band Khanate? I think Demilich and Khanate are two of the most unique bands out there.

Haven’t heard much of them, but then again, I’m not a huge fan of drone. I’ll give it a shot some day, though.

The Commander, 2009-05-21 22:29

Looks like your work has death-metal heads everywhere raving (the 7 reviews average 96%). Nice job with Nespithe; it is definitely one hell of an album.

I might have seen it answered somewhere else in the message list, but I’ve no clue where it is anymore, and it’s not an FAQ, so I’ll ask the question again: what exactly inspires your lyrics?

Here’s and excerpt from an interview made in 2005 (

“I’ve been interested in horror, but mainly of the newer authors like Clive Barker. I’m also a sci-fi fan, so I kind of mixed those two genres together. And then I have my own imagination which tops the cake.”

And in another interview:

“Basically, there was [nothing] inspiring the lyrics. They came from my life, my way of making everything absurd, my system of mixing things up in the head. I was my own influence. Of course what my head mixes up comes from my experiences, but if I named somebody or something, I should also name a few walks in the forest, parties, shopping malls, people I loved, people I didn’t, people that didn’t mean a thing to me, people that were to mean something to me in the future, etc.”

I’m not a lyricist. I love playing with ideas, but I’ve always been lazy with putting them into sentences.

Albums | jlt, 2009-05-29 17:04

Is the new Nespithe-reissue remixed?

I think Dave of Xtreem re-mastered it a bit.

2009-06-02 03:12

Hey Antti! I think you should upload some songs to the Demilich page on! That way everyone can hear your great music, and you can make it downloadable if you want (probably the case).

FAQ | The Commander, 2009-06-05 20:11

Ah, nice, nice. I suppose only that can adequately explain “When the Sun Drank the Wight of Water”. (Now I got that riff stuck in my head!)

What album art would you have preferred for Nespithe? I vaguely remember reading something about the actual one not being what you had in mind–effectively creepy though it is. (Beige corpses! WAAAAGH!)

PS: The intro riff in “The Putrefying Road […]” is freakin’ sweet. Is there any chance you’ll make more tabs?

PPS: “I think, therefore I listen to death metal.” Translate to Finnish, please!

The album art was good and still is. I just had a very different kind of image in my head, but I never explained it to Turkka of Chaos Graphics properly. More 3-D, from upper angle and far away.

PS: I will make the tabs some day. I don’t know when that day is, though.

PPS: Ajattelen, siis imen suonikasta kyrp

The Commander, 2009-06-05 20:20

…the WEIGHT of Water.”

Gotta love typos. But of course, if I leave it uncorrected, people will think I can’t spell…

I should have named it “When the Sun Drank the Wig of Water” anyway.

2009-06-08 23:12

Old Confessor video from 1988.

Shirts | ART, 2009-06-13 05:45

If any new shirts come out will they be U.S. sizes

Do you mean if there will be XXXL’s and so on? I will try to print big ones, too.

Uncle Sam, 2009-06-19 12:51

How and when will Demilich stimulate the world economy? Is the global supply of personal lubricants [ironically] large enough for this task? I’ll do whatever it takes to help. Be gentle.

Meet me in the public toilet at the Kuopio marketplace tonight. I will “explain”.

grog, 2009-06-23 00:12

Can`t wait for compilation.Oh mate..:)What`s up?

The summer vacation is over, and that definitely pisses me off.

Dariel, 2009-06-25 10:01

Hey Antti,

I was wondering what your opinion was on Cosmic Atrophy

They are the only band that I consider similar to Demilich without any sort of stretch of the imagination.

Deepak, 2009-06-27 21:40

Hello Man i am a Big Fan of Demilich i jst lisn all songs an demo’s also it’s gud rips an cool music so like it so plz update abt Demilich k

Albums | Ivan Trdina, 2009-07-02 05:10

Hello… quick question…

I am confused to hell with all these (Nespithe) pressings I see on the internet… what are the official ones? …and is the first one solely released by Necropolis or in alliance with Pavement?

Thanks and I sent my email for the next batch of shirts = )

There are four pressings:

1. The original Necropolis pressing. I think Pavement was a distributor only.

2. The European version, released by Repulse.

3. The reprint around 2000, which I never even saw.

4. The 2009 reprint, done by Xtreem (ex-Repulse).

And naturally the 2009 LP version.

I suppose all of those are official, whatever that means.

Members | sasquatch, 2009-07-03 02:05

Hey Antti,

I play both guitar and bass, so I was wondering if you recall what gear (guitars, basses, strings, etc.) you guys used back when you recorded Nespithe. I love the guitar tone on the album, and the heavy, crushing bass is killer.

Thanks for the great music.

I used a Charvel 475 (special?), with pretty standard set of strings, meaning a bridge that was never in the position it was designed to be, and required a very light touch when playing. I used an old Yamaha amp and a self-made cabinet, but I don’t remember if they were used when recording.

Aki used an Ibanez, but I have no idea what model it was or which strings he used. Aki had a Marshall JCM 900 head and a Marshall cabinet, and they were used for recording Aki’s guitars, at least. Quite probably mine, too.

Both guitars can be seen in the original booklet, part of which is here:

I don’t remember about the gear of either of the bassists, but Ville’s bass can be seen at

God, 2009-07-03 19:05

dood do some tabs please! i beggeth of thou. pleaseith doith some tabby wabbies! would it help if i told you that you are GOD?

A god knows he’s a god, so there’s no use telling it. I will make the tabs, I just have no idea when.

Eisenhoward Velasquez, 2009-07-10 04:21

I love Demilich. I like the most brutal stuff i.e. Despondency, Repudilation, Putridity, Ingested etc. but Demilich has a timeless quality, way ahead of their time. Great job guys, you probably didn’t notice, but you guys had a huge impact on the brutal death metal scene. One of the first. Cheers.

Thanks. Always a pleasure to hear.

FAQ | The Commander, 2009-07-18 18:57

Where da “Regurgitation of Blood” files at? I haven’t found anything pertaining to it in the FAQs.

