Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the guitar tuning you use?

We use standard A tuning (low-A D G C E A), and have used it throughout the history. The demos seem to have it a bit lower, as, IIRC, I used a pitch pipe only occasionally, and we just tuned the guitars together to be in same tune.

New album, please?

Possibly. First, though, we will finalize and release these four songs we have basically ready. I also have a concept and some riffs for the second album done, but I may not have the centuries of life left for making it happen. Then again, I’m currently making changes in my life, so I might only need decades, even years.

Does Antti exhale or inhale when growling?

Despite the rumors, Antti has to both exhale and inhale during growling. The noise, though, is produced only when exhaling.

Why the fuck are his bowels in the air??? –A.Z., 2021

It’s an inherited, genetic disease, which makes the weight of intestines (and intestines only) have a negative mass. That leads them to repel gravity.

The disease was first discovered by scientist Otto von Betrugschwein in 1963, when he woke up watching his bowels in the air. His wife, Croatian born Prijevara, continued his work after the incident and eventually received the Nobel Price in Physiology or Medicine.

Questions Nobody Ever Asked

What’s this identity crisis of the band that’s shown by irregular use of “I” and “we”?

I, Antti Boman, type everything you see on our pages and media. I pretend to be “we” when it’s convenient. Sometimes we means the whole band, though. We am sorry for the confusion.

Where’s that beautiful old message board you had at An Entity? It had so much fantastic info, and I miss it more than I miss my mother who I might have “accidentally” killed.

Don’t worry! We have (mostly) restored it for you and your mother’s relatively calm corpse! Everything can be now found at The old An Entity Demilich message board.

Why does “Uncontrollable Regret of the Rotting Flesh” have plural “they stimulate you” when telling about singular “face”?

In Finnish “face” is “kasvot”, which is the plural form of “kasvo”. We Finns have many faces, never just one. So, it was a not-so-very-rare mistake with my English. Like the whole “regret of”, which made the name more interesting that it was intended to be.

Before the show in Helsinki on February 2017, you advertised that “We also have a very special surprise for those who are able to attend!” What was it?

It was Ville Koistinen, the Nespithe bassist. He played Inherited Bowel Levitation with us. It was the first time the Nespithe version of Demilich was together since Eskilstuna 1993, and we don’t know if that will ever happen again.

What are the names of the creatures in the cover picture of Nespithe? They sure must have names!

You’re absolutely right! Everyone has to have a name in this world! And theirs! So, let’s have a competition for naming the poor fellows!

The Echo demo had a solo at an early part of The Echo song. Nespithe’s version doesn’t have it. What’s the reasoning behind this ingenuity?

When the recordings of Nespithe were ready and we were back home, we remembered that Aki had forgotten to record the solo.