Classic Adversary long sleeve, size XL, USA only, cheap as hell

    Yes, I want to buy a special priced Classic Adversary long sleeve shirt, and I confirm that I have understood that

    • My shipping address is in the USA.

    • The shirt is size XL, as in extra large.

    • Its brand is either Gildan Ultra Cotton or Sol's Monarch.

    • It will cost me 25€ (1 euro is about $1.04), not less, not more. Meaning that shipping is included in the price.

    • The payment will happen through PayPal, and I will pay as quickly as possible. Meaning a day or days, but not weeks.

    • It will be send to me from Jersey City, NJ, USA.

    • I may or may not get a signed flyer with it. This will be confirmed.

    • I will receive an email if I am first in line. I will not receive any emails if I wasn't.

    Happy? Give us a sign of interest by filling the form below. Thanks!

    –Antti, Demilich