The thing is hidden somewhere in those dozen bags of cassettes I have. I will have to find it before the release of the compilation albums, and when I do, I will put it out on the web page.

marko, 2009-07-24 02:12

From chile they are a tremendous band, from 94 to that I listen … aarrhhh monstrous and disgusting … guys amazing … without words


FAQ | Cthulhu, 2009-07-27 04:40

Hey Antti,

Where have you been? I’ve noticed you haven’t been answering the messages.

I temporarily died.

Anthony DeSino, 2009-07-31 00:57

Hi Antti,
I just want to say I loved Demilich’s music ever since my brother bought your “For Instructive Tales” demo way back in ’91 from you. Also you thanked him by putting his name in the Nespithe thanks list.

Thanks, and a hiya to Mike.

JD, 2009-08-03 07:34

Greetings Antti, hope this finds you well.

My question is…Well, I’m wondering what peoples reactions were and how the album was generally received when you released Nespithe in 1993. I imagine it went over a lot of peoples heads back then but I’m guessing as time went on more people began to recognise the album for what it is. Correct? (being only a toddler in Australia at the time of release I missed my chance at supporting you guys :(…)

I’m still yet to hear anything that matches up with that monster of an album. THANKYOU for writing those excellent riffs. Its always something to draw inspiration from.

Looking forward to some fresh merch and anything Demilich related in the future.


I don’t really remember how people reacted back in 1993. I’m pretty sure I didn’t see much reviews, or hear of them from anywhere. Then again, half a year after the recordings of the album the band was gone, and I didn’t follow the zines anymore. Anyway, I suppose it wasn’t as well received as it’s nowadays.


Marshall, 2009-08-04 11:56

I just read the lyrics for the first time while listening to the music. It made it so much better. I’d read the lyrics before, and I thought they were great, but I’d never paired them with the music. Thank you Antti, I just jizzed a little.

As a perfectionist, I was never happy about the lyrics myself. It’s great to hear that somebody appreciates them, though.

Art, 2009-08-09 04:51

Yeah just that shirts from Europe always seen smaller then U.S. ones. Like a Xl fells like a L

I know. I will print bigger sizes and mention whether the sizes are US or European ones.

manuel, 2009-08-09 18:03

Hello I just wanted to say that is the most guttural vocals I have ever heard and I loved the album “Nespithe”. Great job!!!!!

Albums | Cthulhu, 2009-08-21 11:22

Hey Antti,

What made you decide to sign to Necropolis Records over other records labels such as Earache and Relapse?

I suppose they were the first/only ones that offered a deal. I’m pretty sure Earache and Relapse wouldn’t have been interested.

Cthulhu, 2009-08-21 11:32

Hey Antti,

Have you listened to Cynic? Have you read any Franz Kafka and/or H.P Lovecraft?

Focus is great, and I enjoy their new album, too.

I have never read a book made by Kafka or Lovecraft, even though I should (have).

FAQ | Louis, 2009-08-27 08:08

Hello, how are you doing?

I just have two questions if you would like to answer them. First, what of the lyrics to the last three songs on the Four Instructive Tales? Also, what sort of technique did you use to get your particular growling sound?

I have the lyrics somewhere, but don’t know where. When I find them, I will put them out. Or then I’ll spend a couple of hours trying to figure out how they went.

The technique is different from normal growling. I open up my throat and bronchus somewhat like when you throw up, and blow air out. The throat goes to some kind of locked position, and starts trembling. Very hard to explain.

Jon, 2009-09-05 05:59

Thanks for that masterpiece Nespithe, nothing else I can add, stay metal my friend and cheers from Puerto Rico \m/

FAQ | The Commander, 2009-09-14 23:28

I’ve always wondered, how do your vocals sound different on every record? Think about it.

“The Four Instructive Tales…of Decomposition”: A powerful, sonorous burp. Pitch-shifted on some occasions, but no biggie. No way anybody could go lower than what you already do naturally.

“…Somewhere Inside the Bowels of Endlessness”: A rather dry, staccato burp.

“The Echo”: A much deeper burp, with lots of rumble to it. (Most notably in the first verse of the title track.)

“Nespithe”: A sort of alien-frog-like feel is added. (Most apparently in the first verse of “When the Sun Drank the Weight of Water”. (Ha, no typo!))

Is it just the production, or…?

I suppose it’s mostly production, but then again, the sound of my voice may have developed (to better or worse) little by little. Anyway, I still suspect it’s mostly due to production. The low voice easily gets mixed with the instruments.

sp_grind, 2009-10-05 11:32

Greetings from Lviv, Ukraine-)
Just want to thank you for your great masterpiece. Nespithe is satanically divine)
Really hope for new LP.

The Commander, 2009-10-18 04:06

Sounds logical.

Yet another vocal-related question: how did you LEARN to death-growl? I’ve been trying to teach myself for a while now, but mostly I’ve just been sort of talking from the lowest point of my Adam’s apple. Dunno if that’s good or not (most likely not), but…

Perhaps via vocal coach would be a better idea. But how did you do it?

I don’t really remember. I’d tell you if I did.

Me!, 2009-10-25 03:10

I’m gonna kill you one day

Sounds logical.

FAQ | tomcat ha, 2009-10-28 22:33

your music is proof that god does exist.

I saw pestilence live earlier this year. I guess as you are a huge Pestilence fan you would try to go seem them live and listen to their new disc. I saw you read that you didnt listen to it in an older message but i assume you would have by now. I wonder what your thoughts are about Pestilence being back and everything.

Also saw that winterwolf has a release out now, must check it out just because you are in it.

of course the mandatory:
I would love to hear new stuff, see some tabs and new merch.

bands may come and bands may go but demilich is forever


I have been a huge Pestilence fan, but haven’t really listened to their new album, and I didn’t love the gig I saw the last summer. Then again, my expectations on Pestilence are always too high. So, currently I’m not very enthusiastic about their comeback.

I’m only one part of Winterwolf, and I have only made a couple of riffs and leads there. You should remember it’s made very differently from how music of Demilich was made. However, I’m fond of the album, and the band is lots of fun.

