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Demilich Deathfest XVIII

Demilich Deathfest XVIII

We played the first time in Maryland Deathfest (MDF) in 2006. After nine years of getting closer to death, we did it again in 2015. And now, after mere five years, we’ll be back there in 2020!

With my careful calculations and usage of AI, I came to the conclusion that we’ll play there the next time in 2021, then have a set for each day of the festival in 2022, and after that, the whole happening will be renamed DDF. In 2024, Baltimore MD will be known as Demilich DH, and in 2025 we’ll be The President of The United States of Demilich. And that’s just a start. Don’t worry, though, we will be gentle owners of the world, albeit a bit merciless.


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