The new three Demilich recordings will come out in the compilation albums some day, hopefully this winter. Tabs will be written, too, but that won’t happen soon. And new merch comes along with the compilations.


The Commander, 2009-11-01 20:18

I’m gonna kill you one day
>>Sounds logical.

Made my day, that did.

Cthulhu, 2009-11-03 13:10

Hey Antti,

Do you listen to much Black Metal? Which bands? What band/album is your favourite?

I don’t listen much black metal, and I cannot really name one album that’s real BM and which I’d love. I like some of them, but in that genre, I’m more into early Arcturus, some Satyricon, Destr

Cthulhu, 2009-11-03 13:14

Hey Antti,

What did you do after Demilich disbanded? Such as for work, music, et cetera.

Music-wise, not much. Basically nothing. Concentrated on studying and working. I’ve mostly wasted my best years.

The Commander, 2009-11-04 22:17

Say, wherever are the lyrics to “TFIT…oD”?

When I find them. I have a few lines that I’m not sure of. Yep, unintelligible vocals.

Bela Lugosi, 2009-11-08 21:53

What’s up Antti?

Ozzy or Dio?

Undecided. Both of them are my childhood heroes.

FAQ | ryan gerlach, 2009-11-09 21:24

first off i wanted to say your music is like nothing i have ever heard it insanly amazing and i was just wondering if you were going to post any more albums and if any merchandise was on the way thanks

We’ll put out the demo compilation albums with three new recordings (one song made in 2005, and the other two in 1991). There will be more merchandise then, too.

John, 2009-11-10 21:14

What band have inspired you over the years? And What do you think of the metal scene that has come around this day and age?

Lots of bands, from Iron Maiden, Dio, Metallica and Slayer, to Pestilence, Morbid Angel, Atheist, Napalm Death etc.

I’ll explain about my vies on the metal scene on an interview. I’ll post the link here when it’s online.

Zach, 2009-11-11 22:52

How do you pronounce Demilich and what exactly does it mean? I just recently started listening to your old band but it’s easily one of my favorite death metal records of all time! Cheers from Mississippi (U.S.).

Zach, 2009-11-11 23:05

Nevermind, sorry. Read a little more and answered my own question. But anyways, great music Antti. You’re going to be a big influence on my guitar playing. Thanks!

Albums | Zach, 2009-11-11 23:08

What record label did the original pressing of Nespithe. I want an original physical copy for my CD collection. I’ve seen a lot of Pavement Records versions but is that a reissue or do they distribute for Necropolis Records??? I’m confused. Thanks in advance!

The original was on Necropolis Records, distributed by Pavement. I don’t know what the second re-issue looke like, so you may have been seeing those. The images at show the first, original Nespithe.

FAQ | Zach, 2009-11-11 23:19

One last question Antti! How do you do your vocals? Are they pitch-shifted or in any way altered in the studio? And are they inhales or exhales? Ha, done bothering you now, thanks for the information!

No pitch-shifting (apart from one end of a song in The Four Instructive -demo), and not altered apart from occasional echo and delay. All done by exhaling. It’s very hard to explain how I do it, but it’s easy for me.

Ryan, 2009-11-22 00:20

Are you mostly into metal or do you listen to other genres of music and if so what bands do you listen to and have inspired you? And what do you think of Pantera? Thanks.

I’m mostly into good music. My listening habits change from time to time, but all in all, I mostly listen to metal.

I don’t really like Pantera. They are okay, and talented, but it’s not my kind of music.

Geo, 2009-11-22 00:29

I listen to a lot of metal and wanted to know if you had any suggestions on other bands that you would suggest either older or newer bands thanks antti.

A very hard question, or the answer would be time consuming, at least. Without knowing what you listen, I’d recommend everyone to listen to Crematory’s (SWE) Wrath from the Unknown -demo, old Pestilence, Arcturus, and Mikko Alatalo.

FAQ | l, 2009-11-27 18:36

Had you ever listened to King Crimson before recording Nespithe? I feel some similarity to mood and build of their compositions.

No, I actually hadn’t. I found myself in their compositions afterwards, too, but I think I managed to trace it: I had always loved Voivod, and the guys of Voivod had always loved King Crimson.

FAQ | Ryan, 2009-12-03 06:48

Hey Antti, what is your opinion on Demilich tabs? Do you care if people find them by ear or do you like Demilich songs to stay a secret?

I can’t wait for a new batch of shirts I need one

It’s okay if people try to find the things by ear, but usually the tabs are just so wrong. I cannot complain, though, unless I release the right ones myself.

You raised a point I’ve been thinking for a long time. Should I tab the songs at all? Sometimes learning from tabs ruins the feeling. I haven’t decided about it, yet.

There will be shirts, eventually. There will be lots of shirts.

Blah, 2009-12-07 20:30

Well antti just do one or two tabs a month and if people wanna “learn by ear” they don’t have to look at them. ALL HAIL DEMILICH

Well, the real reason for not having done the tabs is that I just haven’t found time or interest to make them. I most probably will, eventually, and publish them then.

Bluuurgh…, 2009-12-09 07:02

Hey Antti,

What do you think of Blind Guardian? It’s been asked before but what bands/artists do you listen to these days?

And what’s it like making the transition from death metal guy to software/IT specialist? Have you seen the movie Musta j

I really haven’t listened to Blind Guardian, so I have no idea.

I’d rather be a full-time death metal guy. Still, the reality is that I’m a programmer, and get a fairly good money out of it. And that sometimes helps me forget how fucking dull and frustrating life is these days.

I haven’t seen Musta J

AMS, 2009-12-10 20:32

Is it ok for me to use “When the Sun Drank the Weight of Water” in a school project?

Be my guest.

The Commander, 2009-12-11 19:54

Me again with yet more questions! I’m quite the inquisitive soul, it seems.

About the title of “The Planet that Once Used to…”, how is a planet suffocated TO flesh? I’ve never seen that verb and that preposition used in conjuction with each other — do enlighten me.

Also, wherever did you get your knack for writing the riffs in Nespithe? They’re ALMOST random-sounding, but they’re all coherent at the same time. Oxymoronic/paradoxical, almost. (I can never tell between the two.)

PS: I can do a very slightly convincing vocal cover of “The Echo (Replacement)”. Just throwing that out there.

“How is a planet suffocated TO flesh?”

Just exactly like there is The Uncontrollable Regret of the Rotting Flesh.

“Also, wherever did you get your knack for writing the riffs in Nespithe?”

I have never learned to play the guitar the right way, so that’s my natural style. I only took the barre, and came up with everything else.

I’d be interested in hearing your vocal cover.

The Commander, 2009-12-11 20:01

PPS: I posted a note on Facebook called “Ironic brutal death metal”; I think you might enjoy it.

Uncle Sam, 2009-12-20 09:46

I’m sure it didn’t inspire Demilich since you were apparently living in a cave while writing for the band, but have you ever read William S. Burroughs’ “Naked Lunch”? The dark humor seems way too far up your alley.

I also remember some years back on a message board you mentioned that you had been listening to African percussion, or at least had become interested in it. Did you end up with any favorites, or anything worth recommending to Demilich fans.

p.s. if you could also post tabs of your vocals…:)

I’ve seen the film, but haven’t read the book. It’s now added in my ever-growing ToDo list.

I haven’t listened to African percussion, and I don’t remember saying things like that. I might have referred to the odd rhythm patterns in African way of music, but I haven’t really enjoyed listening to that kind of music.

AVR SEFRA, 2010-01-15 21:32

Re: your vocals – based on what you demonstrated in Helsinki, I’d describe the technique as you pulling your trachea (windpipe) open in a way that makes it rattle with a specific resonance when you exhale, then you shape the words with your mouth. It’s not vocal chords half as much as it is throat and diaphragm. I think we need to get you into a CT machine so we can see what’s going on. Either way, I’m convinced this is just your freaky biology and it cannot be taught. 😉

You might be right, and I’m ready for examination if BBC makes a 60 minute document of it.

Jesper K, 2010-01-25 23:09

Greetings, Demilich!
I don’t really have any real questions or anything, I just want to thank you for making amazing music.
All the best to you guys!

Alex, 2010-01-29 03:45

Just wanted to say, I greatly appreciate your music!
I also love that you put your songs up for download, true artists give their creations not for the sole means of profit.

Alicia Kives, 2010-01-29 09:56

Hieno homma, ett

Sori. Oulu oli maailman ainoa kolkka, jossa ihmiskuntaa t

Cynical, 2010-01-30 03:45

“Yes. If you consider getting money for gas, free tickets for the festival, and free accommodation for the whole weekend, we definitely sold out.”

I wish you’d sell out some more. Especially in Texas.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be seen selling my body to the oil millionaires there within five years.

FAQ | Demilich fan, 2010-02-05 00:50

I don

I don’t know, either. I just have this awful feeling of stepping on the grave until I’m dead.

Cthulhu, 2010-02-05 04:48

Hey The Commander,

Pack your shit. We’re going to Finland.

just a stranger, 2010-02-08 19:51

hail from chile

how are you?

Abureibus, 2010-02-14 08:22

Happy St. Valentine’s Day.

echo, 2010-02-14 22:17

fuck “last shows,” come back to the US!

Jerry Can, 2010-02-25 10:52

Australia needs love too…Like that would ever happen. hahahahaha

Andrew M. Shore, 2010-03-10 06:31

i had the best dream last night! after your last show you guys made a new cd the cover looked like a red Necronomicon face the new songs were fucking inhumanly insane (which i’m trying to remember/ tab out) it was great……then i woke up and cried cause it aint gunna happen

2010-03-25 18:09

I had a dream last night where all my teeth fell out.

It’s going to happen.

2010-04-02 04:44

I had a dream last night where I had great sex with many fantastic women including your mother. And I still had my teeth.

Which you don’t have anymore. Nobody has sex with my mom without consequences. She’s a vicious woman.

Cthulhu, 2010-04-09 00:32

fhtagn fhtagn!

2010-04-09 06:23

Man, trust me, she is quite a tough one. Still I had a sauna and a Karhu or two before I made my manly escape towards a Neste near Kuopio where I had a shower,kahvi and a (few) pint(s) of Lapin Kulta to recover. I sill feel used.

2010-04-09 06:27

If we both drink beer and answer messages at 4 am..this might just work out 😉

FAQ | Rudolf, 2010-04-17 03:27

Hey Antti, it seems that you are prejudiced towards women and children? It would be insightful for me to learn what inspiration is behind the morbid artwork, as well as grotesque lyrics. Thanks man, respect for your contributions to the scene, however the music is too heavy for me and has inspired some evil and thought provoking imagery.

I’m prejudiced towards neither women nor children. You missed the news when they told “bad humor” had been discovered.

The inspiration for artwork and lyrics have come from many different things. Gore, horror, sci-fi, science, anti-religiousness, at least.

Ryan, 2010-04-20 23:38

Are you a fan of Morbid Angel? If so what is your favorite album by them?

I cannot say I’m a fan, but I listen to them occasionally and mostly enjoy the things I hear. As an old (school) person, I prefer the A and B albums.

Ryan, 2010-04-20 23:41

When you were in school did you like it? And In high shool what were some classes you took?

The school was okay. I was a lazy reader, but learned everything quickly, which made it easy for me. I mostly liked chemistry, mathematics, and Finnish.

Oral Fart, 2010-04-22 19:12

Hello again, can you please get the forthcoming show in Finland taped and release it as a dvd or something?

I’m not sure if I want to. I’ll give it a thought.

czeck fag, 2010-04-27 06:28

I am just wondering, what colour underpants you wear, and whether they are ‘y’ fronts. Pardon my intrusion into your crotch dressing, but I am interested in your tonal qualities.

I use black boxer shorts exclusively. They make my huge cock look desirable and delicious.

2010-04-27 06:39

Hello Antti, I just wanted to ask whether you attended confirmation school. And did you ever get to touch or fondle the priests chalice?

I started, then quit, and went back because my mother paid for finishing it. That’s only the official explanation, though, as i really mostly enjoyed sucking the huge, desirable and delicious cocks under the priests’ black boxer shorts.

FAQ | Tyler, 2010-04-28 02:49

What tunings did you guys use for the songs in Nespithe? I just want to know cause that would make it easier to figure out by ear (I am pretty good at learning by ear if I do say so myself).

We tuned E down to A, and all the other strings respectively.

FAQ | 2010-05-06 04:53

How old are you?

Very. Eighteen, if Nespithe was released this year for the first time.

The Commander, 2010-05-06 22:49

Where did you go to college?

We don’t have colleges in Finland. I went to the upper secondary in Kuopio, and then straight to University, first in Kuopio and later in Helsinki. I haven’t graduated, though, as work took me back to Kuopio and I’m still on that trip.

FAQ | Ryan, 2010-05-07 04:07

What has inspired your lyrics?

This has been asked in many interviews. I’ll quote one of them:

“Basically, there was nothing inspiring the lyrics. They came from my life, my way of making everything absurd, my system of mixing things up in the head. I was my own influence. Of course what my head mixes up comes from my experiences, but if I named somebody or something, I should also name a few walks in the forest, parties, shopping malls, people I loved, people I didn’t, people that didn’t mean a thing to me, people that were to mean something to me in the future, etc.

Fantasy/D&D is a perfect miss. I’ve never been into it. Sci-fi? Yes. Maybe.”

Naturally my enthusiasm in gore, horror and desperation influenced the ideas and wordings, too.

Ryan, 2010-05-07 04:10

Do you listen to any 80’s punk rock such as Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Black Flag, D.R.I., Verbal Abuse, etc.?

I used to listen to D.R.I., but otherwise I haven’t really fallen in love with the genre.

2010-05-13 18:20

What do you think of guns n roses?
Are you a fan of Slayer?

G’n’R have made some good songs, but I haven’t really ever listened to them. Slayer was great and influential to me.

The Commander, 2010-05-15 00:25

Oh, d’oh. You can already tell I live in America from my having asked that.

Happy belated Chuck Schuldiner day, by the way.

Albums | S.F., 2010-05-15 21:33

I read somewhere that there will be a future pressing of ‘v34ish6ng 0f emptiness’ on CD and ’em9t2ness of van2s1ing’ on LP. Any news on that? Release date?

No release dates, but I’ll try to get them out before the gig in August. If not, they’ll be out this year, anyway.

hamburgerfan, 2010-05-26 18:20

Hi. I was just listening to (Within) The Chamber of Whispering Eyes, and I was wondering if you knew that Whispering Eye is a very old term for a vagina.

“(Within) The Chamber of Whispering Eyes” is a very old song, but I suppose the term is even older. No, I didn’t know it, but if I had, I would have still named the song the same way.

“Hamburger fan” somehow makes me think of coprophilia, but I suppose that’s not an old term… or is it?

FAQ | Strahalov, 2010-06-02 21:55

Hail from Hungary! In my opinion, your music is certainly one of the greatest moments of metal. I was wondering if you have any t-shirts left in store, because I would love to purchase one if that is possible.. I would also be interested in an authentic Nespithe CD, but I don’t even dare to think there is any left that I could buy from you or anywhere…

Thanks. We’ll print more shirts within two months, so they should be available before the gig in August. And unfortunately I only have two original Nespithe CDs left, one for listening and one in wrappings (to be autographed and sold when I’ve spent all my money in guitars and drinking.)

FAQ | Kolby, 2010-06-24 03:19

Sorry I just recently heard of Demilich and I must say I am going to pick up anything I can find or order, but (and I hope this isn’t a stupid question) how did you guys cease to be? The music is wonderful and has great potential… did you all diverge and take up different bands? If so what are they?

P.S. I read here that you tuned to A… is that on a six string? and if so what guage strings did you have to use in order for everything to sound decent?

Not a stupid question at all. We didn’t really cease, we just withered away. I had already grown to hate the scene before the recordings of Nespithe, and I was pretty sure we’d not make another album. Still, we put our everything to the recordings of Nespithe, as I couldn’t punish my child for the mistakes of his father(‘s surroundings). None of us continued in other bands.

We use six string standard A tuning, and (at least) my strings were pretty normal. I had to play light, but it kind of suited me. Nowadays I use a custom Ernie Ball set (13-62).

FAQ | Alexander, 2010-06-24 08:40

Who did your art for “Four Tales” and also your shirt designs ?? It is killer by the way! A bit like the art of the old ‘zines (Slayer, etc etc) – Lainen/Moyen (and all the other awesome artists of the “era”)

Would be great to see more art like this – any way to get in contact with the artist anymore ?

Anyhow, from “The land down under” (Australia haha!) “G’day” ! and hope all is well in your sphere!

The demo and shirt designs, as well as Nespithe cover(s) and graphics were done by Turkka G. Rantanen, Chaos Graphics. Check out his web page where you can also find his email address:

Mi esfera es su esfera.

Kolby (again), 2010-06-28 02:13

What do you mean when you say you hate the scene? Is the Death Metal genre becoming less enjoyable to be a part of due to contemporary bands and new (and sometimes terrible) bands? I thought this was disconcerting since I am really interested in starting a band and trying to play Death Metal……

I meant past tense. I hated the scene due to back-stabbers, copycat bands, and the BM kids + genre wars. I didn’t want to be part of it, and I had lost interest in doing music for it. Nowadays it’s different, as the young idealist just couldn’t ignore, whereas the new (older) I doesn’t care as long as I don’t put out shit myself.

Andrew, 2010-07-19 00:40

hey imma trying to tab the bass part of The Echo and I need help on that part 2:15 into the song. you know the part w/ the massive string skiping. could you please help me w/ that part please?

I’m not 100% sure (and don’t have time to listen to it properly now), but it should be like this:

E0 .. E3 .. E6 A6 E5 E0 .. E3 .. E6 A6 E5 E3 E4

(E = E string, the lowest, A = A string, the 2nd lowest)

Not that skippy with bass, uh?

andrew, 2010-07-19 22:24

thank you good sir. you are a godsend

Matthew, 2010-07-30 15:40

I remember reading that if aliens ever discover 1 piece of music from humanity, Nespithe would be the only option/ Cant agree more with that. Timeless music that resonates with the very universe. Greetings from South Africa.

I’m unqualified to comment. Still, great to hear some people raise our music this high!

Shirts | Dillon, 2010-08-04 00:57

Hi, just have a few questions about the merch section. Just recently took a look at all the shirts and I was wondering how to order them.

(An update: 1/3 of the shirts were sold, so I still have plenty of them to sell. I just don’t know if I have time to do it right now. Rest assured, I will open up the ordering page again, and will order more shirts if something gets sold out.)


Today, something like 11 hours ago, I sent email to everyone on the mailing list that was gathered on the merchandise page for four years. The message had a link to pre-ordering the shirts, and I was going to open up ordering for everyone later tonight. However, the amount of pre-orders from the list members was insane, and half an hour ago I had to stop getting orders from them, too. I’ll now have to make sure there are still enough shirts left for the gig on August 14.

Anyway, what will happen next? I’ll reply to all the orders that I got so far, and see what’s left after them. Then I’ll see if I can open up the ordering page again, and whether to make it public or not.

I will most probably have stuff for sale. It may be limited to some shirts, only. Then again, I may have to wait until August 18 or so to see what we have left.

Sorry. I thought I ordered too much, but you all proved me wrong.

The Commander, 2010-08-04 03:54

Have you heard of Nauseant? They’re from Stockholm, and they seem to draw a heavy influence from your music.

Yep, some of their stuff definitely reminds me of Demilich.

Skittles, 2010-08-04 05:08

All of the shirt orders that were placed before the “incident” are still good to go?


Virulo, 2010-08-04 05:12

WTF I just came from my work and now I can’t order any shirt, that was fast! If I see any of you lucky guys selling any of those on ebay i’ll hunt you down. Cheers Antti!

This time I will print more if they get sold out, so don’t worry. Anyway, as seen in the message below, there are still plenty of them left, I just don’t have time to start getting orders, yet.

Kattila, 2010-08-04 12:53

Vuodesta ’06 roikkunu listoilla ja sitten my

(Note to English speaking world: Below I practically promise to print white shirts after the yet-another-final gig)

Valkoisia paitoja en oo koskaan tehnyt, ja nyt en uskaltanut tehd

Tonga, 2010-08-04 18:35

What is this yet another final gig! I hope by gig you mean one final US tour. Because, we all know that everyone would love that. No one doesn’t like Demilich. Also, i support the idea of white shirts. Black logo with demon on the front with that grisly scene on the back…with red highlights on the gore like the old old version. Mm…yeah

The last US tour didn’t bring masses in the venues, apart from a couple of places, and anyway, we’ll try to fade out after this one and come back with a new band.

That’s the shirt style I thought of, but inverting the colors might not work. We’ll see.

Shwa, 2010-08-04 19:38

To everyone who missed preordering the new shirts, i just saw that there is a Demilich shirt with the spine backprint from the 2006 tour up on ebay. Search demilich and you’ll see it!

To everyone who missed the first wave, there will be another. And then another, if needed. You don’t have to buy expensive shit from eBay if you don’t want. Naturally the shirts are 2010 shirts, not 2006.

Jono, 2010-08-06 13:22

Ahh read the email much too late!
Great to see so many fans are still following you guys, cheers from Australia.

And for some reason, possibly because of the time of the day I sent the emails telling ordering is up, lots of shirts were bought from Australia.

tyl, 2010-08-08 13:23

gawd damn! i got the email the other day and just thought i’d leave it for a few days as I didn’t have any money on my card. I go to order one now and see that you guys have had crazy demand for the tshirts and had to reserve a bunch for the last show. jeez, just goes to show how appreciated you guys are. Wish you guys would have come to australia

Cheers. I will have shirts printed, so no worries.

Tad, 2010-08-08 18:40

Agreed with the man below. I hope you realize how appreciated you are as a band. Do you know if the shirt orders will ship before or after the gig in a few days?

The Finnish ones will be sent immediately when I have the shirts here, but apart from that, no, I don’t have time to send them before the gig anymore. I will start shipping them right after it, and all unsent shirts will be left at home so that I won’t have any chance to selling them by mistake.

SDg, 2010-08-11 06:55

How was the Standard Whore gig that went on in June? I haven’t read anything about it

We played three sets each band, one after another, and it was fun. Just what the band’s supposed to be.

Nathan, 2010-08-11 23:04

I love you guys! I have wanted a shirt for years but the ebay prices are to high. Any chance I will be able to get shirts/sweatshirts sometime soon? Cheers!


Yep, the shirts will be back for sale soon.

FAQ | treghet, 2010-08-25 00:19

Hello, I am curious, what was the set for the last show? Thanks!

0. Gig Intro
1. (Within) The Chamber
2. Inherited Bowel Levitation
3. The Planet
4. And the Slimy Flying Creatures
5. The Sixteenth Six-Tooth Son
6. The Putrefying Road
7. Erecshyrinol
8. And You’ll Remain…
(9. The Faces Right Below The Skin of The Earth – played only on the warm-up gig in Kuopio on August 5)
10. The Cry
11. When the Sun Drank the Weight of Water
12. Introduction / Embalmed Beauty Sleep
13. The Echo

Shirts | 2010-08-25 17:08

Sorry to be a bother about this, but when are the second batch of shirts coming in? It says they were supposed to have been ready by Tues. 24 but I haven’t received any notification yet.

Unfortunately I haven’t had time to restart the sales. I will, ASAP. In the meantime, the shirts are here and won’t be sold to anyone else.

Jeff, 2010-09-02 03:20

An interview with Antti Boman (complete with audio!)

Jalometalli Festival review:

Another great interview, done on the same couches in Jalometalli:

BRIAN, 2010-09-26 06:22

lotta spam up in here

Yeah, I wonder why it took even this long. I removed the shit now, and added a very basic spam protection.

Rob teh Bob, 2010-10-12 00:34

Are you an Incantation fan, by any chance?

No, not a fan, but I like them.

Herr Bassen, 2010-10-18 10:38

Hails! Can you write tabs for “When the Sun Drank the Weight of Water”? Wanted to use that lick at 2:21 as a tribute to Demilich at the end of one of my songs

Tune to standard A, and play the thing below, with everything but the first E hit done with pinch harmonics on around the neck pickup (find the right spot on your guitar). I muted the E string with my palm when hitting the next note.

E ——–13——-14—-
B ———–12-13—-13-
G —12——————
D ———————–
A ———————–
E -0———————

Solphix, 2010-10-29 02:37

How does it feel having made one of the (if not the) best death metal albums of all endless eternity?

My affection to the album is different because I was making it, so I cannot really feel the way you do. Anyway, I’m pretty proud of it, especially as it still feels original and current.

Dennis Blodgett, 2010-11-15 01:18

are the t-shirt/hoodie sales still set to happen or did i miss it?

also; what was your inspiration for making such a monumental album, that has legitamely passed the test of time?

You didn’t miss it, it’ll happen very soon.

My inspiration was the need to do it. I didn’t have any higher plans, I just wanted to create an album that depicts my vision, and wanted it hard.

Dennis Blodgett, 2010-11-17 01:44

Also, what are some of your favorite death metal bands? more just wondering wat an artist like urself enjoys to listen to

Terry Gardner, 2010-11-19 21:53

Hey there! Will Xtreem Records be pressing any more copies of ‘Nespithe’ on vinyl and/or cd?


FAQ | Zlatko Vrancic, 2010-12-05 19:44


Are the t-shirts available now?

i’ve seen some shirts on ebay, same as pictures, absolute jew-ass prices

Thanks in advance!

Now that’s sick! Please don’t buy those if the price goes too high, as the new shirts will be in sale in early January. I think I know who the one that’s selling them is, and I won’t be selling shirts to him again.


Sam, 2010-12-06 04:53

I just read the comment where you said that you guys were thinking about starting a new band, any ideas in terms of direction or anything of the sort? It would be excellent to hear some new material from you fine folks.

FAQ | Florian, 2010-12-07 11:04

So, you mean, there will be the same red-black shirts like the ones on E-Bay soon because I nearly bought one, although I bought one of the black-white version from you back then? The red Design looks fantastic, never knew this version of the shirt exists

Oh yes, exactly the same shirts from the same batch will be fore sale in January, and if I run out of something, I will order more of them. No need to waste your money in eBay.

skige, 2010-12-12 19:28

How long till the compilation album is released?

Soon, meaning Q1 of 2011. I hope.

Spruce Bringsteen, 2010-12-13 12:17

Kuulin kylillä huhua että joku noheva/teikäläiset olisi nauhottanut Henkan/Oulun/molemmat keikat. Pystytkö vahvistamaan vai kusetettiinko taas hyväuskosta? Pistä ihmeessä jakoon tai myyntiin kauniissa paketissa, jos teikäläisellä on sormet ollu pelissä.

Henkkaa ei nauhoitettu, Oulussa oli parikin yleisöstä vetäissyt purkkiin, ja meillä oli oma kameramies mukana. Laitetaan jossain vaiheissa sivuille ainakin osittain.

FAQ | Ryan, 2010-12-17 20:28

How do you pronounce Demilich? Is it a ch sound or k sound at the end? My friend and I were arguing on who was saying it right.

I say it like “lick”, but some people use the German cd (like “ich”) or ch like English “leech”. Not even English speaking people know how to say it, so feel free to use whichever of those three you want to use.

Bishop, 2011-01-09 11:40

All Hails Antii + Demilich, All Hails very much to the band ,i have crawled out of my retched hive to leave words….Many thanks, you still have an eternal true following in the south winds of New Zealand, your growls were heard loud and clear here
for many years by a few but never the less clear,we are still here, i would have very much liked to come to your last show,not to be…. i still have your demos and 1st album that will always be enough for me. whatever anybody may say about Demilich, there will never be another.Many memorable years listening have i had and hopefully many more to come.Never to be forgotten.The most fuckn inhumen vocals i have ever heard in my life.Good times……

Hugo, 2011-01-25 19:32

Hi there,

I waS wondering if there’s something known about the shirts that would be printed in january? I would really like to buy one!
Thanks also for keeping the name Demilich alive!!


The shirts were printed in the fall already, but I had to stop selling them until I have a proper system for restarting the sales. I will soon have, and will let people know.

frost, 2011-02-13 18:17

the compilation cd is really to be released?

Yes, really.

Pekka, 2011-02-21 14:41

Tervehdys. Varmaan joku joskus kysyny teidän soittotaustaanne, mutta kysympä itsekin. Elikkäs tyyliin, ootteko ollu opetukseessa, vai itseopiskelleita soittajia ja ootteko kuinka kauan soitellu ja onko minkälaista kaikkea tullu reenailtua? P.S Minkä paksuset kielet kitaroissa ja onko ihan tavallisen pituinen kaula, vai jotkut erikoisvehkeet?

Muista jätkistä en muista tai tiedä, mutta itse olen itseoppinut, ja sen kyllä huomaa hyvässä ja huonossa. Soittanut olen vuodesta 80 tai 81 saakka, enemmän ja vähemmän intensiivisesti.

Levyllä kielisetti oli suht normaali, joten kielet olivat aika letkut ja vaativat kevyttä otetta molemmilla käsillä. Nykyisin käytän Ernie Ball Custom Gauge-settiä (13-62), ja vieläkin vaatii sopivaa tatsia. Tykkään soittaa lichiä tuolla tavalla.

Kitarat ovat olleet normaaleja aina. Ennen soitin Charvel 475 Ltd Edition Platinum Cracklellä, nykyisin Gibson Explorer 76 Ebonylla.

Jan, 2011-03-02 06:37

I’ll save you all the ass-kissing i could write here and go straight to the point. When the shirts come out, can you ship internationally? I’m not sure if i will be able to get hold of them in Poland, so i’d love to know beforehand.

PS. Can’t resist. I love Demilich and to me, it’s music is one of the biggest musical inspirations. This and Gorguts’ Obscura.

Yes, I will ship worldwide, and payment can be done with PayPal and IBAN.

Thanks for not being able to resist.

2011-03-22 18:14

Sorry if it was already asked, but what do you think about the Nesphite reissue from Xtreem? I’m talking about the remastering, does it sound good according to you? Thanks in advance.

I really haven’t listened to it. Will do some day and let you know.

Penumbra, 2011-05-01 02:45

I’m sure others have asked too but whats wrong with the merchandise,i would really like a t-shirt so I want to know please inform about

Hopefully you got yours, as most of them are sold out now. More will be printed, though.

Mysterious Organism, 2011-05-06 17:57

Glad the shirts are here so people can stop getting hysterical and bombarding Antti with messages regarding when they are to be available again.

Just ordered one of those brutes! Looking forward to it arriving.

Many thanks Antti!!

JD, 2011-05-14 05:08

Oh god, I didn’t check my e-mail and missed out on getting a shirt that will actually fit me…Will more medium sized shirts be printed at some point?

More will be printed some day. Possibly not all of the styles, though.

Joshua Shelley, 2011-05-16 20:49

Hello. I’ve already emailed you, please disregard it. I would like to interview one of you (preferably Antti),for a school project of mine. Thanks

2011-05-23 19:12

What are the principle bands that influenced Demilich?

2011-05-23 19:24

So I’ve figured out the guitars Antii and Aki use are the Charvel 375 and Ibanez 560. I’m pretty sure the amp is a Marshall JCM800 2203 (most likely). What about distortion pedals? Is it a Boss HM-2?

Alex Romney, 2011-10-28 22:51

I had a couple of questions. First what tuning do you use for Demilich, and what do you think of the death metal scene today? I feel it’s lost a lot and I just wanted to know an artists opinion.

Kohvelo, 2011-12-17 16:22

Hei Antti, ootko kuunnellut polytone-radioasemilta kuuluvia ääniviestejä ja ottanu niistä vaikutteita musiikkiin. On muuten outoa kamaa ja tulee tavallaan jotkut Demilich-riffit mieleen? Tai oletko ylipäätään ottanut vaikutteita oudoimmista lähteistä, kun perus metallimusiikki?

En ole kuullutkaan tuollaisista, pitääpäs tutkia.

Metallimusiikki on ollut suurin vaikuttajani, mutta tärkein kuitenkin se, etten ole tietoisesti kopioinut mitään vaan tehnyt asiat omalla tavallani.

Burrahobbit, 2011-12-18 23:01

Please do make more prints of DLICHTS003, the logo shirt!

Will be done some day, sooner or later.

FAQ | 2012-01-16 03:48

Are the Nespithe tracks on this website taken from the reissue/remaster, or the original pressing? And what’s the difference between the sound of the original and the reissue?

These are from the original, and the mastering is different from the re-issues. I have no idea, what’s been done with mastering either originally or in re-issues.

FAQ | Nick, 2012-02-12 06:44

Hey, my question is: on the back of the CD case for Nespithe, track number 7 is “And You’ll Remain…(In Pieces of Nothingness),” but everywhere else I check (and even on this website in the dowload section) it shows it as “(In Pieces In Nothingness).” Was it a misprint? Yeah, I know it’s something insiginficant but I’m pretty sure I have OCD and it’s always bothered me. One more thing…how did you guys come up with those strange, otherworldy riffs?? \m/

It was a misprint, and should have been “in Nothingness”.

The riffing style is something I came up with. I’ve always wanted to do things my way, whether it’s the best way or not.

Unworthy Peon, 2012-04-03 00:07

I wish I had heard about you guys sooner :'(
Then, maybe instead of some gay wannabe core band playing at Warped Derp, I would be going to see you guys somewhere out beyond the fifth dimension.
Now, I guess, it’s a good thing you didn’t go for a concept album, for I’m not sure if big ol’ Elder One would take to that too kindly.
But seriously, you guys were a truly immense band with some insanely great music, and it pains me that I can never see you guys perform; however, your decision is entirely respectable and understandable…how do you follow up something as magnificently brutal as Nespithe? Nevertheless, I wish to all of you chaps, wherever you may be, good tidings and happy fortunes.

David, 2012-07-01 12:37

Hello Folks…!!!!
I from Czech Republic…and I wish new album a reunion…!!! Make,make 🙂

Virus, 2012-07-11 15:14


what do you think about the return of Demigod? I remember reading you liked their debut and you’re both from the same small country so maybe you even know each other.

Hopefully they challenge you to get off your ass and record/release some new material 🙂

Isaac Silva, 2012-07-11 21:12

will you have anymore of “the sixteenth tooth” shirts available in MEDIUM or Large anytime soon? thanks

Kyle, 2012-08-03 03:23

I would like to thank you for taking the time to release an album even though you stated that you grew to detest the scene before you released the album. I am waiting for you to sell another batch of t-shirts as I would like to purchase a large sized Demilich t-shirt.

William, 2012-08-07 02:17

You guys are awesome.
Your music is fantastic, an absolute and undeniable classic.
Your website is also brilliant.
A big thank you for both making the music in the first place, and making it available to everyone who is interested!

Abysmal.Lord, 2012-10-12 23:17

Abysmal (FL) demos LP is out. The LP is now available. It can be purchased through Iron Bonehead (Germany) and the band directly at

Death… The ancient way!

So, Antti, what’s up? Long time don’t hear.

Matthew, 2012-12-03 03:38

great riffs on your album, and i though morbid angel had awesome guitar work. how did you come up with it all?

and play some shows in the u.s.